the 100 pics project is now underway

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as you may know i love pictures. who knows why but i do. love them.

for a while there were pictures and posters all over my apartment walls. as high as i could reach, if there was any blank space i would put something in it.

my philosophy was, what good are these pictures in a photo album when they could be right there over the toilet?

then one day i fell in love with a young lady who moved in with me briefly and asked if she could remove all of the memories of my past. it seemed like a reasonable request so i allowed it. now, years later, i am slowly putting new photos back on my walls and i love it. i love seeing all of these… things… all the time. friends, family, strangers, famous ppl, not famous people, and just great images.

so last night while driving the mean streets of downtown LA i thought, dude you’re gonna turn 100 in a few weeks! you should probably do something for such a milestone of a birthday. and you should do it on the world famous. and it should be something you aint never done before — which is a tough assignment for someone with  11,240 posts.

i concluded that every day for the next 100 days i will put up a picture that means something to me. a special picture. one that might be on my walls – or should be on my walls. and i should write about it with as much honesty as you have grown to expect from this humble url of love.

so lets start with this selfie. this one is from the buzznet days. i can tell because im using a canon rebel camera. only time i ever had that camera was when marc brown bought one or two for buzznet so they could send me out on assignment and take pics for the pic site. i was on a little roadtrip up to vancouver for a buzznet meetup party. it was thanksgivingtime. i had just spent the holiday with the truest and her family in Umpqua, OR and took some really great pics along the way.

but this one was taken in, i wanna say in the portland area at a cheap motel. i was alone. i missed the truest already but i was looking forward to hanging with chad and smelly danielly and matt good and the canadian crew. it was going to be my first time in canada i think. either the first or second time.

back then neither my beard or moustache liked to grow in and i was just starting to get gray hairs in there.

i was cold. i was alone. and the florescent light of the bathroom made me look green. i loved it.

ten years ago today i was in vancouver

dear rock and roll

matt good invited me up, so i drove up

i saw two of his shows and met lots of my blog friends

as well as some new friends.

in a cool episode, i met smelly danielly for the first time

and i had an extra backstage pass on me for some reason

and i knew she was a huge fan of matts so i brought her back there to see her freak out

but canadians dont really freak out.

it was also, i think, the first time i met chad.

and it was the first time that chad and danielle ever met

and now, ten years later, they are married with an adorable son.

of course i made a photo essay about it because thats what i did back then.

and of course it looks crappy with todays technology aka its not responsive design.

but it brings back some very nice memories of one of my first times in canada.

nothing in here is true

army of lions

Canada’s poet laureate Matthew Good  totally shocked me by using this blog’s mantra in a demo of a new song

the tune is called Army of Lions which you can listen to while clicking the link

here are the lyrics:

Go on now come alive
nothing in here is true
nothing but the hole they’ve measured out for you
if you’ve tried to sing along but never known the tune
in your heart come realize you’ve got an army of lions
and all the claws they bring
got an army of lions to ruin everything

Go on now come to life
got nothing left to lose
nothing but the hole punched clear and ever through
that never sings along, that’s never been in tune
in your heart come realize you’ve got an army of lions
and all the claws they bring
got an army of lions to rule everything

will it make the cut for his forthcoming cd? who knows. most musicians write a ton of songs and only really record a fraction of those.

sometimes it’s just nice to be nominated

ubering is like fishing except you dont come home stinky


hadnt ubered since friday night and i missed it. picked up a lady from a fancy house that i swore id picked someone up at before, but it wasnt this lady.

at first i thought, maybe the man of the house is cheating on his wife and the first one i picked up was his mistress and this was the wife?

this woman was demanding but in a fun way. “you’ll have to turn that off,” she said mentioning the katy perry music i had put on before i arrived. “i have a book on tape i’d like to hear if you can be quiet.”

typically i might be offended by that sort of request but for some reason when im ubering i’m 1,000% the customer is always right. so not only did i turn off the teen dream but i handed the woman my aux jack cord so she could hear the book through the car speakers.

