jose martinez leaving kpcc? moving to frisco? noooooooooooo

jose martinez rocking the mic

i just heard some sad news that one of my former cohorts jose martinez is heading up north.

how very sad.

jose was one of the people that i was lucky enough to work with when i was at kpcc.

we needed someone who was bilingual, ambitious, brilliant, and fearless.

i called up my man tom nelson who oversees the college paper at LMU and said yo do you have any EIC-types over there?

real leaders? and preferably someone who speaks spanish like it aint no thing?

tom said, not only do i have an EIC-type, but last year’s EIC was the college journalist of the year!

tom presented him with the highest recommendation and after i met Jose i understood why.

very professional, willing to jump on any story, funny, personable, and a gentleman.

jose martinezjose hustled each and every day to make the very important blog On Central what it was intended to be:

an unblinking look at a portion of South Central LA, focused on health, safety and quality of life.

one thing i loved about Jose was how quickly he embraced working with the LAPD and LA Sheriffs Dept.

without his people skills he would had never been able to write the three part series Know Your Graffiti

where he went around a neighborhood with a gang expert and deciphered what was written on the walls. totally fascinating.

as you can see from the top photo, Jose was also a natural at the host for several panel discussions at the Crawford Family Forum.

what a solid dude and a very cool individual.

kpcc is going to have a very hard time replacing Jose. whoever takes the OnCentral torch will have very big shoes to fill

figuratively and literally.

On Central is one of the big reasons people should donate to public radio. no one else in LA is producing that many stories a week

about the center of LA that for many ridiculous reasons gets overlooked by the mainstream media.

yes the stories arent always sexy, but they are so important because as South LA goes, so goes all of LA.

at the Times i totally wanted a South Central blog, but it was never approved. one of the main selling points to working at KPCC for me

was the fact that not only did they have a blog that covered this important area, but they were so passionate about it.

you don’t get that sort of passion in for-profit ventures where the subjects of your pieces probably wont subscribe to your paper.

On Central was all about telling the right stories, every day, simply because they were the important, right stories.

another reason to love KPCC is because On Central is a great reflection of CEO Bill Davis’ vision that public doesnt just mean public for some

it means public for all of LA – especially those who will very soon be the majority of LA: our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

i pity the successor to Jose who will have to work in his virtual shadow because he totally kicked ass on that valuable beat.

best of luck Jose, even though you wont need it!

it’s true, i was relieved of my duties at kpcc, so i could be eligible to be the next pope

state of the union

it’s weird, but i think being the first black pope – and especially the first american pope

would be a much more historic, and powerful position than simply the second black president.

and even though i’m sure id be shot at a lot for actually preaching what’s in the bible

(due to the parts that go against the Catholic doctrine)

im sure people would like a pope who not only knows who 2Pac was

but would be open to accept visits from Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and MC Ren

since i remember when he drove a B-210.

id do a lot of bible study from the poorest parts of the world.

for some reason i didnt see the retiring pope do that.

id go to war zones and preach peace, you know, things Jesus taught us.

and i’d show up at places like the State of the Union and i’d cough “bullshit” every now and then

from the balcony.

sitting between the First Lady and Beyonce.

that might get me shot too, but speaking truth to power isnt always the safest route to enlightenment

but its part of the definition of courage.

which are things we should be living by example – for the kids.

so for the next 4 1/2 days im still the social media dude for the Take Two show,

thus i will ask you to participate in something we’re doing today which is:

tell us what you think President Obama will say in his State of the Union speech.

go to our Facebook page and tell us and we may read it on the air.

if enough people do it, they’ll probably make me pope.

all will be well, have no fear


i’ve gotten a lot of emails, texts, phone calls, twitter DMs and a few strippergrams (thanks Obama) this week. i appreciate them so much it’s ridiculous.

to be honest i’m embarrassed and nervous and just want to hide under a rock. so when people soooo kindly invite me to drink, the sad thing is, my first impulse is to decline because not only do i not want to go over it, but this is not the type of attention i like.

kylain fact, ironically, despite my online persona, and loud personality IRL, the only time i really feel comfortable talking about myself is on this blog. and even then most of it is fictionalized so that people like Jamie King will make Vines in my honor and my adorable niece (pictured, right) will meditate for me.

personally id rather brainstorm crazy ideas, discuss the Cubs, the decline of rock music, politics, blogging, poetry, the bible, anything other than what happened, whose to blame, and whats next.

blame is simple. i’m responsible for my life. i can always do better, even on this blog. i could eat more healthy, bust with better jokes, and be a more valuable employee. i learned a lot at kpcc and im very glad to have met all the cool people there. so many of my friends say kpcc is there favorite station. im sure if they met the really smart people behind it all they’d feel even better about it.

one of the nice people wrote me this letter that i was gonna forward to my mom but she loves the busblog more than her inbox so here you go ma:


Tony… I learned more from you about writing (and writing quickly!) and having balls and conviction in the workplace, than I will probably learn for the rest of my career. You made me actually EXCITED to come to work everyday and encouraged me to pursue the most WACKIEST and often AWESOMEST story ideas. Seriously, you were the best boss I could ever imagine !

I’m sure wherever you end up will be awesome or you will make it awesome. I will try to be the most hard-working, rebellious, shit-kicking reporter I can be in your honor.




i have some decent leads, but as ringo says, time takes time.

i hope it doesnt take too long though, cuz i hate just sitting around feeling like a spaceman floating in nothingness.

especially since no one likes my vincent van vader idea.

at all!


the hard part’s telling your mom


she always thinks the xbi is behind everything.

they just want you to fly that stupid helicopter, she said.

if its true, which it isnt, its nice to feel wanted, isnt it, i asked.

“havent they heard of drones!?!?”

i told her about my idea to paint paintings on venice beach.

20 paintings at $20 each would be way more than im making now.

she said, you’ll get skin cancer

i said, i’ll be dressed like Darth Vader

she said people are afraid of Darth Vader

i said, i’ll have a puppy there.

she said, you figured that out as you drove home?

i said, i had the twitter feed set up while i pumped my gas.

then she said, and i quote,

this is a very bad idea.

so now i gotta get two puppies i guess.


twitters so weird


we know so many things nowadays

fast as they become things

all cuz of 140 characters

when Ev announced he was gonna make a microblogging network none of us had the imagination

to think news would zip through that faster than any other platform.

yesterday I was working at 8am, hungover, busy

an email came in with a link to Charlie Sheens twitter

it was a pic of him and the Mayor of LA

hanging out in Mexico

Slash was just done playing

and Charlie tweeted, the mayor sure knows how to party.

clearly I love “old school” blogging

but sometimes all you wanna say is one line.

sometimes that’s all there is to say.

and man can it zip around the world fast sometimes.

yesterday was wear cool things on your legs day



on any other day, canadian elaine would have won for not only sporting the sweet puma clydes

along with a matching black and white ensemble,

but capping it off with the blue m&ms socks.

but your girl patt morrison just will not be outdone!


check out her winter-inspired tights and EDC fuzzy boots

and of course patt the hat topped it off with a trademark chapeaux to win the day

who said public radio is filled with a bunch of ugly sweater wearing whisperers?