nothing in here is true

  1. Friday, December 18, 2015

    if joseph and mary were looking for a place to deliver Jesus 

    new joseph and marywould you let them crash at your place?

    the Good Book has many stories about traveling strangers needing a roof over their head temporarily, but none is more powerful than the Son of God’s origin story.

    not even the motel had somewhere for A PREGNANT LADY TO SLEEP

    who refuses a pregnant lady?

    i need to get in the movie making business and exclusively tell bible stories because the problem with the bible is people think that these are just old fashioned tales that have zero relevance to today,

    but the reason that they connect with me so well is because, to me, the bible shows me that human nature is something that hasn’t changed much over the years.

    we are still nervous about immigrants.

    we are still untrustworthy of strangers.

    our hearts want to be full of love and kindness and generosity but our brains and our culture tells us to fear and destroy and shun.

    what i love about the Bible is God and Jesus and King David and Moses and all the heroes get dissed left and right by humans who would rather melt down gold into the shape of a goat and pray to IT as opposed to give it up to the miracle maker right in front of them.

    that has not changed to this day. so quickly some diss people like Barack Obama who miraculously steered the economy away from the brink of disaster, who got gays and lesbians the right to marry, who killed osama bin laden, who inspired Wall Street to rebound, who got health insurance to millions who wouldn’t have it due to normal things like “pre-existing conditions.

    so the question i need to ask myself is who am i dissing who is performing good deeds around me? who am i foolishly ignoring in favor of something ridiculous. and most importantly, who am i refusing, who very well might be the mother and father of peace?

    history is there for us to learn from and build upon. we cant ignore it. but sadly i think even the smartest of us do.

  2. Sunday, August 23, 2015

    i listened to this song about ten times today 

    “that’s enough”
    by Dorothy Love Coates

    There’s always somebody talkin bout me, really i don’t mind
    They try to block and stop my progress most of the time
    Well the mean things you said don’t make me feel bad
    Cause I can’t miss a friend that I never had

    (I’ve got) I’ve got jesus and that’s enough (that’s enough) that’s enough
    When I’m sick (he’s there) and troubled (he’s there)
    When I call him he will answer my prayers (answer my prayers)
    When I’m burdened (he’s there) with a load (he’s there)
    That’s when Jesus is a comforter (to my soul)
    Well you may scorn me turn your back on me
    God’s got his arms wrapped all around me

    (I’ve got) I’ve got jesus and that’s enough (that’s enough) that’s enough

    You know there’s been so many times that I did’nt have a dime
    And i did’nt tell nobody but the Lord
    He heard my plea and came to see about me cause he’s one thing
    I can afford
    So if you push me down he’ll pick me up
    And he’ll stick by me when the goin’ gets tough

    (I’ve got) I’ve got jesus and that’s enough (that’s enough) that’s enough
    Well he’s the great emancipator and my heart regulator (Jesus is)
    yes he is
    He’ll make my way brighter and my burdens lighter yes he will
    (Jesus will)
    Well you may scorn me turn your back on me
    God’s got his arms wrapped all around me
    And he fights down the devil till he makes him give up
    And thats wnough (that’s enough) that’s enough
    When I’m sick (he’s there)

  3. Friday, April 3, 2015

    today is good friday 

    planets aligned

    this is the day Jesus died on the cross, the planets aligned, the earth quaked

    and then the Son of God ascended into Heaven.

    they say on the third day he rose again, but Sunday is really just two days after Friday so who knows what really happened.

    all I know is Jesus didn’t like dying on the cross, he thought God abandoned him there,

    Romans poked him with sticks and made him drink vinegar from dirty rags

    it was a mess.

    and he did it all for you, me, and everyone.

    for all of our sins. even the horrible ones. the ones we dont even blog about on the nothing in here is true.

    why? why did he do that. he did it because he wants us to move on.

    he knew, even back then, that guilt and misery in the mind and heart, affects the soul.

    and he needs us to have clear consciences so we can climb the next mountain.

    because that is where the good stuff is.

    not the potholes of our youth where we might obsess.

    the past is the past is the past and Jesus paid for those sins. move forward. that is what Good Friday and Easter are about.

    the holiest days in the Christian calendar.

    renewal, rebirth, recharge

    and rock.

  4. Friday, March 28, 2014