nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, January 21, 2013
  2. Thursday, November 22, 2012

    ate some deep fried turkey yep 

    turkey deep fryer

    karisas bf and his buddies set up the death trap but because theyre scientists no one got hurt

    me, i protected the alcohol from an alien invasion

    even though we were hella late, so was erryone else so i prepared for my dish

    open other end

    not everyone can make the perfect plate of cb sauce but, with the help of jeanine, voila!

    people literally went crazy when they ate it.

    example a

    because no one trusts scientists, they cooked a regular turkey and of course there was the deep fried buddy

    there was also plenty of water. actually there was plenty of everything.

    people ate and were amazed. so amazed they didnt even eat at the table because it glowed of awesome too much.

    shack and dog

    then people started playing with the dog

    then mary started dancing on karisas brand new table

    then jeanine and karisa started talking in russian. and they couldnt stop after a while.

    then hot toddys were fixed up real nice along with dessert. which was delightful.

    then people started passing out. which is always funny.

    merry christmas y’all!

  3. Thursday, September 13, 2012

    todays mary’s birthday, shes 24 

    marys birthday

    the painfully shy mary nolastname and i have a rare thing in common:

    we both hired karisa to work for our companies.

    me for a dot com back in the day,

    and mary for the corporate interior design firm theyve been with for the last decade


    mary likes raw scallops with lemon and hit n run sea salt sprinkles

    yellow tail chile pepper

    she also likes spicy yellowtail with truffle oil, sake, beer, and toro cut salmon cuts

    but shes so shy you have to read her mind.

    or you can txt her.

    karisa and mary in jail

    mary spent some time in the joint.

    but she was so quiet, she just walked out one day

    and no one noticed.

    what she fails to project audibly, she makes up in energy

    and the unique ability to pull off exactly what she wants

    after a few drinks the other night she said the funniest thing

    “i never want to be east of Lincoln”

    which is the street that’s a half mile east of the pacific ocean

    and we laughed, mostly, because we knew she’d get it.

    happy birthday mary, catch ya at the beach!

  4. Tuesday, September 28, 2010

    a summary of the craziness that was yesterday 

    1. it was so hot yesterday in LA that the official thermometer broke.
    2. the bears beat the packers on monday night football
    3. since i was viewing the game at a sports bar, i bought everyone around me several rounds
    4. i got so drunk that i literally stumbled home.
    5. i went to bed in my shoes.

  5. Thursday, April 15, 2010

    this is a song about a super hero named mary 

    its not fair that the evil people in life appear more interesting than the good.

    its not fair that the crappy parts of our lives get more press than the sweetness.

    it sucks that the radio waves will forever be filled with victim songs of sorrow

    and diary pages are loaded up with longing and sadness and fear.

    the busblog has always tried to keep it positive, not because im so sticky sweet or optimistic or wonderful, its because i spent so much effort writing bitter sad scary poems that i found it a waste of time because evil begat evil.

    which isnt to say that ridding myself of that bile wasnt helpful. any time you seriously can evacuate yourself from poison is a fruitful exercise, just beware of being in a constant mode of exorcism.

    and it was hard. no doubt. this blog launched a month before 9/11, youre telling me it couldnt have easily developed into some negative paranoia of hate and deceit? of course it coulda. and it woulda been easy.

    the lie is that easy is good. the fib is that its harder to change.

    yes it would be slightly harder for me to go to the gym every day. but not that much more. this is hollywood, there could be worse places than being a single man in a hollywood gym filthy with aspiring model and actresses.

    the fact that those types do nothing for me also shouldnt be a deterrent, for it would be easier for me, thus, to get my gym on.

    hard is not that hard. change isnt that intense.

    life isnt that long.

    thats my problem with gyms. id like to live a little before i tap out. what good is spending so many hours in a gym? how come treadmills arent wired into the Grid? all the iron being pumped, wheres that energy going? thats my problem with it.

    i got problems with everything. who doesnt. id love to write a book with all of them in there. then id like to burn em.

    id like to drive around the country and go to book signings where afterwards we go out back and light em all on fire.

    id call it bring marshmellows and it would start off with something like this is a song about a superhero named mary.