ive been trying to meet jake forever

but things never worked out.

then i saw on his Facebook Story that he was broken down in the parking lot near Shutters and no one in the parking lot would help him

so i DMed him and said i could be there in 45 minutes.

got there, we met, jumped his car (which was tricky because i didnt know where my battery was(!)

and then i podcasted him for an hour and a half.

what a great guy. it’ll be a very good podcast

we talked about all sorts of things and i pressed him for answers

but on some questions like

what do you want next

he just didnt know and hes trying to figure it out.

its funny this is supposed to be about Venice but so many of these people wanna talk about santa monica

anyways, visualize what you want in life, and be shocked and amazed when it comes true

my day was ruined because of a cancelation

there was a time i woulda blown my top about such a thing

but im so much older now.

water under the bridge man

then a delivery didnt happen.

also frustrating. because wtf.

but when you think about the grand scheme of things

the ballet that we are forever dancing with each other

a slam dance at times,

you realize we should celebrate all the times we actually do connect

we should marvel when souls really do meet

because we do

the mom of a dear friend died

we talked about it today

and it put things in perspective.

most dudes have a hard time talking about things like this

especially some of the xbi dudes i hang out with

our i-aint-got-no-feelings-man facade is what gets us through the day

but sometimes we forget to trust each other

and just let the guard down a little

bc we bros, dude

i told him over and over, i am here for you

whatever you need, lemme know

but i dont even know if he would ask for anything even if i could ask.

a good friend who is a woman, however

straight up texted me and said

can you babysit tomorrow.


so that’ll be the first time ive done that

in maybe 40 years?

i went outside today

brought the trash cans in

then stayed inside the rest of the day seeing if anyone liked my thing

crazy result:

only three people said anything

even though hundreds saw it.

best reaction was from the interviewee who said

it was excellent, and it made him cry.

i had such a hard time advertising it because i didn’t want to exploit the tragedy

i just hoped they could make it to 20 minutes in.

hans did!


learning is such a beautiful natural high

this video means a lot to me

ive been learning video editing all summer and it’s coming together

this thing is flawed in so many ways but


flawed in the best way

because just a few months ago if you said tony you have five hours to make something cool

no way could i have made this

i am learning. i am making. i am being creative.

the tony who i love is in this.

the tony no bologna but full of macaroni is in this.

and i did it all night and fell asleep at 5am

and woke up at 10 so i could see it

and when i did and i laughed i coudlnt get back to sleep

because im getting there.


i will never be able to tell you

how grateful i am for this life

this crazy life ive had

for all the wonderful, weird, beautiful things ive gotten to see

incredible, exotic, fascinating girls ive gotten to kiss

and wild music ive gotten to hear

all of that

while also getting to watch

so much tv.

i am truly blessed and i want to spend the rest of my life

on hookers n blow

i mean… giving back.

sometimes things go better than you think they will

i feel like my podcast with Richard went beautifully

it was fun to catch up

it’s always nice to talk about both the LA Times and the Oscars

and Richard is one of those guys who knows both of them intimately.

i think our convo was enlightening to people who want to know what Hollywood insiders are like

and it doesnt hurt that he was brutally honest because after a while who really cares?

may as well keep it real.

also i like the portrait i took of him

learned some things

i dont know why i didnt think i was smart enough to learn

actually i do

in school i was given mixed messages.

they said i “tested well” but then they’d give me crappy grades.

but when i did well, they put me in a special room or on the back of the class

with the smart kids

which to me was just as terrible as being in a place deemed Dumb Kids

i wanted to be with everyone.

id dabbled with this piece of software and that one now and then and i just couldnt work it

but for some reason, and i know im cheating because im doing wacky things with screen shots

and iphones and Instagram Stories and air drop and

not entirely Davinci Resolve

but today i made that video, and i did the Grammy Award transition so i wouldnt get dinged by the Grammys

and then i did the Rihanna bang at the end

plus i took that picture at the beginning and the end of Jeffs book shelf

and then tonight

because jordan was on a jet plane

i did some audio editing

i didnt like a sentence i said and a few words in another place

id been playing around with the In n Outs but it didnt really come together until i did it


in the audio track and voila

which is french for tony,

the apes have learned how to use weapons.

this couldnt have come at a better time.

speaking of time, that video up there took me 20 minutes.

the one a few days ago took me 6 hours.

also im back using my magic office room

which Emmanuelle called “le makeout closet”

for years it was amber’s man cave and can you believe it took me 8 months to claim it back,


i feel so incredibly good that i am learning things

i feel so grateful that i have the tools that i need

and youtube

and a little time.

today i made a few videos for the podcast

heres the thing

i dont like to beat people over the head with the things i make

but i do not want to be in an office job again unless all of my demands are met

and im sure they’ll say fine, just pee in a cup

and i will say but i dont wanna pee in a cup

i just want to be creative and learn things and get good at things and

make magic happen

this podcasting business is so hard because it is PAINFULLY CLEAR

that i have a long way to go and if it wasnt for Jordan i would be way back further away from the goal than i am now

like, im gonna have to get a job because we’ve done this for one month now and i dont have a lot of patreons i dont have any sponsors and we probably shouldnt count on many for at least a year

so i need to advertise

The problem is, if i advertise too much people are gonna get sick of it and me and the thing

and i want them to love it, me, and the thing.

i am madly in love with it

we’ve done 8 episodes in less than a month.

tomorrow imma write a medium post about the things i have learned in my first month of podcasting

that way i can summarize those first 8 episodes.

and in a way advertise for them

i have a few more from hollywood that we are going to roll out

and i really wanna interview this palm reader

omg forgot to tell you, my neighbors, the church, thought some hate mail was a bomb and today the bomb squad was here, and the fire dept and about 10 cops.

none of them bothered to tell us what was happening but because im mr nosybody i asked a few of them and then i texted my neighbors

turned out it was just a suspicious envelope that may have had some laundry detergent in it

but for a minute there i thought oh im gonna die from an lapd-assisted bomb explosion?

if i do die know i love you and

the memories of all the good things that have happened to me

are what fuels me every day.

i have these pictures on my wall of good things and great people ive been blessed with

and i have some spots intentionally open

bc i know good things are right around the corner

but i do need a vacation

right before the world ended i was interviewed

i did it in my hallway because i still havent put many things on the walls

and it looks extra creepy.

i wore a $5 party shirt that was in the clearance rack because 4th of july had ended

but since Hear in LA launched on the 4th, i figured i should buy something to commemorate that

anyways its bad enough everyone has to listen to my voice 2x a week

but now they gotta see me too?

this podcast could really use a spokesmodel