nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, April 11, 2019

    wildfires to wildflowers 

    my mom says God can fix everything, just be patient

    there were very few things she shoved down my throat

    very calm, trusting, freedom-loving woman.

    she didnt bother me about church and for the rest of my years i loved the good book

    she didn’t bother me about literature and politics and music, and i love those too

    she didnt tell me i watched too much tv or wrote too much

    she encouraged me in whatever i loved, and i thank her for that.

    and any time i see beautiful flowers i think of her.

    this weekend when amber and i drove through malibu and thousand oaks (pictured)

    and we saw all the wildflowers, i wanted to fly my mom out here to see them with her

    because they’re poppin right now, big time.