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  1. Wednesday, June 24, 2015

    the more we become educated the harder it is to be a dumbass 


    but some are trying super hard 

    last night i watched the 1947 Academy Award winning movie “Gentlemen’s Agreement”.

    the title comes from an unspoken rule in some communities in the Eastern part of the USA

    back in the day

    where one homeowner promised his other homeowners that if he ever sold his house

    he wouldn’t sell it to a Jew.

    this film was made not long after Americans went to war to defeat the Nazis

    and yet returned home to a nation that wasn’t killing our Hebrew friends,

    but they were still discriminating against them in various ways including

    having places like country clubs and fine hotels being Restricted

    meaning Jews were not welcome.


    what’s interesting is if Jews weren’t allowed, then for sure Blacks weren’t accepted either

    other than to clean up, shine shoes, and dance, of course

    even though nearly 100 years before WWII, Abe Lincoln freed the slaves

    because every man was  “equal” to every other man.

    on paper.


    which is to say nothing of women.

    who to this day, are still not equal to men, in several ways.

    too many to list here.


    what fascinates me about all of this is when i drive new Americans around LA

    they tell me that they love the USA so much.

    Saudis, Kuwaitis, Germans, Jamaicans, Swedes, Chinese…

    they all tell me that this place is really the country it’s advertised as being

    it’s free.

    you can do what you want.

    you can be who you want.

    you can smoke, drink, have sex, have dreams, be alive

    you can spread your wings without fear of having them cut off.

    and of course, everything is a matter of perspective.

    and i wonder when that honeymoon period will wear off

    and they realize that this beautiful country is


    just as backwards as where they fled from.

    and in some ways, worse, because we should know better.

    and we have seen firsthand that when you treat people different than you

    like family

    the results are usually wonderful.


    most fascinating thing about Gentlemen’s Agreement?

    it was greenlit by 20th Century Pictures head honcho Darryl Zanuck who was not allowed to join a prominent Los Angeles country club

    because he was Jewish.

    Hollywood, at that time, was run by Jews, it was believed by some.

    and indeed, many of the studio heads at that time were Jewish.

    but the irony was Zanuck was Protestant.

    when he saw this discrimination first hand, he was inspired to make this movie.

    The film was nominated for 8 Oscars, it won three: Best Picture, Director, and Supporting Actress

    Zanuck himself accepted the Oscar for Best Picture.

  2. Wednesday, June 17, 2015
  3. Friday, May 29, 2015

    saw “I Am Big Bird” tonight 

    big bird


    there were good parts, dont get me wrong.

    and its super interesting that one guy is responsible for pretty much all the things we love about

    Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

    and its amazing that that one dude is in his 70s and still doing it all the time even though it’s physically demanding and you have to do it in a suit while looking at a little tv set while you have one hand up in the air.

    and the story delves into some interesting dark moments

    and the guy is super awesome: lively, creative, loving, sensitive, adventurous, and a great dad

    but still, something was missing.

    who knows, maybe i just mean in me.

  4. Thursday, May 21, 2015

    loved the new Mad Max movie 


    wednesdays are one of the days i try not to uber. so i went to the movies.

    everyone was raving about Mad Max: Fury Road, calling it the best action movie in a very long time.

    Rotten Tomatoes gave it an unreal 98% after 230+ reviews.

    it’s very hard to live up to such hype, but i gotta say, it was intense, a visual spectacle, creative, fun, crazy, weird,

    and totally worthy of the 98% rating.

    i can see why people are seeing it multiple times.


  5. Sunday, April 26, 2015

    about a girl 

    kurt and courtney

    cobain: montage of heck
    hbo films
    directed by Brett Morgen

    i went to the movies this afternoon for a few reasons.

    i saw on twitter that someone had retweeted Montage of Heck’s director Brett Morgen who said that he was gonna be at the 12:30p arclight screening and he would be giving away a few posters

    even though the nirvana movie was going to be on hbo in two weeks, who doesn’t want a poster?

    so i postponed my bible reading and got an uber ride to the show.

    hardly anyone was there. its a beautiful sunday. anyone who would be into nirvana would be at brunch or their kids’ little league game. or dead.

    so those very few of us who are unclassified thusly were there and i gotta say the cinerama dome irritates me because the rounded screen really doesnt add much, and distracts often. however the sound was great, so i sat close to the screen and

    cobainthat music.

    that beautiful music.

    theres some new interviews with courtney, krist, kurts mom, his dad, his step mom, and one of his old girlfriends. theres some beautiful home movie footage of the happy little family of courtney kurdt and baby frances bean.

    but at the root of it is the tragic story that we all know too well: child of divorce lashes out against society and his family, gets in a band, sees the light, but terrible stomach pains leads him to heroin and later… suicide.

