nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, December 31, 2015

    saw Motley Crue play their second to last show ever last night 

    motorhead fan at motley crue

    i first saw them in high school at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom well before that lucky ticketholder was even born.

    it was the first concert that i ever went to where i saw someone puke from being too drunk

    last night was a different affair. i saw people of all ages. dads brought their kids and the kids were fascinated.

    motley crue fire

    theres something about blasts of fire so big and hot that you can feel it all through the arena.

    the music was Motely Crue’s greatest hits with a couple of covers (Smoking in the Boys Room, Anarchy in the UK)

    it was hoped that there might be a Motorhead cover since they are both Sunset Strip icons

    but this is a show thats been around the world, their farewell show, it was polished, on point, and locked.

    not really any room for improv.


    Tommy has to drum on a rollercoaster and spin around a few times

    no time to play Ace of Spades.

    i kid, but really two things: a motorhead mention, at least, was appropo

    and Tommy’s drum solo, was incredible

    one of the great things about Crue was they were real rock stars.

    Tommy had a sex tape, Vince had a sex tape, there was drugs, arrests,

    which means only one thing:

    fucking better be a killer drum solo at the rock show


    like the new Star Wars, the second to last Crue show was safe, familiar, and not loud enough.

    the lights were pretty, we were thankful for the dancing girls,

    Mick Mars, who has looked 64, shredded on guitar, and did this Eruption thing that was purely satanic

    and their grand finale was a spectacle of fire and more fire and things burning that made us think

    should that really be on fire too?

    and then fireworks

    take a bow motley crue

    of all the bands that i rocked out to in high school,

    never did i think that it would be Motley Crue who would sell out

    two nights at Staples, 34 years into their career, to say adios.

    but they represented the spirit of the hair metal era righteously

    and are ending it on fire.

    they’re not going away sad

    they’re just going away


  2. Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    how did i not know that motley crue’s last show 

    princewill be on new years eve
    at staples center, in downtown LA.

    this is facebook’s fatal flaw, and the thing that will make them totally fail

    and why i divested my stocks from them:

    they dont care what you like. they care if what you like paid for an ad.

    facebook knows more about me than anything ever created. it knows i like to see things at staples, it knows i love the crue, it knows i buy lots of concert tickets,

    so then why didnt it, with its multi gazillion dollar algorithm alert me that crue tickets were going on sale

    and once they sold out, why didnt they tell me that there were lots of tickets on stubhub?

    because facebook doesnt care about being a useful tool in my life

    it cares about being a commercial entity constantly looking for ways of monetizing the things i like and because the concert sold out so quickly it assumed there were no more avenues in which to sell to me, but alas it was so wrong.

    and at its heart it has failed itself and me as a customer.

    just tell me things, facebook, the money will come.

    i know it’s hard to put that into a powerpoint deck but sorry, it’s true.

    when you play games by throttling information you miss out on opportunities.

    just show me the things that i want to see and i will be more loyal to your site and omg i probably will stay there longer, and the longer i stay the more chances you have to making me buy something and hopefully it will be something that i actually want.

    and yes, i would like to see motley crue’s last show ever. in LA, at Staples

    on new years eve.