jet blue wrote me a reminder email telling me i had enough miles to go to nyc


and back. for free. non stop.


which is funny because when i told sass id housesit her apt i didnt really mean it mean it

we were just drinking and dreaming and imagining the best possible situations


but now, who knows, maybe this will happen after all.

chris anna and ramon

ive been to nyc before.

in fact i think the least time i was there i was on a job interview for a big time famous company.

and the guy said so what are you ready to do next?

and i said before i tell you, let me ask you a question

is your company truly ready to swing for the fences, to seriously go for it, to really do whatever it takes

no matter what, even if no one else is doing it, especially if no one else is doing it,

and are you willing to take the bullet for all your courageous employees who will be working super hard

because any cyclist knows the people at the head of the pack have to peddle harder

and dodge more flies on our windscreen, as depeche sang so long ago.

are you ready to go it alone out there on the forefront and not freak out when things seem dire

and for sure not freak out when our cups overfloweth?

tony pierce in nyc sporting a sirius jacket because bababooey and howard stern

i did not get the job.

at all.

i know its a competitive world in the newspaper business

enhanced-buzz-24171-1356182051-1 and yes, the elderly gentleman from the NRA delivered an unfortunate speech yesterday

where he appeared to speak from his guns guns guns bubble.

reminding me of that classic Chris Rock bit where he said his family considered Robitussin the cure all for all ills

No matter what you got, Robitussin better handle it.
“Daddy, l got asthma.”
“l got cancer.” ”Robitussin!’
l broke my leg, Daddy poured Robitussin on it.
“Yeah, boy, let that ‘tussin get in there.
“Yeah, boy, let that ‘tussin get on down to the bone.
“The ‘tussin ought to straighten out the bone. lt’s good.
If you run out of ‘tussin, put some water in the jar,
shake it up,
More ‘tussin!

Wayne LaPierre, who allegedly as spokesman for the NRA makes close to a million dollars a year, said to the world that the best way to protect kids in schools from crazed killers with semi automatic rifles was to pour more ‘tussin on it

aka, get more armed guards in the school.

even though they tried that at Columbine and it still didnt work.

That tragic day in Colorado, the school had an armed sheriff’s deputy, Neil Gardner, who had held the post as the school guard for two years. CNN reported  that Gardner was eating lunch when he was notified by a custodian that his services were needed in a parking lot. Within minutes he was having a shootout with one of the kids but wasn’t effective. Fortunately five other deputies were on the way but none of it stopped the massacre.

In Newtown, the shooter killed all of those people in 10 minutes with his semi automatic rifle. And yet the spokesman of the NRA as if reading off an old script blamed the media and old video games and anything other than the fact that these twisted killers all used semi automatic weapons for their mayhem – and that maybe something should be done about those types of firearms.

Which brings us back to the competitive world of the newspaper business. When in reporting this weird speech, personally I don’t feel that it’s necessary to editorialize on the front page of your paper by calling the gentleman “Craziest Man On Earth”. Firstly because it’s inaccurate. Secondly he’s sorta just doing his job which he is paid handsomely for. He’s doing it poorly with bad solutions and terrible delivery, but we all have bad days at work.

But if the Daily News wanted to smear Mr. LaPierre they could have easily just used his own words against him. MOVE OVER PB&J, NRA WANTS MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS. or READING, WRITING, AND UZIS SAYS NRA. or how about just quoting one of the many critics of the speech – including the mayor of NYC?

i know the newspaper biz is tough in NYC, but it seems to me that “He Really Said That?” is far more enticing than “That Newspaper Really Said That?” even though both parties have agendas for the things that they say.

the one reporter that i actually admire was the one who, after the second protester interrupted the speech, asked “what is your response to these protestors?”

and then said, “so you’re sticking to the script?”

maybe if 10-15 reporters chimed in with that journalist and shouted out similar questions, the gentleman would have had to actually answered questions during the press conference.

instead he was allowed to just fire off missives against the press, the politicians, and the film and tv industry unfettered.

yes, the stuff the gentleman said after the protesters was fascinating in its Tussin-like tunnelvision. but something tells me that the dialogue between america’s press and the executive vp of the nra, unscripted would have been even more enlightening.

i had a junior high school teacher

who said that postcards are sent by people who arent having a very fun vacation

so dont expect a lot of postcards from me cuz traveling across the country today was so fun

so easy

conversations were deep, meaningful, and righteous

the foods were delicious, exotic, and nutritious

and now we are enjoying a flat in brooklyn almost all ours,

whose only other occupants are a friendly cat

and a super cool college friend who radiates spiritual power

and a love vibration that could be felt throughout the five boroughs.

i cant wait to see what happens tomorrow.

but odds are i wont be blogging much, so you can always follow me on twitter for the latest updates from the road:

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10/18 but i left early because it was killing me to see them get slaughtered. meaning that when they suddenly made that miraculous comeback it was because of something that i had done, namely leave the game and sacrifice myself for the good of the city of chicago and bears fans everywhere.

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