and now dinosaur jr’s weirdest video ever

“Pierce the Morning Rain” is dinosaur’s new single off “I Bet On Sky”.
in fact it’s the song that contains the line “i bet on sky”.

the video feature’s dinosaur’s #1 fan, henry rollins.

it also stars James Urbaniak from “Homeland” and “The Good Wife”.

i dont watch either of those shows so maybe you can tell me if its a big deal that he plays a guy who has some issues with his wife (and dog).

all i know is j mascis is rocks best guitarist and im glad to see warner is spending some bucks to make music videos for him.

I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again – Lord forgive me, Lord forgive me

who doesn’t love the new Kendrick Lamar?

even the perennial stuck up girl in the corner, pitchfork gave “good kid, m.A.A.d city” a 9.5 last month.

the compton native, to me, brings us back to where Kayne took us before he started interrupting Taylor Swift.

and look, now even Lady Gaga is trying to gank his style with a demo remix of one of the brand new tunes.

but even she cant kill his vibe.


brand new bob dylan

bob dylan is the greatest.
people are all envious of naked prince harry
or suave ass george clooney
or the guy who gets to drive the zamboni
but why wouldnt you wanna be bob dylan
smart, talented, unique, intense,
cryptic, mysterious, perfect.
for some reason i have two copies of his book
and i have not read it.
i listen every day to dylan.
today was “serve somebody”
and later in the night was this new thing
“Duquesne Whistle”
even the video is good.

the greatest editing job ive ever seen on youtube

300 movies singing Baby Got Back

its weird but i remember when this song was “dropped”, it was funny, but no one thought it would still be relevant 200 years later.

but it will be.

aliens will come and find our record collections and think about blowing us into space dust until they find this Sir Mixalot classic

and then they will consider us gods.

lets just hope they also see this video.

h/t LAist

kina grannis spent two years making this week’s best new video

kina grannis is the sweetest singer songwriter you’ll ever meet.

her concerts are love fests where likeminded sweet people hang out to sing along with their muse and troubadour.

so of course her new video “in your arms” is adorably crafted out of more than a quarter million jelly beans.

and of course the director and production team are equally sticky sweet

the busblog was first introduced to kina through a mixer at a swanky hotel on the wesssside, not really the type of function i usually attend but im glad i did.

matt van horn then of digg introduced us because she was all the rage on that site

after meeting her and later seeing her at the hotel cafe i could see why. her music is solid, but her personality is so positive and engaging – whats not to love?

i also like that she has no problems playing cover songs and being totally prolific on youtube. likewise she gives shoutouts to her fans on the videos and is completely there with the people who love her the most.

and she can sing.

very glad she turned her back on the major label and went out on her own.

no way would a label let a cute little pop singer spend 2 years on a jelly bean video.

Radiohead – Lotus Flower

This is the brand new Radiohead tune.

The first track of their upcoming release KingofLimbs.

What’s your upcoming released called?

Like In Rainbows, Radiohead is going to let people pay to download the mp3s instead of having to go to a record store or use amazon. This way the band gets pretty much all the cash. Genius really.

I think that’s why Thom Yorke is dancing so happily in the video.

Wouldn’t you be dancing happy if your upcoming release was going to make you tons of dough while your overhead is pretty low?

And singing falsetto, unable to contain yrself?

This is my favorite Radiohead song in quite a while.

New album comes out Saturday