sometimes you forget how fun it is to drive

rae sremmurd

never forget.

sometimes after a super profitable night, like new years, it’s hard to get back in the saddle and drive for normal rates.

but then you get some sorority girls or a fascinating man

or best of all the assistant to two of the hottest rappers to ever come out of Mississippi and you realize, oh yeah, this is why ive been doing it for so long: because of the people.

picked up a nice girl, a white girl, in mid city who said we’re going to Burbank. after a short while it was revealed that we were going to a recording studio.

eventually she clued me in to who she was and who she worked with: a duo of southern rappers who she grew up with called Rae Sremmurd. i told her that i was very old and didnt know who she was talking about.

so i turned on my Spotify (RIP Rdio) and as we played the tracks i realized not only did i know one of their tunes, i knew about four of them. i became very excited and had lots of questions for her: where have they toured, what are they like, where will they play in LA, etc etc.

she said i was the coolest 40-year shes ever met.

i said flattery will get you everywhere.

and even though the ride was a long one, it ended far too quickly. but now im def a fan.

im seeing N.W.A tonight, snoop dogg and kendrick lamar opening

nothing in here

picked up a pretty girl today while ubering and she wanted to hear hip hop

one thing led to another we start talking about how Ice Cube is headlining the BET Experience tonight

and he’s gonna rock out with DJ Yella and MC Ren

and maybe maybe maybe maybe maybe

Dr. Dre

(a dj on the mic, ask what its like its like we getting hyped tonight)


on one hand its Cube giving it up to the kids who love his music

but also in a month or two theres gonna be an n.w.a movie coming out

the one that suge knight was on the set of

when he got pissed at someone and ran him over with his escalade.

and will probably get life for murder.

so why not celebrate the worlds most dangerous group

in DTLA, killer seats,

on a saturday night in the


states of america


she said im flying to poland and i cant go.

i was all why are you doing that

she said im a model and i hardly ever get to go home.

i said how could i ever thank you

she said get me to the airport as fast as you can so i can get on the plane.

she told me the food in LA is terrible

too salty or two sweet.

i wanted to tell her about soul food, but she was on a roll.


ive seen ice cube once, maybe twice

snoop dogg once

kendrick once

and n.w.a never and i love them and they love you right back

and dr dre better get his black billionaire ass on that stage.

something big happened in hip hop last night starring Kendrick Lamar

big sean

the latest great rapper from compton, kendrick lamar had a long verse in a new track “Control”
that was dropped last night to an audience that responded immediately.


on the 7 minute tune that seems like a left over Lamar calls out his short list of rivals

crowns himself King of New York

and even tells Big Sean and Jay Electronica, the other guys on the track

that he wishes them all well, “but I’m tryna murder you [ninjas]”.

all while sounding like Lil Wayne, whom he never mentions.

while some people are calling KDot’s disses “rap’s Pearl Harbor” and “rap’s Hiroshima”,

thats a tad overboard. in fact it’s nice that there’s already a healthy hashtag for people he didn’t diss

#KendrickDidntCallOut is mighty funny

meanwhile, the 3 minute Kendrick Lamar verse and lyrics of “Control” awaits you after the jump

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today is Kim Gordon’s birthday, she’s 60

tumblr_lywcpjmwbq1qffv5do1_500after my face melted in a hallucinatory bad trip in the bathroom mirror of a del playa apartment when i was 22 i was never afraid to talk with anyone ever again

because i realized that everything is perspective and context: we all fool ourselves into believing that this is beautiful, that is ugly, she is hot, he is scary, that is dangerous, this is perfect

but after someone accidentally puts one drop of a liquid chemical into your Natty Ice, what was ugly turns beautiful and whats hot is not.

after that i never got nervous to approach a “pretty” girl, interview a powerful leader, or stare down a tweaked out gangster

until i met kim gordon in santa barbara.

even in 1990, a year before “punk broke”, backstage of ucsb’s Campbell Hall, it was frightingly obvious

that Grunge had grown up from the midwestern Twin Tone yawp of The Replacements Husker Dü, and Soul Asylum.

and sprouted horns and filled out to the global beast that would be Nirvana.

and it wouldn’t have happened if not for Sonic Youth, whose 1990 Geffen debut “Goo” showed the record industry that

the Bon Jovi 80s were over and rock n roll was back to save yr soul in a way that would make your parents not just tell you to turn that shit down but maybe we should have a family discussion because we’re really worried about you.

and at the heart of Sonic Youth was Kim Gordon and she was scary as fuck because who else would dare go after LL Cool J who had just released Mama Said Knock You Out

Kim Gordon“Are you going to liberate us girls from male, white, corporate oppression?” she taunts with the aid of Chuck D playing the role of Flava

“Let every body know.” he demands.

But it’s Kim’s “C’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon c’mon” that summons the dual guitar squeals from Thurston Moore and Lee Rinaldo that sounds more of a woman who knows what she wants as opposed to the cheerleader you would have seen (and not heard) a few years before in a Warrant video.

Even though it was painfully obvious that Kool Thing was a street corner diss of Cool James

(LL released “Walking With A Panther” in ’89 which featured hits like “Goin Back to Cali” – from which “Kool Thing” appropriates the line “I don’t think so”. Panther also featured singles “I’m The Type of Guy”, “Big Ole Butt” and “Jinglin’ Baby” that did fine in hip hop circles and the pop charts, but whose misogyny was hard to support among the Riot Grrrls)

while chatting with Rinaldi and drummer Steve Shelley I asked, “so is Kool Thing about LL?”

Shelley said, “that’s Kim’s song, ask her.”

And I couldn’t even look in her direction, let alone approach her, so I just sipped from my can of Coke and changed the subject.

She was the edge in a band whose tone was so gnarled that if barbed wire had a theme song it’d have been Sonic Youth.

They say most scenarios benefit from the woman’s touch. Kim was the woman’s punch.

Without whom neither Nirvana nor Hole would have spanked thru as quickly and painlessly as they did.

Which is why I heartily celebrate Kim’s 60th today

from a safe distance.

meanwhile if you haven’t seen the doc of the Sonic Youth tour where they brought along Nirvana and Dinosaur Jr., and Babes in Toyland, and Gumball, and The Ramones

well maybe on Kim Gordon’s 60th birthday maybe it’d be kool thing to do

was asked to review the new Killmatic for Black Webmaster


have you boys never seen Spinal Tap? dont you remember the legend of Smell The Glove? havent you learned that theres such a fine line between clever and stupid? you have a pretty good record but you’re gonna ruin it with that ridiculous cover? also, “i’d rather listen to nickelback, on repeat, forever,” is not a new diss, but you used it effectively on your final track, “Audi 5000”.

back to the cover, even this would have been better:

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