you know what i love: The Grammys

kendrick at the grammysyou know who almost always gets it wrong: the Grammys

unlike almost every other tv show the Grammys has a chance every year to present the all time greatest performances of the past with the best of today

and they hardly ever do it.

i dont know, but it sure seems like to me they are so concerned about today that yesterday gets shoehorned in like it’s a Have-To instead of a Get-To.

im sorry but you GET to have the Eagles with Jackson Browne on your stage. You get to have Stevie Wonder, you get to have Joe Perry. And no, you dont Have to have Pitbull or Pentatonix or Carrie Underwood.

and for the love of Miles Davis, you don’t have to have Justin Bieber or Skrillex


with Kendrick and Adele and Taylor and Lady Gaga there is already a great parade of current stars delivering today’s sounds, you dont need Demi Lovato, but fine, she’s fine. But should the Grammys be about “fine”?

If I was running the Grammys i’d have one litmus test for performances: the Holy Fuck test.

the cast of Hamilton, Kendrick, Gaga and Adele made me say Holy Fuck and there were artists in the building (Beyonce, Ice Cube, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder) who could have delivered but either weren’t invited to rock the mic or were paired up with lesser thans.

the goal of the Grammys shouldnt be about record sales, it should be about documenting amazing artistry in a controlled environment for a tv show. that, all by itself, will trigger sales.

if you make that the standard, it will lift all boats, including Bieber’s, if you truly belieb he has talent.

the problem with the grammys was there wasnt enough devil horns

devil horns at the grammysalso, youve got the most popular artist in the last 10 years dancing in the front row and you dont let her play?

let Taylor Swift play!

also, you have the most talented musician in the last 30 years sauntering around backstage, with a (great) new album, and you dont let him play?


also why do the Grammys think that if you take the sexiness out of Beyonce, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Rihanna you’re going to a) get ratings b) get people talking c) pretend that music is better when it’s serious.


if i was Sam Smith I would have thanked Tom Petty and not allowed a better singer than me share my song live in front of everyone

i thought madonna, kayne, and that country lady were good.

there werent enough awards given out.

and the awards that they did give out were super lame.

God bless Beck but the guy running around with Beck’s name isn’t the Beck we signed up for in the 90s.

this is Old Sad Man Beck Lightfoot who, sure can move some units at Whole Foods, but fuck that

i also liked Usher with the harp lady.

and Kristin Wig

i miss dangerous music.