no doubt, gibson amphitheater 11/28/2012

gwen and tony

there has been no hotter babe singer in rock than gwen

pretty sure there hasnt been anyone even close.

she doesnt really sing all that amazingly

she doesnt really dance better than anyone else

but she has great songs to sing and a band shes known forever

very very loud screeching fans

and the secret to aging and looking beter with each day.

no doubt

the new songs were meh

the old songs were whatevs

the hits were fine

hella good and hey baby have to go though

and if youre gonna charge people $100 a ticket how about some stage production

other than a huge video screen behind the band thats pretty but come on.

people had fun. they played their two hours. gwen charmed every single person.

and the band are perfectly fine.

gwen by bree

but theres no danger, no discovery, no breakthroughs, no risks, few rewards.

few spontaneous moments, few thrilling notes, few ways to mess up.

and zero songs from gwens solo albums.

but you know, singing along to dont speak, spiderwebs, and underneath it all

and watching the fairer sex scream along to just a girl

is easily a better option on a rainy wednesday night than watching tv.

bottom photo by bree

im going to see no doubt tonight

no doubt

i think its my 4th time seeing them?

obvs the first times were with ashley, the worlds biggest nd fan.

i believe we saw two shows at staples center

and one at ucla’s wadsworth almost exactly 11 years ago

oh crap and one at the long beach arena almost exactly 10 years ago today

i really wanted to go to this little residency that they are having at the Gibson in universal city but tickets were hella expensive. like $100 to sit anywhere halfway good.

so i figured oh well you dont have anyone who would wanna go with you anyhow,

but then yesterday live nation was selling single ticket seats for $40

with no service fees at all

and i was all, mama mia maybe i really have no excuse

plus as you know im a sucker for deals.

so i got my one ticket, right in the middle of the loge, center

and even though its gonna be rainy tonight

i will be there bopping along with the rock steady beats.

full report later, duh.

no doubt in hot water, pulls “Looking Hot” because of backlash

gwen stefani in hot water

on their website the LA band says they were responding to native americans who found it offensive

“As a multi-racial band our foundation is built upon both diversity and consideration for other cultures. Our intention with our new video was never to offend, hurt or trivialize Native American people, their culture or their history. Although we consulted with Native American friends and Native American studies experts at the University of California, we realize now that we have offended people. This is of great concern to us and we are removing the video immediately. The music that inspired us when we started the band, and the community of friends, family, and fans that surrounds us was built upon respect, unity and inclusiveness. We sincerely apologize to the Native American community and anyone else offended by this video. Being hurtful to anyone is simply not who we are.”

id like more details on what the native americans, or as my canadian friends more accurately call them, First Nations, find offensive about this – and something tells me we will, which is good because we need to keep learning about each other.

but in the meantime i will say i think Gwen looks more amazing than all the Coachella girls wearing these styles combined

and since shes 67 years old, i find that fascinating.

update: ok, here’s a portion of a compelling note posted on a No Doubt message board about why First Nations are against this video specifically

…I loved No Doubt. Even later as I have been attending college “Just a Girl” helped me realize I was in a bad relationship. This is why I was deeply saddened to see the music video for “Looking Hot.” As a Native woman whose college educated mother chose to raise me on the reservation in order to be close to my culture and always be proud of who I am and where I came from, I was deeply offended by your trivialization of my culture. Eagle feathers, beadwork designs, the way that you fix your hair, even down to the colors that are used in traditional regalia all have spiritual and/or religious meaning for American Indian people. Many of these dances that we do at powwows have been done for hundreds of years and have a ceremonial purpose behind them. Being tied up in a prisoner type situation singing, “Go ahead and look at me ‘Cause that’s what I want” does more than add insult to injury. It makes light of American Indian woman that were raped and brutalized during U.S. colonization of America. It makes light of the genocidal policies of the U.S. government committed against American Indian nations. Dancing around a fire scantily “dressed like an American Indian woman” thrusting singing “Go ahead and stare at my ragamuffin” takes a whole new meaning when you take into account the current startling statistic that 1 in 3 American Indian woman will be raped in her lifetime and most of these will be by non-Native perpetrators. As somebody who lived through a sexual assault, I do not take this portrayal as fun and games. We as American Indian people cannot afford to. The rate of suicide among American Indian youth, ages 15 to 24, is the highest of any racial group. The media imagery of our people does affect minds and attitudes not just of the predominant culture’s view of us but the self-esteem of our own young people. It does so easily when American History classes do every individual taking them a severe injustice. All of this has real effects on our lives as we struggle to live in two worlds: the white world that constantly tells us that we are insignificant as our culture and traditions are constantly made a mockery of and the Native world which tells we need to learn our languages and ceremonies and protect them as sacred as we are in danger of losing this part of us. I hope that No Doubt and others will choose to recognize and rectify this publicly.