    one doesnt need to see this in a movie theatre but the sound of it all is wonderful and probably better than the typical home speakers. and it’s nice to see certain things super large: like how courtney is never glamorous, how kurts blue eyes are magical and his notebooks are endless and intuitive and they’re nothing but a screaming S-O-S to the world.

    just like his life it ends abruptly and sort of, wait, is that all there is.

    but yes. 20 some years later. yes.

    thats all there is.

    the film gives us a great look at kurt as a kid, some of his dark tales, and shows us what a rock star lives like when he’s on top of the world with his pregnant wife while they’re both junkies. it’s not one bit like the myth of rock. if anything it’s more like Teen Mom.

    i had two takeaways from the film:

    1. never discount anyone. the troubled young lad you are giving up on and kicking out of your house might be angry because he can see the future and it has a bad bad ending.

    2. nirvana was the last really great rock band in the world, and like the other greats, there will never be another like them.

  6. Wednesday, March 11, 2015

    Isabella Rosellini’s mom writes Cary Grant 

    094_073020Every now and then I stumble across something rare and super cool at work, which is weird because our libraries are filled with rare and super cool stuff.

    Today I found a great letter from Ingrid Bergman to her good friend Cary Grant in 1957 thanking him for accepting her Best Actress Oscar a few days previous. He had accepted the award for her because she was in quasi exile in Europe because she was in a scandalous relationship that was even denounced on the floor of the U.S. Senate(!).

    The scandal was so intense that Ed Sullivan wouldn’t have her on as a guest even though a poll voted on by viewers overwhelmingly said they wanted her on the show.

    Still Sullivan said no!

    What was the scandal? She fell in love with Roberto Rossellini her Italian director and divorced her husband to be with him and live in Italy and have little Italian bambinos.

    For 6-7 years she stayed in Europe making weird neorealistic films and being a mommy until her career shifted and she left Rosellini.

    Her first major studio movie in her comeback was Anastasia, which earned her the Oscar. It was a mild upset because she beat out Deborah Kerr who starred in the hugely popular My Fair Lady. Only problem was Kerr didn’t sing in the musical. There was a stunt singer. And how do you give someone an Oscar for a musical where they didnt sing?

    Thus Bergman won and her career was back on track. But first Grant accepted for her. And she sent him a terrific letter filled with cute little typewriter typos and actual real insights about her “getting” it that she had omg won an Oscar.

    The year after she won she returned to the U.S. to present the Best Picture at the Oscars and was given a standing ovation by the audience.

    they loved her again.

    they had never stopped.

    screw the senate, screw ed sullivan’s really big shoe, screw anyone who said a woman couldnt divorce her husband.

  7. Sunday, March 8, 2015

    saw Blade Runner for the first time today 


    Sean Young was terrific and reminded me of midwestern dream girl Lindsay

    like Gene Siskel i thought the movie was sorta soulless and we end up not caring much for the characters except Young.

    but i thought the sets were obviously amazing and i was impressed with how they transformed DTLA into the future


    it’s interesting that Harrison Ford is still pretty much playing the same roles.


    one of the main characters (the guy on the left) was one of my favorite characters on Newhart. “I’m Daryl and this is my other brother Daryl”.

    which is ironic because as you can see here he shares many scenes in Blade Runner with Daryl Hannah, who was great, but no one ever talks about in this for some reason.

    the early 80s were great for Young and Hannah: Young was in this, Stripes, and No Way Out. Hannah was in this, Splash, and Clan of the Cave Bear.

    It’s interesting to see that Siskel and Ebert were split on this one way back in 1982, but both loved Diner (totally agree).

  8. Friday, February 27, 2015

    saw breakfast at tiffany’s last night for the first time 

    breakfast at tiffany's thoughts:

    1. so wait, they were Both high class hookers?

    2. because he looks like her brother that made her wanna jump in his bed (literally) the first night they meet?

    3. that asian man was Mickey Rooney?

    4. that was an amazing stunt cat!

    5. people really used to dance at parties?

    6. liquor delivery? incredible!

    7. that sales clerk at Tiffany’s answered every question beautifully

    8. if she’s a hooker, what exactly does she spend her money on? her place is barren!

    9. in prisons you can just hang out with the bad guys? and bring any guest you want?

    10. that cat really felt ok with going back with Audrey right after she abandoned him?

    11. these are hookers who steal?

    12. this is a romantic movie?

    13. how many times are they gonna play that song? a million?

    14. no burglars ever use the fire escape to break into apartments… in NEW YORK CITY?

    15. why are we supposed to like Audrey Hepburn? cuz she looks good in a hat and weighs zero pounds?

    16. whats so special about this guy other than his hair?

    17. everyone wore suits back in the day, no matter where they went or what they were doing. so glad i didnt live back then.


    19. wow, her apartment had super high ceilings.

    20. they seriously let little girls watch this?

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