“god i love uber,” she said. then rattled off all the reasons she is a fan.

the only thing she wasnt crazy about was the surge prices which i said, well if you can just wait a few minutes when theyre happening they usually go away.

in no time we were at her destination and she never ended up playing her book.


got beeped to go to a nice hotel in weho, picked up a gentleman and the first thing i asked was what sort of music should we listen to? he saw katy perry’s name on the screen and said, “got anything else?”

i flipped through the Sirius stereo dial and said, how about some classic rock? Fairport Convention popped up and i didn’t think he would be interested and instead he was all, sure!

i said, wow, most people don’t appreciate Richard Thompson.

we start talking and of course the passenger is a famous canadian music radio host so the conversation moves over to Matthew Good, naturally. and i miss the turn to his stop, so i turn off the meter, sorry metre, drive around the block and ask to take his picture.

reluctantly he gives me the thumbs up and i think to myself, it’s not gonna get any better than that tonight.

and yep, it didnt.

today is matt good’s birthday, he’s 24

matt good

canadian rock n roll superstar matthew good is celebrating his birthday today

with his growing family in his kickass hobbit house.

many americans dont know his music which is sad because it’s deep and powerful and meaningful.

if i ever get married, for sure theres gonna be Apparitions playing somewhere in there.

but one of the best things about Matt is he tells it like it is.

“it just seems strange to go through life and not say what you think,” today’s birthday boy told Mike Bullard in 2001.

“What’s the point,” Matt asked. “You only get to do it once.”

happy birthday my man! thanks for keeping it real.

Jackie asks: How do you handle people who diss you?

remember who you are

not well.

Gage asks: One drink, one smell, one song, one place and why. Go.

Ginger ale, clove cigarettes, “I’m a Window“, Granville Street. it reminds me of a great time i had in vancouver with all the cool bloggers up there. let the record state that none of us smoked said cigarettes, only smelled them and I thought ah so this is where that’s done.

Scott asks: With sites like twitter and facebook gaining popularity, and the increased use of apps to connect to those services via smart phones, do you feel like blog popularity is/will decline?

I think blog popularity has dipped, but I think that’s great for real bloggers because the fad has faded. I think people who are currently blogging regularly are doing it for the right reasons: because they like it. Not because of all the comments, or the chance to make money, or all the long lines of women waiting for you at the club.

Blogging started with people just wanting to be read. No one knew what it would evolve into. So I am actually very grateful to Ev Williams that once he invented Blogger he invented Twitter cuz that got all the riff raff out of this medium. :)

five years ago matt good played in vegas in a living room

matt good in vegas playing to fans

to about thirty fans who flew and drove in from various parts of north america.

the venue was a mcmansion 20 minutes from the strip.

at the time i was the editor of LAist so i could blog from whereever

so when matt invited me to spend 4-5 days with him in vegas i was all

hell yeah.

fans singing along to matt good

lots of fun out there. so relaxing.

and so unique to hear a musician in a sparse house playing guitar all day and night,

and singing his new jam.

so when the cd finally came out i knew all the songs pretty well including some of the stories around them

because i ask lots of questions.

the final night matt played to all his fans who made it out to sin city and it was spectacular.

max and jason from current were there and shot this

afterwards we got some chipotle.

photos by duane storey

happy birthday to dale jr’s favorite musician

canadas favorite son celebrates a birthday today with his beautiful wife

and adorable kids

in his hobbit house on the horse farm

and reminds us that the (north) american dream is alive and well

above the 49th parallel.

anyone who has been lucky enough to spend much time with matt knows

that besides being a musical genius as jr put it a few years ago

todays birthday boy is a no nonsense straight shooter which is refreshing in todays world

of lets just blow smoke at each other forever and ever.

if i ever get married this is a song i hope the band knows.

matt good played St. Rocke in hermosa beach last night

karisa and matt good

i pretty much hate hermosa but karisa had never seen matt before
and she lives over by there, so i was all lets go and she was all totally

matt was happier than i have ever seen him.
he was drinking, telling jokes, talking about hockey

most of the people there were from canada it seemed.
one lady was heading to brazil
another lady had just flown in from washington dc.

one woman yelled at matt and said:
matt was all, do you have season tickets?
she was all YES!
he replied, well i guess you’ll see them again, dear.

and then he rocked.

Thomas MacDonald Good, welcome to the rock show

Our pal Matt Good has become the proud papa of Thomas MacDonald Good

Congrats Matt

Matt is an emotional man and a serious musician.

He has an intense and open relationship with his fans.

That sort of openness and transparency will make him a great dad, I’m sure.

Go over to his Facebook, if you haven’t already, and wish him the best with this new release.