today is my first girlfriends birthday

one day we were talking on the phone and she said who in your record collection

is the coolest dude

and i said hendrix

and she said then lets listen.

she lived far away but back then the phone bills weren’t very expensive since

in reality she was only 1 mile away

but it seemed like 20 because we had no cars and the road didnt go like that

it made us go all around a giant farm

so i put the phone next to the record player

and we listened and talked

and now, years later,

jimi has only gotten cooler.

first second term black president of the united states

barack obama west adams

it seems like just yesterday i was seeing barack obama speaking in LA for the second time.

the first time i saw him speak was at a park in south central LA. he was pretty good and people were excited, but he was a long shot to even win the democrat primary

and to be honest his speech didn’t do much for me.


the second time i saw him was a few months later at the gibson amphitheatre.

it was free, the goo goo dolls and ne-yo performed, and yet he couldnt get 7,000 people to show up.


he was losing to hillary in many states, including california, but he had buzz

his speech at the Gibson was less bad than his one in West Adams, but i was still skeptical

one thing led to another and suddenly he’s on his second term as president of the world, no big deal.

and its confirmed: im a moran

second term bam

bin laden dead

gaddafi dead


tsar’s back

weed’s legal in two states

gays can say they gay in the army

dudes can totally just jump from space

the clippers are the best team in hoops

you can get a 50 inch flat screen tv for less than $500

so if i was obama id be all, what more do you want from me?

and id say

nationalize gasoline

close gitmo like you promised you would

dismantle the fcc

put jimmy hendrix on the two dollar coin

knock off the nonsense with cuba

put Lemmy on a stamp

and let women have the same rights as men

starting with toplessness at the beach

for starters.

whole lotta love

president barack obama giving love to the mighty led zeppelin.

perfect speech for a perfect band.

my first zeppelin record was actually my mom’s.

she had zeppelin 4 along with hendrix, barry manilow, elton john, and woodstock.

stairway of course was easily recognizable but it took ac/dc for me to realize what was in our home all along: hard rock.

then senior year of highschool, one laura hesterman gave me zeppelin 1 and 2 for my 17th birthday.

later id take her to see Sixteen Candles which she kissed me for afterwards

and my mind pretty much exploded just like the guitar solo theramin magic during whole lotta love.

im seen tons of concerts but never saw page, plant or even jason bonham.

and im ok with that for sometimes its nice to have some things simply be mythical.

if i was president id put Jimi Hendrix on the $11 bill

which is one reason theyd never let me be president.

the Hendrix $11 bill would be something people would save.

or theyd give it as a gift to people, especially kids.

retailers would be all, “12 Pack Bottles for a Hendrix”.

or better yet.

“All CDs, 1 Hendrix Each.”

i mean seriously:

jimi hendrix would have turned 70 today.

a true american original

and virtuoso.

we have had exactly


hendrix’s since he died.

and thats why he should be on the eleven dollar bill.

todays ali’s birthday, shes 24

born in LA, raised in LA,

went to college in LA,

coulda been in NYC right now but instead decided to launch the biggest video game in the world

from LA

ali is everything and nothing youd expect

the instinct in some vehicles
is to smash the pedal to the floor

and crank the jams

although ali would appreciate that as much as the next young lady,

she actually has a specific playlist for said occasion

so taker easy cowboy.

ali just moved across town.

she lives next door to perfection.

she has wheels of steel in her bachelorette pad

where a television should be.

ali drinks whiskey, neat,

will perk up at the strains of hendrix,

and is far more interesting than these tiny little paragraphs but some things are best left to legend.

she did save my life in las vegas not once but twice which cancels itself out,

but im grateful nevertheless.

happy birthday ali!

if obama was smart he’d put jimi hendrix on the dollar


but not the dollar bill, thats old currency

obama should put hendrix on the new silver dollar they keep talking about.

apparently the george washington paper bill cost too much to make and replace all the time

so they want a coin like they have in canada -the loony.

experts say the coins could save the US 5-6 billion clams

americans seem to think that they will mistake a dollar coin from a quarter when they reach in their pocket.

but nowadays people dont have as much money as they used to, so something tells me

no one is just going to casually flip someone a dollar coin when they think its a quarter

people will be paying more attention these days

especially, i say, if jimi’s head is on one side

and him burning his stratacastor is on the flip side.

in fact i bet people might just start collecting those american dollar coins

especially if there are new ones every year or so.

youre welcome.

this whole place is a free speech area

took this picture at the orange county fair and it made me wonder what the hell happened to my country

i thought this was the land of the free and the home of the brave?

when was the last time you saw someone act super free

or omg brave.

and this is the Land of that?

bible talks about the land of milk and honey

but craziest thing about that book, spoiler alert

no matter that its a gazillion pages long,

you never get to actually see said land of milk and honey.

not only dont most of the exodus jews ever make it to the promise land

but moses isn’t even permitted b/c of some illegal activity he committed in his pre burning bush youth.

dont get me started about the youth.

pretty girl had me listening to hendrix the other day. wheres todays youths hendrix?

didnt we once used to be the land of the lead guitarists?

wheres todays great young shredder.

wasnt gen x the slackers?

this whole PLACE is a free speech area!

not just the crappy grass next to the pony rides.

steve jobs and al gore gave you all the crayons and paper ever

make something that doesnt suck.

even if its selfless.

even if its risky.