i think about rock stars a lot

you probably do too.

sometimes i’ll think, would david bowie do this?

would prince put up with that?

would mick jagger wear this?

what would GG think about this?

the answer is usually the opposite of what i was going to do or say or think.

it puts me in my place.

in Heaven i know im gonna be a better dresser.

but there im gonna wanna be a better dresser

im gonna wanna wear crazy shirts

BECAUSE EVERYONES gonna wear crazy shirts.

im gonna wear high waisted pants and tshirts with someone cool on it

because everyone else is gonna have lots of cool things to wear and it will be a differnt sort of competition than it is now.

of course there will be nudists who walk around “honoring” God with just their fruits and berries but i think its more of an honor to Him to show what we can do with our creativity.

right now fashion seems more about wealth and cockiness and anything other than free expression

which is why i wear a garbage bag shirt and and straw hat most of the time

and a cubs shirt on Sundays.

since we’re gonna die i was laying in my bed wondering if ive done it all

did i visit all the lands i should see?

did i kiss all the girls i ever wanted?

did i eat all the tacos i shoulda?

have i read all the worthy online comments?

have i pet my cats enough?

have i done enough crossfit?

it’s a little weird that the Cubs won the world series right before it all ends.

it’s a little strange that i have

wait, i haven’t.

oh shit.




it’s sorta too bad we’re all gonna die.

but when we die we go to heaven.

and there are no electoral colleges up there.

which is nice.

sometimes the world isnt fair

free shrugsis it ever fair?

if america wasnt so far from everything else, would we have even had america?

and what about south and central america?

is it fair that they know we’re not talking about them when we say America?

is it fair you’re so good looking?

is it fair that its cheaper to make clothes half way around the world

and then put it on a boat and sell it in “america”

than it is to make it right down the street from the store?

is it fair that the Cubs haven’t won a world series since the year Henry Ford made the first Model T?

is it fair that we are spending billions fighting a war on weeds that even the smartest of us know we’ll never win?

is it fair that we lie to our children about santa claus and the easter bunny right when they could really be appreciating spirituality in its purest sense?

is it fair that i can walk around town with no shirt on exposing my disgusting belly and hairy chest, but a beautiful woman would be arrested for doing the same?

is it fair that they lie on soup cans and say there are two servings when no one except the very poor make two bowls of soup from one can?

is it fair that seeing a movie at the theatre sometimes cost more than buying the dvd 6 months later?

is it fair that you kiss that well, but now you dont even wanna kiss any more?

is it fair that sometimes the people who lie the most, win the most?

is it fair that i have more hair on my face than on my head?

is it fair that before we know it we’re dead?

is it fair that we go to heaven

after all that complaining?

what if it doesnt get better

hope fading people ask me questions. Lord knows why.
problem with asking me things is i just may tell you the truth.
sometimes the ugly truth.
sometimes i’ll say it in a harsh cold unflowery midwestern way.
some people appreciate that style,
especially here in LA where bs is valued
to those who have extremely low self esteem
and wanna believe in magic and unicorns.
the truth is the only magic in life
is based in hard work at the right time
with committed people for the right things.
and lots of it.

if your car is stuck in the mud
it doesnt matter how hard you hit the gas.
sometimes you have to do something different.
like get out of the damn car.

but getting out of the car for some people involves
admitting theres a problem, willingness to get dirty
and acknowledging that plan A isnt working.
some freak out with that.

what if it doesnt get better i was asked?
what if we just get older
and balder and fatter and slower
and more out of touch
and things only get worse?

what if hope, like the sticker on the back of my girlfriends VW
just keeps fading and eventually peels off?

what if the environment gets filthier and housing costs get more out of reach
what if the economy never truly rebounds?

what if she never realizes im the man for her?

yesterday i was asked a variety of questions like those
by several very sweet people.

my answer to all of them was probably not what they were looking for.

i said

when we die

we go to heaven.

in the meantime, suck it up whiner.

i want it in writing, i owe you nothing

twenty five years ago to-day the last great Replacements album came out.

“Pleased To Meet Me” opened with ripping guitar and a smack of a snare drum from “I.O.U.”

begging to “get me out of this stinkin fresh air”

while defiantly advised the listener to never do what your told.

the album had minor hits with “Alex Chilton” (which appears on a Rock Band 2 game)

“Skyway” is so gorgeous.

The most notorious song was “The Ledge”

when it was banned by MTV because of its suicidal lyrics

but I guess no one in NYC actually read how the big single of the album

“Can’t Hardly Wait” ends

heres the demo version, first recorded for the “Tim” album where you can hear the lyrics better

I’ll be there in an hour
It’d take half a month there on foot
Watering hole, scummy water tower
Said I’ll avoid if I could

I’ll be sad in heaven
You won’t follow me there

Jesus rides beside me
And never buys any smokes
Hurry up, hurry up, I’ve got enough of this stuff
Ashtray floors, dirty clothes, filthy jokes

Lights that flash in the evening
I guess we’ll follow them there

I’ll be sad in heaven
If I don’t find a hole in the gate
Climb on to the top of this scummy water tower screamin’
I can’t hardly wait
I can’t wait…

’til it’s over

Pleased to Meet Me and Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation were easily the main stepping stones for grunge which would come just a few years later.

this little Canadian girl has so much right

except for the part of Jesus and the moneychangers.

Jesus didn’t care that the moneychangers were influencing the value of the markets

He was upset because temples are for prayer, study, community and enlightenment,

not for the trivial pursuits of mortal finance.

“Render unto Caesar what’s Caesar’s” is what Jesus said when he saw the Roman coin, totally dissing the human concept of money.

And let’s not forget what he said about how hard it is to get the rich into Heaven.

In fact, the New Testament is almost all about ignoring worldly goals and instead focusing on the spiritual.

“Rejoice, and be exceeding glad,” He taught in “the meek shall inherit the Earth” speech because “great is your reward in heaven.”

h/t James Dornan’s facebook wall

tony, how am i supposed to deal with the world?


beats me baby.
maybe thats what this merry go round is all about.
maybe its to see how many times we can take it till we puke.
maybe being misunderstood is what made the good Lord flood all those people
and maybe whats on the backside of all that anger and frustration
is why he made a rainbow
which in olde hebrew/greek means “my bad”
i know my mom doesnt want me to hate everything
from the crap they call music today
to the ignorance and piss i see scrawled across this once great land
i know the Master Plan isnt to have a lot of people down here saying wtf constantly
but seriously baby im with you
w t f
johnny lydon repeatedly sang anger is the enemy
the zen master told todd that anger is the enemy of instruction
but all i know is in the waterboy anger sure seemed to help sandler play foosball
a long time ago declan mcmanus covered the animals please dont let me be misunderstood
and i was all, why would you want that so badly that youd have to say please first
baby i dont ask that question any more.
so heres how to deal with the world:
pretend we all go to heaven in the end.