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  4. Saturday, January 12, 2013

    todays the king of all medias birthday, hes 24 

    vP2t6K4Conly howard stern has gotten away with charging people to pay for radio

    and then only working three days a week.

    if that doesnt make him your hero how about this:

    he says exactly whats on his mind

    he’s filthy rich

    his wife is beautiful, wonderful, and has a heart of gold.

    he interviews people better than anyone.

    sadly the demons in his life appear to be overwhelming:

    he doesn’t seem to truly enjoy his success

    he doesnt seem to like himself

    he doesnt get the respect that lesser broadcasters get

    his longtime sidekick robin seems extremely ill.

    so what are the lessons we can learn from howard?

    – be careful what you ask for

    – appreciate yourself

    – your best asset is your uniqueness, own it

    ive been listening to howard for maybe 20 years now,

    every day.

    hes a bigger influence on my life than you probably know.

    so what’s my favorite interview he’s given? probably the one he did in 1996 with JFK Jr.


  5. Monday, September 10, 2012

    Geoff Boucher confirms he’s leaving the L.A. Times 

    Geoff Boucher, Suzie Reynolds, Chris Lee – Coachella 2008

    While many were watching the Raiders on Monday Night Football,

    Hero Complex superstar and veteran Times journalist tweeted this sad message

    Howard Stern’s stylist Ralph Cirella then asked

    and then Boucher tweeted the tweet heard across the galaxy

    there is a disturbance in the Force,

    rock with caution.

    [Update, Tuesday: Geoff writes: Thanks everyone for your thoughts and words and sentiments. It is very strange and sad to leave the paper after 21 years but it is completely my choice. I’m going to gamble and bet on myself and what I’ve learned over these past few years with the Hero Complex success. As a friend of mine in Metropolis says, you can’t fly until you take a leap…]

  6. Thursday, July 12, 2012

    happy birthday Disco Demolition 

    i do not like the White Sox.
    which is ironic because i have like 18,000 white socks.
    but in 1979 the White Sox did something beautiful
    they let a 24-year-old shock talk host from a rock & roll radio station
    invite the city of chicago to come to a double header for 98 cents
    if they brought in a disco album which they would blow up in between games.

    back then people had taste and the White Sox couldn’t draw a crowd
    despite having the always innovative Bill Veeck running the place
    despite having Harry Caray and Jimmy Piersal calling the games
    despite having Nancy Foust tickle the ivories on the organ
    despite having hard alcohol served generously all through the stadium
    and despite the wackiest uniforms – ever.
    they looked like black and white pajamas for colorblind clowns.

    but Steve Dahl, the predecessor of Howard Stern, and Disco Demolition
    packed the place, and people had to sneak in to get in.
    and once they got in and once they blew up those records
    mayhem ensued.
    whats amazing about this video is how little security baseball teams had
    back in the innocent pre-1980s days.

    and just like Sox fans, of course they stole home plate.

  7. Sunday, July 8, 2012

    vacation curse in full swing 

    any time Howard Stern goes on vacation people die.

    the other day Andy Griffith died, today Ernest Borgnine

    and earlier this afternoon out in Cape Cod, man eating sharks closed down a beach.

    i know its very difficult, Howard, for you to insult people, smooze celebs

    and oogle porn stars, but youve ended up with money, a beautiful young wife

    and all the freedom to say whatever you want 24/7

    or in your case 5/3

    but please dont go on vacation any more


  8. Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    robin quivers has a mass ‘as big as a grapefruit’ near her bladder 

    howard stern’s long time radio sidekick robin quivers said on the show that doctors discovered a 5-inch mass near her bladder.

    said Quivers:

    “[The doctor] lowered the boom. He took me out. I was devastated… [Sirius executive] Tim [Sabean] called me right after I left his office. I was a mess… America’s Got Talet was coming on… I wanted you [Howard] to enjoy the show… He went along this line of what they might have to do in order to remove this… I saw it… It’s as big as a grapefruit… Some of the outcomes are not that good… It’s not a death thing… but those outcomes aren’t acceptable to me… I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Yesterday Howard asked Robin why she wasn’t available when he called her Monday after the show.

    Robin, 59, said, “You must have called the phone that was left in Pittsburgh. I was busy all day with testing.”

    In the middle of Monday’s show Robin told Howard and the listeners that she was wearing a “pee bag” to which Howard said, “Boy we are geting old.”

    Robin said, “I’m wearing a catheter. So when you see me, I’m peeing. It just constantly goes.”

    Quivers has been a vegan for a number of years which includes a liquid diet that has been joked about on the show involving “green drinks”. shes also been known to travel around the world on spiritual journeys.

    when robin isn’t in the studio the show loses its balance and turns into a frat house, howard has admitted.

    she is the secret weapon to America’s most popular radio show of all time.

    she will certainly be in my prayers tonight.

  9. Wednesday, March 7, 2012

    did Stuttering John just win a new iPad from NBCLA? 

    john melendez

    Fritz didn’t say it would be like this but while the weathercaster was explaining

    how people should go to the NBCLA website and enter to win a new iPad

    he announced the day’s winner


    perhaps that John Melendez is different than the former howard stern intern Stuttering John

    who Jay Leno stole from the show without asking howard

    so as to become the Tonight Show announcer

    (even though Jay forced John to tape his announce so as to avoid any stuttering)

    but how many John Melendezes are there?

    this has to be Stuttering John. in which case. co co co congratulations!

  10. Saturday, July 23, 2011

    Lady Gaga tells fans don’t do drugs and wait as long as possible to have sex 

    howard stern was only on the air three days this week but he had one of the best interviews of the month

    with of all people lady gaga

    who for some reason im not a fan of even though she basically stole the show at the yoko ono spectacular

    and gave one of the best live performances ever on howard this week

    maybe what turns me off is all that studio production dance pop crap she smears all over her records

    stripped down and just behind the piano you can see why elton john wanted her to be his kids godmother.

    shes got it.