its gwen stefani’s 43rd birthday today

so i wrote a news story about her band suing and settling

with the worlds biggest video game company.

apparently they were mad that people could make Gwen sing dozens of non-Doubt songs

like Honky Tonk Women whose lyrics include “I laid a divorcee in New York City/ I had to put up some kind of a fight/ The lady then covered me with roses/ she blew my nose and then she blew my mind.”

activision has been sued over guitar hero and band hero by people like Courtney Love and Axl Rose in the past.

people may not realize but there was a daisy princess

who was critical to the early development of this site that you are now reading

the other day she got to meet one of her favorite people of all times

ms gwen stefani from the popular group no doubt

im very happy for her.

i wonder if she will take advantage of the live chat we are doing this afternoon with the celeb she named her lil daughter after, milla jovovich?

world’s biggest cave found in vietnam

Steven Allen Adams: A lot of great bloggers have come and gone. Which blogger do you wish would start blogging again?

there are actually a few who have stopped who i miss. the two on the top of my mind are flagrant and the pants. not only was flagrants style and story totally unique and fascinating but it was so well done it could have been a novel. maybe it will be one day.

likewise the pants was also lyrical and tragic and sad but always funny and in a way hopeful. if she wrote every day, i wouldnt be surprised if she sold many books. whenever she wanted. movie deals too. if yoou havent noticed, hollywoods dying for original stories. hell they’ll even take not so original stories but told in original ways.

also, once the oakparkmastermind got married her deal was done too. i miss her blog as well.

Gage: Form or function? Is there anything to be learned from the Grateful Dead? If money can’t buy love, what can?

function. yes, so much. that community is valuable. that you can be a rock star and do it entirely your way. that theres something unique about live music and a group spirit on the stage in the crowd and even in the parking lot. an incredible baseball card collection.

Ashley: Are you bummed that you missed No Doubt’s tour?

no because i dont think i could go without thinking of you the whole time. which probably would be just as odd as going with you nowadays. plus gwen has clearly sold herself to the devil the way she got back her abs, and ive sworn off devil music until the fall.

Mike: Do you think this is FINALLY the year the Yankees make it back to the promised land? And what would you pay/amputate to see a Yanks/Cubs WS???

when you play in the bronx, anywhere could be considered the promised land, i suppose, but sadly they only moved to the old parking lot. there are very few things i hate worse than the yankees. which is why id rob a bank t go to a cubs yanks world series.

Chris Carnaghi: Have you every heard of your blogging equivalant in the world of finance Barry Ritholtz? If you have not, do check him out and his style. He is blatently honest about Wall St. the Fed Reserve, CEO salaries and Yankee Baseball. Also it seems the Cubs need what the Dodgers need. Middle relief. and Jimmy goes “Business man drink my wine”

the insiders know that the finest financial blogger online right now is tom petruno on the money & co. blog. the cubs need short middle and long relief. theyre probably the worst best team in baseball. injuries, f-ups, idiotic slumps by the highest salaried players, and still theyre a game outta first and in the midst of a wild card, if need be. it just tells me that this is the year.

g/d: +-=


Ali M: Do you think we’re gonna see commercial space flight in our lifetime? Watching that clip of Top Gear’s James May aboard that U2 spy plane combined with playing Mass Effect, I’m wondering if space exploration is a naturally occurring human obsession, much like a manifest destiny.

delving deep into the mysterious darkness of the unknown, some would say, is the main reason we’re given this dull dough in the first place

xTx: Dearest tony- Could you please write me a story for Elephant Summer? Thanks in advance. p.s. This question was totally my idea, and my idea alone.

id be happy to. your series is wonderful and vulgar and nsfw and creative and unlike most of whats happening in the blogosphere so of course id like to do it but because im under contract with busblog llc i will have to do it under a psuedonom like Heywood Jablome or something clever. but yes. this week. if not sooner.

timmay!!!!!: is john smoltz done?

the minute you start accepting checks from the american league youve begun yr decline. its barry bonds’ sole saving grace.

