nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    im brain storming right now 

    im spitballing, im freeballing im baseballing im softballing im team coverage im fast breaking

    sip taking ball breaking rum jumping

    i used to be the one who was the man who beat the man who helped the man who was the man

    im super dooping free throw shooting mario jumping sonic tumbling

    i got an idea i got an idea i got an idea

    i love tough assignments i got one today they said make magic happen by the end of the day

    which would be fine if i could just focus on the divine but

    all these other distractions came up in my face and now im creating some space

    so im spitballing free falling snow balling hand jiving

    i fink yr freaky and i like you a lot

    i fing you freely and i heart you a like