nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, October 3, 2020

    dear people from the future 

    today the cubs were eliminated from the playoffs.

    they had won their division but because this is the year 2020 and there are DHs in the national league,

    if you win the division you still have to play a wild card series

    and they got swept

    they were not playing well

    they did not play well

    and the national league has some buzz saws in the west that were waiting

    and the thing about me and the cubs and the playoffs is i am useless for anything else when they are going on which makes their sad pathetic sweep to a team that shouldnta even been in the playoffs a silver lining because i need to be working on my own stuff right now

    in part because the world is melting down and i need to be focused on documenting it

    but also because bread and circuses are whats needed when the king needs the people to have a form of distraction

    not when every little thing is fascinating and historic and without precedent and sports should take a back seat right now because who the hell cares about fernando tatis jr

    when his old man hit two grand slams in the same inning so good luck trying to get my attention

    when the president of the united states is in the hospital

    and not tweeting

    and not getting people together for his rallies

    because he has put himself in more than political danger

    and the people all around him.

    he has the rona, his wife has the rona, his evil press director has it, a couple of senators

    a reverend

    and they all caught it probably when they were patting themselves on the back in the rose garden rushing their supreme court justice into the still warm seat of rbg.

    it was almost like the gods were saying

    over your dead body.

    future people, shits going down right now and the days speed by

    but the election seems to be creeping closer at a snails pace

    today is october 3

    its 414am

    gotta take the girl to a baby shower in the afternoon

    and between now and then

    it’s anybody’s guess what will happen.

    that is how wild this time is right now.