nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, February 19, 2018

    amber and i made it facebook official on our way back from vegas 


    that means shes now officially my girlfriend.

    which of course is the kiss of death.

    im old school. i dont believe someone is really your girlfriend unless you say so on facebook.

    she said the last time we were facebook official and then i changed it when we broke up that it was one of the saddest days in her life. she said she cried and cried.

    then on this trip she cried and cried too. but mostly for good reasons. mostly because lana del rey was such an emotional concert.

    her music really can get you if you’re paying attention. pretty girls were laying in the aisles just weeping.

    amber had her head on my shoulder crying too. it was such a beautiful, dreamy, magical show where lana seemed in slow motion the whole time like she was wooing us and hypnotizing the whole place.

    at first we were in the back, fine seats, but one thing you should know about amber is she is addicted to hot tea so that also means she needs to take some pit stops. we had just taken this picture after walking around the inside of the arena to see what there was to see, and she ran to the ladies room because she had dranken like 4 cups of tea on our way to the show and as i waited i poked my head into the curtain to see where we were in relation to the stage.

    and we were directly on the side of the stage and it was so much closer and alas, no one was seated in that section. so when she got out i said, lets sit here for a while and see what happens. what happened was a few people did what we did and no one was stopped from doing it because there was no usher there for some reason and we saw the whole show there and it was beautiful.

    and nice. so very nice. i have had many many many lovely times in vegas.

    feel free to add this one to the list.