nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, July 23, 2017

    and i guess that i just dont know 

    everything went backwards yesterday

    and i flow by the go for the most part

    if the movie that youre in starts playing different tunes,

    i’ll see you on the dark side of the

    omg i left my phone in the uber

    what do we do?

    well i am at my office

    but theres a zillion people trying to get into Dunkirk

    line around the corner with 5 minutes to go till the screening

    hey lets go in through the garage

    hey lets take the elevator up up up

    hey can we get out where the cinema is

    nah, thats bad karma

    but you dont believe in karma do you Christian

    nah but i believe in – yeah i guess i believe in that too

    hey you work on that floor

    hey is that your computer

    hey is that your receipt from the ride

    hey is this uber, i lost my phone

    hey the drver will be where you be in 15 minutes just enough time for you to take a leak kiss a girl and step outside

    hey dude thanks for coming back heres $20 can you drive us to DTLA

    hey lets get a margarita before we go in

    hey lets see the hotel you wanna transfer to

    hey lets have a taco

    hey lets not see that movie

    hey lets go in that alley and get groovy

    hey lets get lost

    hey lets walk and walk and walk