i have two looks, and that’s it

i have one that does not give one fuck.

and i have another that wants to sell out in the biggest way.

ive done things that go against my ideals.

ive done them for money or because i want to see if the rumors are true.

and i cant say i regretted them, but i knew it was the wrong choice

and it turned out to be just as bad if not worse.

right now i am doing exactly what i want.

for the first time in a long time.

i wake up when i want. i work allllll the time.

medium paid me $5 for all those posts i put up last month.

still, i wish you knew how happy i am.

even you who writes me mean emails and plants untruths.

and you who wanted the best for me, and i dragged my feet.

i will never drag my feet again.

i had this theory that pretty girls can wear anything

belindathat “fashion” is baloney

i wanted to prove that theory by creating a potato sack dress

that was lined with something non itchy but basically it was a burlap sack that you put a belt around

or not, who cares

and you put it on a model of some sort and voila


and then i saw this picture of marilyn monroe from way back like a million years ago and i thought

damn tony, you are the least original person in the whole wide world how do you even live?

and then i went on with life because calling myself stupid is just a typical part of my day.

but then yesterday i was reading a terrific article about the go-gos and how they were terrible at first, but cute, so they kept going, and then they got a drummer and a guitarist who were actually good so they kept going and then they got a record deal because thats what happened back in the day,

and then they got a song and a beat and the guy who produced Blondie wanted to produce them and so he did and then he recorded them and they said omg this is terrible and he said but i actually know what the hell im doing dont you remember how deep down youre actually not great at music and they were all oh yeah ok whatever who cares more drugs please

and in the article i saw this picture of Belinda their singer in this garbage bag dress  

and i thought wow this is even better than the potato sack and you dont even need any lining plus who the hell wants to wear a potato sack anyways

and i never thought of a beret.

god im dumb.

todays cool person a day is a famous fashion icon

diane von furstenburg

last night i was just minding my own bees wax talking to a security guard

when legendary diane von furstenburg approached me and held out her hand.

she had just been hosting another party to celebrate her celebrated wrap dress

which she created 40 years ago and i dont know if she thought i was famous or pathetic

or the valet but there she was and i had seen her face every day for the last few months

because they had been building her #JourneyOfADress show in the first floor of our building

but there she was in the flesh and the most i could say was

may i take a picture of you for my mom?

and she said of course!

and then she said, hey come in here (motioning to the security guard)

and made him pose for a second one. which i thought was amazing. and true.

with security guard

dear tony, Green or Pink?

sass in pink IMG_6972

im not sure exactly how i continue to be given these assignments.

my personal fashion choices usually revolve around: what is clean, what is most wrinkly,

and what goes best with a Cubs hat.

but strangely the most beautiful women ask my advice on what they should wear

even though my first response is usually haminahaminahamina.

me personally i dont think men should ever tell women what to put on their body or what to do with their body

if anything we should just be happy that this isnt a planet filled with men.

these two looks by Sass bring home that point beautifully.

although they are both very playful and young, i feel like the pink one wouldn’t be complete without a curved staff.

the green one is a touch more subtle but still adorbs.

because im a scientist at heart id like to see that one with the cream socks, but again, who am i to wonder.

forgive me.

anyways, the green, to me is more welcoming, the pink is too bright a light, it’s the star trek phaser on stun.

if you have outfits you’d like me to choose between email them to me at


runway models are just like us

not entirely comfortable that this is a commercial for red bull

but i guess its a more interesting commercial than half the crap we normally are subjected to.

and at least it reinforces that strange truth that some dudes will wear the dumbest clothes to get close to super skinny girls.

the irony of it happening in a grocery store where none of the famished buy any food is just a bonus

and wouldnt you know it, your girl casie stewart was there and has this report