nothing in here is true

  1. Sunday, October 13, 2013
  2. Monday, May 6, 2013

    and now the grossest pictures of me ever, with the color juiced up way high 


    had to go to the dentist today because i need to get the xbi tracking device out of my molar


    dont ask me why they had to make it look like i had the yellowest teeth in the world, but maybe that helps them in some way

    whatevs, now i never need to stress out on taking a bad picture because nothing is worse than this

    happy monday!

    to cleanse your pallet, heres the best image that was on TV yesterday from the bleachers at Wrigley

    cubs cinco

    happy cinco de mayo!

  3. Wednesday, November 21, 2012

    the only problem with holidays 

    wolfis i have to deal with questions from relatives about my marital status.

    usually i lie and say i have many wives and we all laugh.

    occasionally someone will say maybe the boy is gay.

    and i’ll say if i was gay wouldnt i dress better?

    truth of the matter is its not very responsible to flirt with the xbi and have a significant other

    my shrink says i sabotage relationships psychologically so that no ones hurt if something tragic happens if im flying chopper one and it goes down.

    which is why i stopped seeing her after one consultation.

    the thing is people are complicated beasts.

    the other thing is i hate fighting and it seems to me that you have to endure an awful lot of battles to keep a sexual relationship going.

    im willing to have 1 maybe 2 fights a month. tops. for 5 minutes each.

    if we’re spending more time stewing than kissing, im out. i dont care who you are. or who your best friend is.

    life is tough enough in the real world. when i come home i dont wanna do anything but slip into something comfortable, crank some some sweet jams, and lick wounds.

    the problem is it seems like theres only a handful of people who get that. that fun is job one of love.

    theres always an agenda. theres usually more on the menu.

    also, i may be a wolf

    in wrinkled sheeps clothing.

  4. Tuesday, November 13, 2012
  5. Monday, May 28, 2012

    Gwar + Memorial Day + The Clash 

    A message from Gwar:

    The members of the Slave Pit want to wish a peaceful Memorial Day to all who have given their all in the service of the armed forces of the world. You have our eternal respect and appreciation.

    “From the Hundred Years War to the Crimea…
    From the lance to the musket to the Roman spear
    To all of the men (and women) who have stood with no fear
    In the service of the king…”

    The Clash, “The Card Cheat”, from the album London Calling

    May peace reign, leave the war to GWAR…Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Saturday, May 26, 2012

    memorial day weekend over the last 10 years on the busblog 

    2011, sedona with the truest

    karisa and alissa
    2010, luxor

    2009, beasties throw down with the roots

    2008, exclusive interview with the new canadian blogger named sass

    laist bbq
    2007, LAist bbq

    ice cream man at coachella
    2006, fired from buzznet

    abe lincoln vs kanye
    2005, interviewed by Blogebrity

    2004, interviewed by the new york times about blogging, i find issues with it

    palm trees
    2003, weekend photo essay

    2002, got stung by a bee, said something punny

  7. Wednesday, May 2, 2012
  8. Monday, February 20, 2012

    speaking of death and dying, a year ago i nearly died 


    but these two angels in vegas saved me


    the next day we saw the black keys play at the cosmo

    and it was all a beautiful dream half because i wasnt dead

    and half because i wasnt afraid to die anymore

    because when you die beautiful angels pour you whiskey.

    and take you to an all u can eat buffet

    where you really cant eat anything cuz its sorta heaven and sorta not.

    it wasnt the first time i was thatclose to death.

    the xbi makes sure you have a few near life experiences so you appreciate things.

    its like how they shoot you a few times so you arent scared of gunplay.

    just call the scars shingles they advise you.

    but heres the funniest thing about nearly dying last year in vegas

    on presidents day weekend right before seeing the black keys

    that monday on the way outta town i was pretty exhausted from: vegas

    so while filling up the camaro i bought and drank a 5 hour energy drink

    and for a good 9 hours my brain was on fire.

    that – was worse than dying.

  9. Tuesday, February 14, 2012

    the heart is a muscle, flex it 

    heart printthere are some things that are easy to love:

    the beautiful, the young, the fascinating, the familiar,

    the blossoming, the mighty, the safe

    but is that what we’re here to do?

    jesus walked with the tax collectors and the riff raff

    and afterwards he said love each other

    the way ive loved you

    he could have had a full on vip section, a velvet rope,

    a guest list to his heart

    he could have said dont you know who i am

    but he went directly to the least tribe, the blind, and the sick.

    because thats where his love was needed most.

    supermodels dont need roses, they wont eat the chocolates,

    they wanna be with billy joel

    and seal.

    and thats fine.

    someone turned blood into wine.

    turn your love into more love

    and then make a toast.

  10. Monday, January 16, 2012

    happy MLK Day 

    mlk day

    major props to my employer, KPCC for being the first company i’ve worked for that i can recall that acknowledges this Federal holiday as a company holiday.

    most of the places ive worked for were all “didnt you just get Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years off?”

    and you’d be all, “whats a brotha gotta do to be an American hero any more? isnt getting shot trying to give All people equal rights enough to get a monday off?”

    and then they’ll tell you that thats what Floating Holidays are all about, etc

    and you just wanna say whatever, but not KPCC, everyone has it off except for the barebones crew that keeps the radio on the air and the website fresh.

    i was born in washington DC in the 60s and my grandparents marched with Dr. King back in the day. the stories that they and my relatives have told me about living in the segregated South seem like fiction these days, what with a Black president and all

    but sadly every week (if not every day) we hear about racism in one form or another, and its troubling, but what keeps me hopeful is noticing how far we have come, thanks to people like Rev King, in such a relatively short period of time.

    keep the dream alive, planet earth

    a black man is president of the united states

    and if any one tells you we haven’t made progress, remind them

    that the united states of america has a black president

    who killed osama bin laden

    and who has a 50/50 shot of getting re-elected

    regardless if you think he’s earned it,

    the fact a black man has a decent chance at being a two term president

    after all the shenanigans that the GOP did to stop everything he did

    is something i call progress