nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, October 5, 2017

    drove two coworkers to the chance the rapper show 

    it was actually one coworker and his hot babe girlfriend

    we talked about all the normal things: the bible, isla vista, frat houses, halloween and films starring child actors.

    sometimes i think the world would be better if i just let the passengers talk when i drove them

    theyve got good stories to tell i bet

    clearly mine are good

    but imagine the modern day mark twain was sitting back there

    and i didnt even give bro a chance to tell me about the time he took a steamboat down the mighty Mississip?

    or about the time he painted a fence white with his homie Huck.

    or that one raft ride he took with Nigger Jim?

    odds are my passengers dont have stories about life on the mississippi

    but what if they have even better tales

    tales of nights drinking mead around a round table

    stories about trading arms for hostages

    lies about how the 2nd amendment isnt a raging dumpster fire of tragedy slowly tearing out country apart.

    afterwards i drove home, woke amber up from her nap, then she went to work

    then i was alone.

    all night.

    except for the cats who befriended me,

    but only because they were hungry.