nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    mr mark milian stuck his head in his old stomping grounds 

    at the los angeles times

    and all the ladies said hey.

    they were so happy he hadnt changed his bieber hair.

    at the la times

    if you recall, mr milian first came to us as a college student from the university of terripan station.

    he excelled so well at writing, interviewing, and mastering social media we kept him on as he finished school.

    then we hired him full time once he got that degree and he rocked mightilly for a year until he was poached from CNN where he now writes about Tech.

    hes a good dude (even though hes dead to me) and he works extremely hard and if i was gonna poach someone from the times he would easily be on my short list because hes wise, fast, and in tune to the future.

    while he posed with the ladies i emailed our security who let the air out of the tires of his rentacar.

    so alls good in the hood.

  2. Thursday, March 3, 2011

    happy birthday Lindsay 

    she loves animals

    Today is Linday’s birthday. She’s 24. Technically she’s my assistant. But usually I do my best to stay out of her way because she’s amazing and too many others get in her way. So I try to block a path for her so she can rule harder.

    Lindsay is a vegan because she loves animals. I love animals too, so much so that I eat them. Lindsay doesn’t love them in that way. She loves them as friends.

    Rarely have we been able to dine with her, as work chums often do, because there are very few vegan diners around our office. But one pizza place started making vegan pizza starring magical vegan cheese.

    So your girl Sarah IMed me and was all whattya gonna do for Lindsays bday. I said you are going to very quietly go over to Pitfire and pick up some vegan pizzas and come up here.

    Sarah did just that. When she approached we started singing Happy Birthday. My man Bryan Chan took this picture of all of us singing to the seated Lindsay. And we all ate pizza and said nice things about todays birthday girl who we miss today as she is spending the afternoon at the Happiest Place on Earth.

    Happy birthday Lindsay!


  3. Tuesday, February 15, 2011
  4. Thursday, January 20, 2011
  5. Tuesday, December 21, 2010

    three years ago today i began working at the LA Times 

    one lady actually wrote me when i started to say it wouldnt last six months

    occasionally strangers stop by and say even meaner things

    sometimes it makes Lindsay frown, but usually it’s a very strange dream come true

    every month and every year more and more people come to our blogs

    the secret ingredient? these people. they’re amazing.

  6. Thursday, August 19, 2010

    weird thing about sitting next to a vegan for almost three years 

    is you learn so much

    animal blogger Lindsay B shared an office with me when we were on the 5th floor, and now that we are on the 3rd floor newsroom i have learned tons about animal rights groups, the strict rules of veganism, and what animal activists love and hate.

    one thing i learned was animal groups hate it when animals appear in commercials. their argument is that in order to train animals to do the tricks that ad companies want, the creatures are typically ripped from their mothers at early ages and often abused into learning the commands and tricks.

    so a few weeks ago when i saw the ad above for the Dodge Tent Event that ended in a little chimp dressed up like Evel Knievel i chuckled and thought “omg i have to ask Lindsay what the activists will think of this.”

    the next day i showed her the ad and asked her to write to her contact at PETA for a quote. she got the quote, and a few days later she got a second email saying that PETA was happy to report that Dodge was going to alter the ad.


    then recently we saw the new spot and i thought to myself – did Lindsay and I really influence a car manufacturer to do something? Dodge says that it got two emails, one from PETA and one from a chimpanzee rights group, but something tells me that part of the email may have said that the Times noticed the ad and is curious whats going on over there.

    im ok believing it was a coincidence. and im totally ok with the altered ad, which can be seen here. our original post is here.