the culture is lit and i had a ball

i listen to LDR every night as i float into that frightful dark dimension

i took a nap this afternoon which is tempting fate 2x

i dont like sleeping bc i dont like dreams bc i dont like lies

if theres one thing that will ruin our relationship is when untruths appear

and i know, you’ll say, but tony, dreams don’t pretend to be anything

other than

dirty fibs told to us while we’re powerless

but still.

why even have them.

i get so mad after a dream. good or bad.

good because it was fiction

bad because now im stressed for no good reason?

i day dream plenty, trust me.

this college dean said if youre gonna nap, just dont make them longer than 40 minutes

and that works

but still i feel like there was monkey business going on when i was down

which is not cool

but this song sure is.

‘dont treat me rough, treat me really nicely’

a year ago today i saw the incredible lana del rey at the hollywood forever cemetery

the very cemetery i want to be buried in.

why? because they have concerts and show movies there, it’s in east hollywood, and it’s super close to where bukowski used to live.


i got my ticket that night from the beautiful ambersmithblog who had recently broken up with me

but for some reason wanted to bestow one more bit of generosity my way and did big time

tickets were going for $200-$300.

i have had a good streak of dating the most fascinating and lovely women

and i thought about that as i stood mere feet away from ms del rey as she sang so many

romantic and dreamy tunes

one of the top three shows i saw all last year.

remember that time courtney opened for lana

and everyone was taking videos and photos from the back rows.

i tried to tell them all, chill babies, there will be people up front taking photos and videos

and they said, stop talking to us creepy old man.

just then someone yelled at courtney

“i love you!” the little voice said.

mrs. cobain yelled back, “i love you too!”

then she said, “i cant hear you I LOVE YOU TOO LITTLE FUCKING KID!”

this video captures that lovely punk rock exchange

courtney was the grizzled blast from the past with both something to prove (that she’s still relevant)

and nothing to prove

but meanwhile Lana strolled around the big stage like a pretty girl just waking from a dream

talking to the deers in the forrest in her party dress

having conversations with imaginary creatures who love her

famous rock critic katie bain who loves all sorts of music doesnt love lana

who knows why

lots of people think shes manufactured and phony and usually im the one calling bs

but for some reason i totally get lana

she seems like a young stiffler’s mom.

she seems like she would be fun at a party

but would pass out early in the night

just like me

lana del rey with courtney opening


1. courtney can still wail

2. lana hates doing encores

3. courtney shouldnta done that leonard cohen song

4. these chatty bitches wouldnt shut up during lanas beautiful l cohen cover

5. courtney does celebrity skin and then miss world to end her show

6. lana refuses to do young and beautiful, which would be a great end to her show

7. courtney made fun of everyone with flower crowns

8. 89% of the crowd had flower crowns

9. lana sold out the damn hollywood bowl

10. tickets were double on stub hub

11. even though i always feel like lana just strolls through her sets, a tad lazily, i will see her play any time she wants in LA