im not like them (but i can pretend)

the fox

being around super smart people, sometimes i wonder if im not so smart any more.

as you know, i have the lowest self esteem ever. so weird, negative thoughts often seep into my creative mind.

but rarely has the whisper: youre not that smart bro has entered the never ending barrage. until recently. not sure why. but whatever.

yesterday i drove and drove and drove for several reasons, the first being i felt fantastic. usually i get tired or my stomach turns sour after too many deep fried tacos or i get in a foul mood and just wanna go home.

but last night i felt great from beginning to end. at closing time i took these two sweet girls from West Hollywood to Culver City and then Santa Monica for a fare of $55. one of them even fell asleep and snored in a super cute way. i know they both felt safe that they were in the back of a mercedes sedan with a nice uber driver playing justin timberlake for them as they snoozed instead of being in the back of a smelly cab with a guy addicted to march madness chatter on the AM.

that was a great trip. but the one that made me feel not so dumb was when i picked up someone with a super fancy job and this person was such a ditz it was mindblowing. the more this person spoke the more i thought to myself, maybe God put this character in my ride to tell me “no tony, this is what a dumb person is like, you’re good.”

and i went home, hugged the kittens, and slept like a baby.