Vinny: Why does she only want me for my body and not my everything else?

hey man, she can talk with her friends.

Juliette: I saw Julie & Julia and now I want to do something for a year on a blog. But that’s lame, right?

anything that inspires people to blog more, or more generally to express themselves more, is the furthest thing from lame. whats lame is holding things in. whats lame is experiencing super cool things all the time and not sharing them with your brothers and sisters. we’re all reporters in a way. we’re all leaving the ant hill and coming back with a tale on return. and some sugar.

adriel: i asked it on facebook now i’m aksin it here. why do i attract shady people? i’m not shady.

first lets assume the most basic thing: women are usually smarter then men. overall. at the end of the day. in the grand scheme of things. after all the precincts are tallied.

yet most marriages fail.

the only conclusion is that women are saying yes to the wrong men.

its funny because men are the one with nothing up their sleeves. its the women with the makeup and hairdos and fancy clothes and high heels. the man you end up knowing is usually the man you met very early on. therefore women are to blame for thinking something positive could be done with the so called “shady” or “lazy” or “dull” man they find themselves in front of.

write down exactly everything that you want in a fellow and look at it every day. add and subtract from the details as you go along but stick to the plan. put things on the list you dont want too. under the “dont want” section. but take charge.

zona: do these new Polo factory outlet chinos make my butt look big?

omg so much.

4rilla: Amy Adams as Julie Powell… Who as Tony Pierce?

jodie foster.

Matt Welch: Which John Hughes movie should we still care about, and why?

planes trains and automobiles showed that hughes wasnt a one trick pony. that he could write something more than just sappy teen dramedys. he could make a sappy adult dramedy and give some real depth to an otherwise overlooked comedian like john candy. punch drunk love is the planes trains and automobiles that adam sandler wanted but didnt get from pt.

sweaty hermit: congratulations. who (besides chuck b!) of literary history fame do you wish had been a rabid avid (sorry, just liked the way that sounds, say it a few times… mmmm) blogger whose blog was somehow still with us (ignoring all that technology history timeline shit) so we could drool over it on a regular basis? or, less complicatedly, who do you wish blogged at least daily from the great beyond aka the grave aka heaven to you, mr. tony? and congratulations again this time with an exclamation mark!

when hank aaron was a boy he had no aspirations of being a major league baseball player, and especially not the man who would smash babe ruths major league home run record. even as he began playing baseball professionally in the negro leagues he never dreamed of playing in the majors, he was just happy to get paid to play.

but there he was in the middle of the 1950s playing for the Milwaukee Braves. he was skinny, he was black, and he was about to break a lot of racists’ hearts.

i think it would have been pretty amazing if blogging had been around during that part of life so we could read someone like Hanks insights as well as Chuck Berry and James Brown.

monkey: a) once a player always a player? b) favorite female character in a john hughes film?

a) it depends on why the player became a player. lets pretend for a minute youre talking about a man – if he became a player because suddenly he saw that women were saying yes to him, and if he never got over that, then he’ll always be a player. but if he became one because he was merely investigating his options, then all should be well.

b) cousin vicki, had such a dirty look in her eye, she had a shoebox full of weed, and her daddy told her she was the best french kisser. how do you top that? in fact her family gave us all very important context to prevent us from seeing the griswolds as anything other than average and middle class, because cousin vicki’s fam was definitely not.

molly ringwald was cute. but who didnt have molly ringwalds all around them? i wanted a cousin vicki to hang out with. a wish that sorta came true as vicki was played by 30 Rock’s jane krakowski

John Wayne Maioriello: w00t! My Puffy Ami Yumi Pic! describe your fondest highschool memory, and your most loathed.

for some reason we had the states best marching band. the reason was because of our band director mr snoeck who was the first genius i ever met, but the odds of us attracting such a person is odd because there was nothing very unique about our part of the northwest suburbs for the exception of the golf courses at the medinah country club which shared roselle road with us.

i had been on all of these sports teams in high school (baseball, basketball) but i was terrible. so i wanted to do something fun that i might actually be good at. so being part of the states best drumline in the states best marching band was my first taste of giving 100% at something and seeing that reward.

and probably the worst moment in high school was when one day in art class this cute girl started playing footsies with me. such a thing had never even been fantasized about. but there it was. after school i kissed her right before her school bus took her away. the next day there she was playing footsies in art class with me again. but when i looked at jeff wright next to me, he was smiling too. she was using her other foot on him.

exclusive interview with the daisy princess days before her vegas wedding

ashley, the daisy princess, is getting married in vegas on sunday me: ashley youre getting married on saturday, is that true?

