nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, January 5, 2021

    this is a picture of me and my mom in Georgia 

    back when i was first learning about Government.

    i asked, how many Black senators are there?

    she said, are you kidding?

    i asked, all of them?

    she said none of them fool!

    and her friend laughed so hard she nearly dropped her baby.

    so then i asked, well you can see into the future,

    when will the first senator from Georgia get elected?

    and she said, you will be bald and fat before that happens.

    i said what?

    she said, the other party will have to do everything wrong, repeatedly, loudly, they’ll have to withhold vital relief money from the entire state, they’ll have to be cowardly, and unusually evil.

    and then, my sweet boy, then Georgia will hire a Black man for Senate.

    and she rubbed my little snow cap and aimed me at my grandpa holding the camera

    and i closed my eyes and thought


  2. Friday, July 1, 2011

    i have this cool picture of my grampa 

    theres two people i get my light skin from:

    my grandma on my fathers side

    and my granpa on my mothers side

    in june my cousin posted this photo of my mom’s dad on her facebook.

    and it reminded me how classy my grandpa was.

    he was a college football coach and a math and science teacher.

    he was born in Canada, but rumor had it that he had Cuban roots.

    one thing i know: he had his ish together.

    he called me boy. i liked that.

    he also had a riding lawn mower and a german shepard. the dog had a dog house in the back, and the mower was in the car port.

    he lived in georgia.

    i didnt blog yesterday because i was busy setting records at the los angeles times, a job i believe he would have been proud of me for getting.

    he and my grandma had two kids: my mom and my uncle.

    my uncle was tall and cool and had a deep voice. he was a jazz dj in the south.

    he drove a camaro or a z that had an equalizer that lit up. i dont remember hearing him play anything but slow jams in that car

    and wearing the coolest clothes.

    in many ways he was the predecessor of snoop dogg.

    how my uncle came out of my very straight laced and proper side of my family is a baby miracle, but not really i guess

    he was just rebelling, trying to find his own path, living his unique life.

    just like the rest of us.

    the more i got to know my grandpa, the less square i thought he was. and he really did know football.

    after he watched me play once he was driving me home. it was quiet in the car.

    he said, you know you can always quit.

    im pretty sure i smiled and said awesome.