michael moore’s fahrenheit 11/9

we forget about our ideals

we forget about the things that are important to us.

we let them deflect away from the concept by demonizing the politician

even though we all agree that all the politicians are lacking.

all of them.

ive loved every single one of my girlfriends so much, so deeply, so intensely, but ive lacked with each one, ive said stupid shit, ive not done certain things that would have made things easier and better and less smelly

and these are people who are getting naked in front of me

so of course politicians, strangers really, who cannot continue, they claim, without selling out a little to this one or that one — of course politicians are occasionally going to let us down in a big way.

this movie reminds us that we have to refocus back to the basic things that we want: a healthcare system that doesn’t bankrupt people, an electoral system where when you vote it matters, gun regulations that are written by people not lobbyists

but mostly this movie drives home the fact that this country believes in liberal values

big time

and the current day GOP has done nothing to change those values

meanwhile the democratic party has no one to blame except themselves for being such wimpy ass moderates

and not listening to their supporters who dont wanna be moderate about everything.

teachers shouldnt have to go on food stamps.

kids shouldnt have to worry about getting shot while in school.

the people of flint shouldnt have to worry that their drinking water is going to affect their freaking DNA for generations to come.

there should be no middle ground there.

for example, zero kids should be killed in school. if you want to call me a radical for not wanting to budge on that number, then fuck yeah, im a radical.

and fuck yeah am i happy that michael moore keeps doing what he does,

we clearly need him.

the kids are all right

decades ago The Who produced a film called The Kids Are All Right about the British band’s run through the ’60s and ’70s

but right now there are a group of idealistic teenagers in Florida who have had enough with America’s love/hate affair with guns, particularly assault rifles.

these teens were victims of school shooter who killed 17 of their fellow students. instead of freaking out (which they are also probably doing), they have used that energy to pressure local, state and federal lawmakers to stop accepting bribes from the NRA and start changing the laws so that mentally disturbed people have a harder time getting their hands on weapons and so a kid in Algebra class doesn’t have to live in fear any more for their life.

naturally Republicans are fighting the kids, which is bizarre. they are claiming that some of these students are actors being fed lines and aren’t earnestly asking for gun control measures, but are being paid by people like George Soros and other liberals.

the kids have been amazing. they say this has nothing to do with politics. they say it has nothing to do with Trump. what their goal is simply: they want last week’s school massacre to be the Last One.

they have a tough road ahead of them because even though they filled three Greyhound busses with protesting students, once they arrived at the Florida State House in Tallahassee, the GOP-led state senate refused to even debate gun control.

“if Congress or no one else wants to do anything about this, so what, because we are going to do something about this,” one of the students said. and you best believe them.

do some things get me down?

obey sample saleof course. i am human.

i may appear upbeat on the outside. a lot. in public. even while flying my chopper above hollywood.

but when black people get murdered and white ppl dont even have to spend a full day in jail over it, it depresses me.

what am i supposed to tell my kids?

son, life sucks and then your murderer doesn’t die?

or even charged?

im sorta glad i dont have kids. i wouldnt know what to say. ever. i would try but im pretty sure i would say the wrong things. i always say the wrong things. i would say maybe as black folk we should all have guns.

maybe as black folk we should have our own NRA. and we should go door to door arming black people and registering them to vote.

when i was a kid i went door to door selling candy. did that candy do any good for anyone? nope.

but heres what would happen if black folk went door to door showing people how easy it would be for them to go to a Black Gun Show and getting their guns:

there would be widespread, life changing, life saving gun control laws.

the actual NRA’s head would explode, but maybe black people would stop getting murdered and their killers would stop getting away with it.

sounds drastic. doesnt sound like anything Jesus would do. but at this point, i really don’t know what Jesus would do.

He would pray. He would tell people that when they die they go to Heaven. but what about all of their family who aren’t yet in Heaven? what about all the people who see that when you kill black people you hardly ever pay the price for it?

i have a lot of ideas. i dont like this one. i dont like guns. i dont like fighting fire with fire. i dont even like fighting. but the thing i dont like the most is innocent people dying and guilty people getting away with it.

sometimes i dont know any more

tony awardsyou do your thing, you walk around. you drive around. you talk to people. the people seem reasonable.

but then you go on the internet and something changes. everyone loses their minds.

were their minds always lost? is my mind lost?

when something happens 1,000 times and every time is sad and every time is horrible, shouldnt it be changed?

since the massacre at Sandy Hook where 20 little innocent kids were gunned down there have been 998 mass shootings in the USA. the land of the free. my home sweet home.

of those 998 only three of the mass shootings were at the hands of Muslims.

and yet the LA Times, my hometown paper, allows Jonah Goldberg to write a column about how its all the Muslims’ fault. and how Obama is weird by not calling it Islama Fascism or whatever Jonah Goldberg wants him to call it. and the Times pays him money for this.