Ashley: true statement

me: how do you feel now that its just a few days away?

Ashley: excited, but a little nervous just in the way that i want everything to go well

me: what is the one thing youre most worried about at this point?

Ashley: hmm… people having a great time & things to look beautiful i guess!

me: how many daisies will be present?

Ashley: countless

me: who is your best maid?

Ashley: haha maid of honor! anne of course

me: what color dresses are your girls gonna wear?

Ashley: give you one guess

me: black, like your men?

Ashley: no one is wearing black!

me: who is in your princess court?

Ashley: haha where did you get these terms? besides anne, my bridesmaids are angie, clarice, and my sisters all in PINK duh

me: will you have a tiarra?

Ashley: no, flowers in my hair though

me: why no tiarra?

Ashley: i just felt it would be more me to have flowers. and i dont want to overpower my dress, b/c its a bit sparkley

me: sparkly shoes too?

Ashley: very fancy and HIGH L.A.M.B. heels for the ceremony, than cute flipflops for the reception which yes, do have sparkles

me: any other LAMB articles?

Ashley: nope, just the one. maybe L perfume though :)

me: band or a dj?

Ashley: dj, with little interaction so they’re not all cheesy & they can’t play typical dj songs like “YMCA”

me: “Shout”?

Ashley: nope. none of those DJ songs, you know the ones

me: what sort of food?

Ashley: salad, pasta, some meat stuff i havent paid much attention to, and instead of a cake, cupcakes! and a bar with 3 jars of pink candy

me: i think i saw some of that in your bridal shower, no?

Ashley: hmm no, there were some tiny jars with candies inside. maybe thats what youre thinking of

me: what songs do you want the dj to play for sure

Ashley: there are too many to list honestly. we made the list before we even got engaged. think alternative, rock dance songs. beck, beastie boys, chemical bros, and of course NO DOUBT & GWEN. so many more. i cant possibly list them

me: which beasties?

Ashley: intergalactic. i listed that just now b/c i knew you would like that

me: tsar?

Ashley: haha no. hahahaha. you are persistent when it comes to them

me: remind the peopel why youre a vegetarian

Ashley: haha seriously? because when i was 12, i started getting grossed out by meat, so i stopped eating it. and the idea of eating it now makes me sick. and i like animals

me: what happened at 12? what did you eat?

Ashley: i had an undercooked burger

me: nice

Ashley: not really. i still remember how it tasted :P

me: ok, so what wedding gift do you really wanna get?

Ashley: money

me: for what?

Ashley: so i can pay my mortgage next month with no problem

me: mortgage?

Ashley: yeah i live in a house now, where have you been?

me: i guess ive been out of the picture. when did you get a house?

Ashley: i guess your spies are slacking. we moved in almost 2 months ago

me: wow. congratulations

Ashley: thanks! thats why im cleaning so much. people are going to be over here for the first time this weekend

me: is it close to your work?

Ashley: a little bit closer. but i wouldnt want anything very close to my work b/c its in the ghetto

me: so money

Ashley: yeah having a house is so money. hahaha jk

me: so instead of the gift we discussed, would you prefer cash?

Ashley: no, personal gifts are really special. and i would feel really weird getting money from you

me: where are you going for your honeymoon?

Ashley: just taking a little honeymoon to disneyland. actually in july we should be going to mexico. so that will be sorta honeymoonie

me: sounds lovely

Ashley: definitely

me: where are you registered if people wanna give you a gift?

