nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, January 10, 2021

    all hells been breaking loose 

    just know that the first week of 2021 felt as crazy as its wikipedia is probably saying it was

    i havent been writing much because ive been working on getting a good job

    and ive been doing a little something on the side for a good person

    and ive been dealing with this and that and

    i just want you to know that even though things are nuts right now

    i feel good about where this is all headed

    which is weird.

    why is it that some of us feel more comfortable in the eye of the hurricane

    than sipping on a hurricane under a palm tree at the beach?

    im so grateful that the Good Lord equipped me with all the tools that id need

    good friends, a great mom

    and six pack abs that bring all the ladies to the yard

    im also grateful that i was raised to read newspapers

    and brought to libraries

    and taught to code from my coder momma

    garbage in, garbage out, she told us.

    and she aint never lied.