meanwhile of the 998 mass killings, all have been done by men.

most of them white men.

when will Jonah Goldberg whine that Obama doesnt tell the world that what we have here is a White Man With A Gun Problem?

who will the LA Times pay to write that? you know, something that’s based in actual math and science instead of malarkey gleaned from the Fox News talking points.

no one will write it there because, it’s not really a White Man With A Gun problem, it’s just a plain old gun problem.

there are some guns we shouldnt have. and there are ways that we should be selling and registering and keeping an eye on these guns that is the problem.


and thats why i feel like sometimes i just dont know. because some very smart people really truly believe in their hearts

that if we treated guns like how we treat cars, which is to say, in order to get and keep a gun

you would have to prove you are capable of using one, you have to register it, you have to maintain it, you have to do all the paperwork, etc.

these smart people really think that it would lead to us taking away


of the guns.

they forget or ignore the fact that we haven’t taken away


of the anything in the usa.

hand grenades are illegal but there are still a few floating around.cartoon

a man can’t have a bazooka, but every now and then you find someone with one.

all we are asking for is a reasonable adjustment to these unreasonable actions occurring to innocent people.

like i said yesterday, i believe this change will come.

i believe the tides will change. i believe we will start voting out representatives who care more about money flowing in from the NRA than they do about blood flowing out of innocent victims.

we will return to being the home of the brave

and we will let go of some of the machine guns that have ruined the lives of far too many innocent families.

we are not a stupid scared fucked up terrible ignorant doomed nation of jonah goldbergs

who like to blame boogeymen and not ourselves.

this is not a muslim problem or even a white man with a gun problem.

this is an american problem

that will be fixed by americans.

which is why i cant wait to vote.

if rock and roll killed a couple of people every day

hendrixrock n roll would be illegal

if raves killed 12 people one day,

and 3 people the next day,

and 8 people the day after that

dumbass raves would be illegal by the end of the month.

if chicken fried steak killed people

and babies

and kids

and moms

and United States veterans who had just returned home from serving our country

day after day after day after day

you wouldnt see anyone being allowed to sell no chicken fried steak

and if someone asked you why? youd look at them like theyre crazy and youd say, fool havent you heard that these fucking things have killed innocent people in multitudes

every damn day?

mankind has never had more information at its disposal at one time ever

we have never had more computers, artificial intelligence, or data

than we do right now.

if we just keep letting this fucking chicken fried steak kill our mommas and

neighbors and babies and swimsuit models

we’re going to go down as the most

chicken shit

group of cowards ever

for not being strong enough to say, you know, you’re right, we can’t handle this.

raves have to go.

we’ll learn a new way to rock.

umpqua oregon in the news

umpquait’s not like its the most beautiful place in the world

that distinction goes to isla vista

but it was a place i instantly felt at home in.

umpqua is quiet and green with curvy roads and trees trees trees

a river literally runs through it

its called the umpqua river.

it’s cold and surprisingly deep and swift, you should watch yourself

trees fall down and deers dart around and wild turkeys stumble as the fog rolls in

a tv personality you know was sent to portland earlier today to cover the historic news

that recreational marijuana became the law of the land in oregon today but he was suddenly instructed to head to roseburg because an asswipe went into the umpqua community college and killed a bunch of people.

i believe judgement day includes a part where the good lord says

did you trust that i was going to take care of you and were calm and happy

or did you act as if i didnt ever exist and you lived in fear the whole time?

this country is too old to be so invested in little time bombs that blow

far too often.

and our souls are too pure to be hiding behind destruction

while claiming that we are children of god.

if i was congress id make a law that said only women can have guns

and if a man is caught with one, he goes to jail for 33 years.

men have proven they cannot responsibly deal with guns,

so men should man up and hand their weapons over to those who have proven they can.

in this week’s Time there’s an interview with Tommy Stinson

the replacements let it be outtake

Here are a few segments from the interview conducted by Jim Walsh, of Minnesota’s City Pages

Time:  I understand you’re in the Middle East?

Tommy Stinson: Yeah, Abu Dhabi.

What are you doing there?

I have no f—ing clue. We have a show here.

It’s hard to imagine Guns N’ Roses in Abu Dhabi. How are you received there?

Surprisingly well, actually. We played here five years ago and we did good. We played in front of something like 35,000 people. It was part of the F1 series that was going. We do good. It’s weird. Every time I think we’re going to the weirdest place possible, we end up going somewhere even weirder. We’re going to Beirut. There’s a civil war happening, I think. Our gig is already hotly protested. I’m looking forward to it not really at all.

– – –

Every time you or Paul mentions in an interview that you might get the Replacements back together, your fans go nuts. Do you really think it will happen?