Ashley: well i doubt anyone who doesnt know me would do that! :) but target, pottery barn, and bed bath & beyond, target giftcards are made of awesome too

me: you have lots of fans on the busblog

Ashley: i dont think so! i see the lack of comments your stuff about me gets thats ok

me: theyre just shy. times have changed. people are tired saying right on tony or damn look at ashley

Ashley: i know, most people lurk

me: ok so if people wanna get you something at those places what do they do. i ask cuz ive never done anything like this before. just your full name?

Ashley: actually you can probably find me just by searching ASHLEY BEV in Nevada, or the wedding date, 5/10/08

me: does your new home have a hot tub?

Ashley: actually it has a jacuzzi tub in the master bath. but i havent used it b/c i dont like baths

me: will you soon be getting a dog?

Ashley: no, i love my cat, he is the best pet anyone could ever have, dogs are a little too much work anyway & barking is annoying, i like dogs though. my dad has 2. thats enuogh. i can visit them when i want

me: are you the last of your close friends to get hitched?

Ashley: no, im middle of the road, in my group of high school friends, there are 2 married, 2 not

me: one of the very first times i ever interviewed you on chat, in early 2001, i asked you how old you thought youd be when you would get married. do you remember what you answered?

Ashley: hmm. i bet i guessed 24 or 25

me: i think you said 25

Ashley: i was pretty close! i know you think im 25, but im actually 26

me: so what took you so long?

Ashley: well we were engaged when we were 25, so i wasnt too far off1

me: oh crap, you said 23,

Ashley: wow seriously??? that was only 4 years away at that point, geez what was i thinking? luckily i never did anything stupid like marry immature boys on the strip! ;)

me: did you meet a bunch there?

Ashley: just one who i would’ve retardedly done that with

me: !

Ashley: i seriously THANK GOD i didnt. seriously

me: speaking of, how did you meet your betrothed?

Ashley: my best friend used to date his best friend. they sometimes brought her over to my house before she drove & i would say “oooh he’s cuuuute!”

me: which best friend?

Ashley: anne :)

me: fascinating

Ashley: they are our maid of honor & best man. they are still great friends, so everyone is ok

me: ok well we all wish you the best. and know your wedding will be beautiful

Ashley: thank you kindly

me: any tips you have for wouldbe brides for wedding planning, now that youre almost done?

Ashley: give yourself a lot of time, spread it all out.find vendors who you feel comfortable with & who you know you can depend on. have fun! :) and stay organized and dont be alarmed by slumps of procrastination where you dont feel like dealing with any of it, they pass

me: perfecto. well have fun ashley and if Chip n Dale accosts you at disneyland thats just some busblog spies saying congrats

Ashley: does this conclude this tittilating interview?

me: yep, other than me saying i love you, i always will, and i only wish the best for you. you were so important in my life, and for this blog. and if your dude does anything wrong to you, i’ll break his neck.

three years ago

today on the busblog i was still trying to break up with a young blonde girl

no doubt is in town so you’d think ashley would be happy but shes not happy unless im with her.

and sometimes i look in the mirror and when i do i dont see anyone who you’d be depressed not to be around.

ashley loves attention and normally i dont mind letting our favorite twenty year old princess steal my eyes away from you, beloved computer screen, but this weekend i had to work on some projects and root on the bears and the raiders, who both won, and clean my apartment, and fight crime, and be stinky, and not shave, and read the good book, and read some bad books, and water the plants, and, you know, be a dude.

im 109 years old and i have never had to tell a girl i needed my space, but this weekend i did. it felt weird. not as weird as telling this one supermodel that i didnt care if we didnt have sex because i cherished our friendship so much, but weird nevertheless.

men are not programmed to say no to good lovin from hot young girls who like to fulfill fantasies, but my plants had the right answer.

they said, tony, if you watered us every day, we would die. we love the water, but it would drown us.

the flowers said, and some of us only bloom when we think we’re going to die, the day to day look of many flowering plants do not include the beautiful colors that we know them for being.

the flowers dont know english too well, please excuse them.

still, i got the point.

but ashley didnt.

she called crying and sobbing and left the saddest messages on my phone. please dont leave any more sad messages on my phone, dear angels of the moonlight.

im a stubbly olde man who walks with a cane who has carpal tunnel and types with a pencil scotched taped to the center of my reading glasses.

my hips are about to go out, my breath is foul, my words are foul, my ways are foul, i lie in my blog, and worst of all, i dont respect the president of the united states of america. i think he’s gross.

