every now and then

karisa at kanpai

karisa tries to figure out if she can stand me sober.

rarely do i pass the test.

such pressure.

luckily the fish was delightful

and the coke was extra bubbly.

she had whooping cough for the first week of this year

but that didn’t stop her from painting stripes on her laundry room wall.

and reading that book about cleopatra.

we talked about how im doing two panel discussions this month.

and how i dont really like them.

she said, enjoy the natural chemicals that your anxieties release.

which i did tonight.

and it worked.

karisa is unimpressed

karisa being the unimpressed gymnast

she was all, no really what have you done this year, mister?

no book, no blook, no new crib, no new taxes, no new girlfriend, no new secret blog, no new secret life.

i said i have a new tv.

she was all, that isnt a new tv, its someones old tv, and tvs arent accomplishments.

she was all, you didnt even go to canada in 2012.


meanwhile she’s basically remodeled her home, ended the war on drugs, and gave inspiration to that dude from Red Bull to jump from the moon to earth that one time.

(it was a pre-Festivus feat of strength challenge)

so i promised her that i would do something cool in 2014

and she said, and if you dont, you have to delete the busblog.

i was all, deal!

and then we ate delicious sashimi that was served to us on a huge block of ice which karisa couldnt stop going on about: all her favorite fish were represented: geminis, libras, scorpios, and scallops.

at one point she began to get a tad tipsy and threatened to get up on her chair to show me something.

a woman in a fur kimono was very interested in the semi-scene, as was our waiter who later gave us a gift that was ridiculously generous.

i said why? he said its Christmas.

so we all hugged and sped off in the bitter cold of night.

ate some deep fried turkey yep

turkey deep fryer

karisas bf and his buddies set up the death trap but because theyre scientists no one got hurt

me, i protected the alcohol from an alien invasion

even though we were hella late, so was erryone else so i prepared for my dish

open other end

not everyone can make the perfect plate of cb sauce but, with the help of jeanine, voila!

people literally went crazy when they ate it.

example a

because no one trusts scientists, they cooked a regular turkey and of course there was the deep fried buddy

there was also plenty of water. actually there was plenty of everything.

people ate and were amazed. so amazed they didnt even eat at the table because it glowed of awesome too much.

shack and dog

then people started playing with the dog

then mary started dancing on karisas brand new table

then jeanine and karisa started talking in russian. and they couldnt stop after a while.

then hot toddys were fixed up real nice along with dessert. which was delightful.

then people started passing out. which is always funny.

merry christmas y’all!

xbi poisoned me for halloween but i was still able to take pics

at Halloween

karisa love was the dj of the night

Mermaid AJ

mermaid AJ sadly has to swim back to nyc this week :(

chris was dave navarro which was apropos  as we were headed to the Jane’s Addiction show at the wiltern


me, i was the Obey Giant, but even here you can see that their evil poison was taking effect

so lets just say someone had to take a few-hour time out and after that all was kool and the gang

karisa and chris at halloween

hooray LA!

and happy halloweeeeeen!


one of your friends made a bet with me yesterday

i was drinking so i dont remember what the wager was

but the stake was $2,000.

is $2,000?

i wish i could remember what it was, but i refused to shake her hand.

we did agree that nicki minaj will make a better judge at the talent show

than brittany spears,

that the new Tsar EP is surprisingly subtle and delightful,

and that i look amazing in a beard.

on the other side of the restaurant a loud group of twelve people

buying bottle after bottle of supra expensive sake

racked up a bill of over four thousand dollars.

the waiter gave the dude who laid down the corporate card a tshirt.

hell i woulda given him


tshirts. but thats me, mr. vegas.

speaking of vegas, when we going back there?

three concerts in three nights? what am i 18?

friday night the bill was those darlins

old 97s

and the old 97s.

the show was good but you know what was better?

getting to meet Nikki Darlin after the gig

karisa with hot dogs

and karisa stealing the bacon wrapped hot dog cart for my backyard.

perry gripp of nerf herder

saturday night was nerf herder

tsar at the bootleg

and rock group tsar.

hi kim

even kim was there. hi kim!

nerf herder played all the hits including Van Halen

i woke up sunday with my voice shot and a half bottle of jd next to my bed.

xbi called me and said something about fyf fest

dance tent at fyf fest

which stands for the fuck yeah fest fest. which had a dance tent, a few rock stages

jmascis at fyf fest

dinosaur f’ing jr. (blowing henry rollins’ mind) and many others.

i brought my new camera in case i wanted to take pics of some cool tshirts.

never forget

my day began and ended when i met this nice gentleman. cuz really, how ya gonna beat that one?


tinted windows dont mean nothin they know who’s inside


omg was that a crazy day or what. so many ups n downs.

a few super low lows and a quite a few really high highs.

as as libra they say that we just want the smooth mellow middles

but i gotta say sometimes – ESPECIALLY WHEN IT ENDS NICE – its ok to have highs n lows.

lets talk about the highs: all of them: they were so sweet

people are so sweet to me. i forget that that is bound to happen sometimes, but is is somehow!

also, i got to meet, talk with, and then live tweet skateboard hero Christian Hosoi

who was Tony Hawks biggest rival for a while, and beat him, and all was well

even all the drug taking and boozing, etc, until he got caught up in Crystal Meth.

and then he got popped at the airport with drugs and did time in prison. years!

but right away he got it about the bible. like super got it. like omg got it.

we talked about Romans for a quick minute, which was odd cuz i just finished it.

and i said, dude Romans ruled and you should relate cuz Paul (the narrator of Romans) was in jail too.

Christian Hosoi didnt even blink, he was all hell yeah .

im gonna go to Christian’s church on Sunday. im sold. dude was so inspirational.

he just kept going last night as if he was filled with the holy ghost just that day!

it was a wonder. everything he said just flowed out and it was awesome.

no stuttering, no forgetting of words, no ums or omgs nothing but pure focused laser power.

it was hard to keep up.

afterwards i went to sushi with karisa and we kept it real with each other

which isnt something we always do, but we gave each other permission to bring it and it was broughten

and it was nice. it resolved perfectly. we both got to say some tough things

and in the end everything worked out exactly how it should and it was nice nice nice.

im still the luckiest man alive. somehow. oddly. weirdly. unpredictably.

and so gratefully.

six years ago today the BET awards were in town

and fancy pants had just gotten a gig running LAist

and somehow scored passes to the Interscope after party

being held at i believe the Los Angeles, a beautiful old theatre.

karisa was all hey ive got a new dress

and i was all omg and i’ve got my eye on a ridiculous hat

so we went drank danced gawked and judged.

on the way to the taxi stand i shot this quickie post interview

my does time fly

look who has an apple product

karisa got an iphonekarisas an independent woman.

cant tell her what to do.

dont even try.

like most of my friends, karisa doesnt like to follow the leader, she likes to be the leader.

so for years she had anything but an iphone.

“i dont know why you keep going on and on, my phone can do that too,” shed say.

and they could. but in a meh way, if you ask me.

her last phone had a huge screen. good for pictures, but karisa doesnt take a lot of pictures.

only pics she takes are of me, but the xbi deletes almost all of them.

so the other night she was all, oh look what i got.

i couldnt believe it so i took a picture and instagrammed it.

i still dont believe it.