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    why the dodgers should stop watermarking Instagram pics 

    brian wilson of the los angeles dodgers

    not only are the LA Dodgers kicking mucho ass in the pathetic (not their fault) NL West

    but they are doing a beautiful job (totally their fault) on social media

    in fact they truly shine where many fail: on Instagram

    they beautifully tell their followers how the team did at the end of each game.

    they keep up on players’ birthdays

    they capture badass moments, beautifully

    they dole out shoutouts to worthy dodger fans

    and they take pics in the stands of fans that you’d only find at Chavez Ravine.

    even dudes who hate photogs for some reason dont mind getting snapped at Dodger Stadium.

    but then they do this one super weird thing with one of their photographers

    they put an old school dumbass watermark on Jon SooHoo‘s pictures.

    there is nothing positive about the PR arm of a baseball team appeasing the whims of one of its employees to the detriment of the goal of the department.

    the goal is to spread the word that the LA Dodgers are exciting, glamorous, and first rate champions.

    an unglamorous defensive foolishly protective photo credit watermark does nothing positive to the message

    L L C?

    Hand a Mark IV to an intern and they could take a picture in the daytime of Vin Scully and Mariano Rivera

    and without that stupid watermark that picture can spread quickly through the web

    as intended.

    add that nonsense to it and the message sputters.

    you are the class of major league baseball.

    knock off this bush league bs.

    photo by Jon SooHoo / LA Dodgers, LLC 2013, WTF SMH