surely there must be a handsome young man in orange county who could take care of the daisy princess in ways that she deserves.

but strangely there isnt.

and shes not the only one.

i work with some of the hottest women in showbusiness. educated, intelligent, totally together, gorgeous young women who definately know how to please a man, i am sure, and yet they go out into the wild and come back empty-handed and unsatisfied.

and i think about all of the supercool single men who i would fix them up with, and i think, i dont know any supercool single men to fix them up with.

i mean i do, but these women are looking for different types of men.

perfect ones.

im a good job, two inches, and a vette away from being perfect, but ashley doesnt care. she also doesnt care that im old enough to be her dirty neighbor across the street. she loves me for who i am and tells me all the nice things i want to hear but the only thing i can tell her in return is youre far too good for me. go to the skatepark with a big pizza and a mini skirt.

she only says i dont want to go to any skate park, i want you!

and i want her too, america. of course i do.

but i also want to save the world first. and i want to do the right thing. and i want to figure out how im supposed to have thanksgiving with a vegitarian poolside in orange county and not consider myself a sellout.

these are the biggest dillemas i have this week.

dont ever let me bitch about shit.

two years ago yesterday tsar played their whole album in order + gwen pics by jenny b + stag blog

today is gwen stefani’s birthday

she was born in 1969.

me and gwen go way back.

most people dont know this, but no doubt struggled for the better part of their early career.

while i was the Arts editor at the daily nexus i got a lot of requests for bands who wanted to be mentioned in our paper.

while i was there bands like toad the wet sprocket got no love because they were on a major label and i was trying to keep it real by only stoking the indie acts. so the dudes from toad came into the office – all of them – and said tony we know, but still, we love you and the nexus, just talk to us for a few minutes and you’ll see…

so i interviewd them and whattya know, they were cool kids. super cool. i told them that i wasnt really into their music and they were all, yeah we understand. at the time i was listening to a lot of janes addiction and nwa. toad didnt really fit into my rotation.

because they were bros we broed them and they got in the paper.

huge mistake.

my phone started ringing off the hook cuz the word was out: tonys a softie.

the good news was i was getting shipments of cds like crazy which i distributed among the writers, but i kept a few for myself and the leftovers made their way to Morninglory Records who were more than happy to give me $4 a disc which they would sell to the students for $7.99. the circle of life was all good.

but the bad news was i had to start answering the phone, “fuck off.” which my momma didnt appreciate no matter how many times i told her the story of toad the wet sprocket.

one day miss gwen stefani came bopping into the office all flatchested and shit asking who was the entertainment editor cuz she had a ska band that we would love.

without even getting up i said

fuck ska.

she was all, excuse me mister?

i went, fuck ska and fuck white people playing ska.

her hair turned red right there in front of us.

she was all but

and i was all look the police ripped off reggae but how many sting/stewart copeland/andy summers’s are there in the world?

she was like, none. popping her gum sadly.

i said, good now leave and dont come back until you play some rock music.

but gwen was all what about madness what about general public what about

i was all i’ll give you madness but gp and all the rest have black people in their bands but still its white stealing from blacks its a horrible cycle that will end in misery for everyone. if you can sing, sing. but quit ripping off the brothas. play rock music like bad brains play rock music like the boredoms play rock music so that the Lord above will look down from the heavens and elbow an angel and say see thats what im talking about.

and she got it and she left and i never heard from her again.

until, true story, until tsar was discovered by gwens best friend

i think her name was debra.

and debra knew some people and they got tsar signed to hollywood records and when i got to meet debra she said that she was a fashion designer who had dressed marilyn manson and no doubt and i was all how did you get with gwen and she was all we jog together and i told her the story and she was all omg ive heard that story!

and fortunately gwen had totally ignored everything that i had said to her because she seems to be doing ok without my brilliant advice.

but because the Lord has a funny sense of humor he tossed ashley into my world, pretty much the number one nd + gwen stefani fan in the universe so not only did i have to eat my words with gwens success, but i had to listen to those records constantly and watch her dress up like the girl who i threw out of the nexus way back when.

which only goes to show you: interview everyone, keep your mouth shut, keep the tape rolling, and when youre in college take pictures of everyone who crosses your path.

coop + amy + jmo + dont link this + delay could get life