nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, October 3, 2015

    jeanine and i saw van halen last night at the hollywood bowl 

    van halen at the hollywood bowl

    dave is a goofball, eddie is a maestro, alex is an animal and young wolfgang totally shreds on bass

    they have an arsenal of classic riffs and crowd pleasing hits

    millionaires several times over and rightfully so

    and yet at the bowl they had the cheesiest graphic display behind the drums ive ever seen.

    was it a parody? were they being sarcastic?

    was it all a sinister hack by Anonymous?


    hollywood bowl sangria

    the Bowl played along by busting with some performance art of their own

    “who would pay so much money for such a thing? find out in this weeks episode of ‘$28 Sangria!'”

    pope shirts, ive got your pope shirts right hereand seriously, van halen sounded terrific and it’s great to see this line up

    back at home, looking full of life

    but then i met this guy who looked exactly like Barry Bonds selling Pope tshirts

    i said i want your shirt

    he said i cant sell you this shirt

    i asked why

    he said because i got this there

    i said id pay double

    he said i saw him.

    i said it reminds me of something id give a catholic raiders fan’s teenage daughter

    he said, i saw him.

    it was jeanines second trip to the bowl in as many days having just seen duran duran on thursday.

    as we walked up the hill towards the entrance of the bowl she was telling me how great the fab five were and how fun it was and what the people were wearing and all the songs she hadnt realized she knew and all the types of people were there and how solid the band sounded

    and we got to our seats and the lights dimmed and van halen played about two minutes of Runnin with the Devil and she said,


    this is way better.

  2. Sunday, September 27, 2015

    kanye west played the hollywood bowl last night 


    it wasnt just any show, he did “808 and Heartbreaks” all the way through, with an orchestra and chorus

    why? it wasnt an anniversary, he hadnt just released a remix, it wasnt like he just won an award for it.



    and he made it snow while he was doing it. even though it was close to 90 degrees up in the beautiful canyon.


    it was weird and wonderful and a lot like a fashion show and an art show and a greek drama and what it must have felt like for the jews when Moses delivered his Sermon on the Mount, except funkier

    kayne's cast of thousands

    and with a cast of thousands.

    with guest stars sexy C3P0 lady + spinning stairs to nowhere + starring ladies who just stared

    and lady in the very back of the bowl who just raised her arms

    zoe kravitz in the back of the hollywood bowl during kanyes 808 and heartbreak show

    and very special guests Autotune and random Fireworks


    thank you Bree for thinking of me when you realized you had an extra golden ticket

    that was so funnnnnnnnn!

  3. Saturday, September 12, 2015

    tin roof rusted 

    ramie and me at the bowl

    saw the Psychedelic Furs and the B-52s at the Hollywood Bowl w/ Ramie

    it was a last minute thing because i love the psych furs and even though the b52s are fun, i saw them in college and they were just fine. so i was meh about it until i found some sweet tickets at the Nice Price.

    turns out Ramie’s been looking for a miracle ticket for weeks. so i picked up some beer at the store, we summoned a Lyft and got there just as the Furs were getting a groove on.

    little did i know the Hollywood Bowl orchestra was gonna play along with the bands, and i must say, whoever did the arrangements is a damn genius. it sounded spectacular.

    the B-52s didnt utilize them as much, which was a missed opportunity, because as you can see in the video, when they did use them, it was fantastic.

    the show was produced by the Bowl which meant you could bring your own booze in.

    sitting there under the stars next to a pretty girl watching good bands and fireworks, all while eating spicy tuna rolls and sipping out of a 40:

    exactly what the founders intended.

  4. Monday, May 18, 2015

    lana del rey with courtney opening 


    1. courtney can still wail

    2. lana hates doing encores

    3. courtney shouldnta done that leonard cohen song

    4. these chatty bitches wouldnt shut up during lanas beautiful l cohen cover

    5. courtney does celebrity skin and then miss world to end her show

    6. lana refuses to do young and beautiful, which would be a great end to her show

    7. courtney made fun of everyone with flower crowns

    8. 89% of the crowd had flower crowns

    9. lana sold out the damn hollywood bowl

    10. tickets were double on stub hub

    11. even though i always feel like lana just strolls through her sets, a tad lazily, i will see her play any time she wants in LA