I think if we think we’re having fun and it made sense and the music we were making was fun, we would do it. If it became too much of a nightmare, we wouldn’t. We want to enjoy ourselves, make some people happy, do our bit — not make a nightmare. Paul has more at stake, as he has more real feelings about it. He’s more reticent. He’s a singer. He doesn’t want to go out and compete with his 25-year old self. He’s 50. But if he could go out and have fun without the pressures and personal demons of competing with himself, I think he would.

– – –

Is that the craziest thing you guys ever did?

God, no.

What was?

One time, Paul and I had a cab driver drive us backwards all the way to this bar Small’s, which was on Gower and Melrose. He actually did it! All the way. Three miles. We told him we’d give him an extra hundred bucks if he would do it, and he and went in reverse the whole way.


i know its a competitive world in the newspaper business

enhanced-buzz-24171-1356182051-1 and yes, the elderly gentleman from the NRA delivered an unfortunate speech yesterday

where he appeared to speak from his guns guns guns bubble.

reminding me of that classic Chris Rock bit where he said his family considered Robitussin the cure all for all ills

No matter what you got, Robitussin better handle it.
“Daddy, l got asthma.”
“l got cancer.” ”Robitussin!’
l broke my leg, Daddy poured Robitussin on it.
“Yeah, boy, let that ‘tussin get in there.
“Yeah, boy, let that ‘tussin get on down to the bone.
“The ‘tussin ought to straighten out the bone. lt’s good.
If you run out of ‘tussin, put some water in the jar,
shake it up,
More ‘tussin!

Wayne LaPierre, who allegedly as spokesman for the NRA makes close to a million dollars a year, said to the world that the best way to protect kids in schools from crazed killers with semi automatic rifles was to pour more ‘tussin on it

aka, get more armed guards in the school.

even though they tried that at Columbine and it still didnt work.

That tragic day in Colorado, the school had an armed sheriff’s deputy, Neil Gardner, who had held the post as the school guard for two years. CNN reported  that Gardner was eating lunch when he was notified by a custodian that his services were needed in a parking lot. Within minutes he was having a shootout with one of the kids but wasn’t effective. Fortunately five other deputies were on the way but none of it stopped the massacre.

In Newtown, the shooter killed all of those people in 10 minutes with his semi automatic rifle. And yet the spokesman of the NRA as if reading off an old script blamed the media and old video games and anything other than the fact that these twisted killers all used semi automatic weapons for their mayhem – and that maybe something should be done about those types of firearms.

Which brings us back to the competitive world of the newspaper business. When in reporting this weird speech, personally I don’t feel that it’s necessary to editorialize on the front page of your paper by calling the gentleman “Craziest Man On Earth”. Firstly because it’s inaccurate. Secondly he’s sorta just doing his job which he is paid handsomely for. He’s doing it poorly with bad solutions and terrible delivery, but we all have bad days at work.

But if the Daily News wanted to smear Mr. LaPierre they could have easily just used his own words against him. MOVE OVER PB&J, NRA WANTS MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS. or READING, WRITING, AND UZIS SAYS NRA. or how about just quoting one of the many critics of the speech – including the mayor of NYC?

i know the newspaper biz is tough in NYC, but it seems to me that “He Really Said That?” is far more enticing than “That Newspaper Really Said That?” even though both parties have agendas for the things that they say.

the one reporter that i actually admire was the one who, after the second protester interrupted the speech, asked “what is your response to these protestors?”

and then said, “so you’re sticking to the script?”

maybe if 10-15 reporters chimed in with that journalist and shouted out similar questions, the gentleman would have had to actually answered questions during the press conference.

instead he was allowed to just fire off missives against the press, the politicians, and the film and tv industry unfettered.

yes, the stuff the gentleman said after the protesters was fascinating in its Tussin-like tunnelvision. but something tells me that the dialogue between america’s press and the executive vp of the nra, unscripted would have been even more enlightening.

how many bands a quarter the age of the stones dont sound as alive

the rolling stones

the only band that mattered during the british invasion are still at it and theyre doling out new tracks next month

the rolling stones, a band that is 50 years old is making music that Jet wishes it made

simple, bluesy, raunchy, and mildly political without losing the most important aspect of rock:

make stuff strippers can dance to.

many moons ago i saw the original guns n roses open for the stones here in LA

guns were at its peak. everyone thought it was gonna be the passing of the torch.

but no, guns imploded pretty much right before the eyes of 100k people at the coliseum

and then mick and the boys came out and shrunk that impossible audience down

and placed us under their thumbs.

it was a sight i’ll never ever ever forget

and one mr joe biden pretty much impressed on young paul ryan tonight.

son, lemme show you how it’s done, is something the stones have been doing for a bloody long time

and its nice to see they’re still at it