kristin pony is gonna be a mom

kristin ponyold school busblog readers will know that pretty face. it’s the oklahoma blogger turned lawyer kristin pony who became internet famous many moons ago when she and her sister created the Mad Pony blog.

over the years we have seen kristin go from college to the pros,

shes changed jobs,

gotten married

and now look, she’s producing a nice young blogger,

who she tells me loves mexican food and hot showers.

kristin and i first met at SXSW (back when it was cool) and she did the sweetest thing, she drove all the way down in her convertible.

and one thing i have always been surprised about when meeting people from the blogosphere:

theyre usually prettier than their pictures and even nicer.

kristin is no exception to that rule.

she tells me that one of the boys’ grampas is a Cub fan and sent the little sprout a ton of Cubs gear so he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

will he ride horses like his momma and his aunt?

will he go to school at Norman or OKC?

so many questions surround this child who has yet to see his first Video Music Award show.

what we know is he will be smart and lovely and well behaved. and his first words will probably be Boomer Sooner.

either way, congratulations to kristin, one of the busblog’s all time favorite people.

no need to name him Tony.

Barack Hussein will be quite all right.

oklahoma just passed a law making abortions illegal

oklahomawhen i was a kid,

hell, even when i was in college,

i had this bizarre belief that adults knew what they were doing.

that they wouldnt intentionally waste time and money on things that were nonsensical.

that they wouldn’t, as i was warned as a kid, not to jump off a cliff

just because everyone else was doing it.

i know a lot of people get all super dooper crazy when a woman gets preggo

they want to put their hands all over her eggo.

she’ll go, yo, leggo my eggo

i wanna do with my eggo whatever i wanna do with my eggo

since, firstly it’s mine

and secondly, i live in america

and in america theres this thing called the fuck you i can do this amendment

just like how you have the fuck you i can carry a gun amendment.

but these adults in politics actually DONT MIND AT ALL wasting time and money on things

they obsess over putting their hands and faces and lips and tongues and feet all over preggo ladies’ eggos

even though once that eggo turns into a kiddo they’re all la la la who dis new phone

they dont wanna do the right thing to have public schools be kick ass

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the kiddo can get free health care

they dont wanna do the right thing to make sure the food it eats or water it drinks are safe from corporations polluting the air and seas

they dont wanna make sure that the Earth stops heating up so the kiddo can, you know, live

and for sure they dont wanna keep the kiddo safe in schools after all the school shootings that go on.

because constitution.

but they forget that abortion is constitution too. actually they dont forget, they lalalala around that too.

because fuck you.

pretty much thats what oklahoma, a beautiful state filled with beautiful people just said to women

they said fuck you and you and you and you and you and you and you

and especially you tax payers because this tantrum is gonna cost you all the money

money that could go to schools, clean air, clean water, school lunches, health care, playgrounds, drug rehab

and nice things for children who were actually planned to be part of this beautiful slam dance we are all in.

so thanks oklahoma, for reminding us how important voting is

and how important voting all of you out really is.

madpony is 30!


which means we all must be 130.

wasnt it just the other day that a sorority girl from okc hit the blog scene

and stole all our hearts minds

and behinds?

wasnt it just yesterday that she singlehandedly raised the money and aligned the OK powerbrokers

to lure the seattle supersonics to oklahoma and then help them draft the likes of

kevin durant and bring the national spotlight back to 405 hoops

now that blake griffin has gone hollywood.

kristin pony, the girl the flaming lips shows off for

is now the dirty thirty.


that sound you heard was millions of boys hearts breaking

sir charles and mad ponyas madpony kristin got married last night.

i forgot to get a present until the last minute

and i knew shaq, charles, and kenny were in OKC for the playoffs

so i called up the round mound of rebound and said would you mind

he said this is a turrrrrible idea

i asked why?

he said i bet she wont even know who i am.

i was all, omg shes a boomer sooner so shes down with AP

why wouldnt she be all LOL its sir charles?

he said, but what if she doesnt LOL?

america, kristin was stunned.

anyways from all reports everything went off without a hitch

well, they did get hitched, but everything went smoothly.

and if you notice, charles was even so chill he unbuttoned his top button,

something i have never seen him do ever

congrats baby!

mad pony: engaged!

this man is marrying kristin pony

anyone notice that earthquake in oklahoma?

turns out we now know the source.

a young doctor took yr girl kristin pony out on a hike.

she took the photo above of him and moments later he proposed to her

apparently she said yes cuz norman is still rockin

congratulations kristin

much love from this side of the mississip!

this is kristin pony at her last jobplace

this is kristin at her new, current workplace:

who doesnt love before and afters?

to refresh your memory, heres an interview with yr girl seven freakin years ago

but even before that, and this is part of Very Important busblog history…

but way back when, when kristin was still in college and her sister Whatshername was in high school

the younger mad pony pretended in their blog that someone had stabbed and murdered me

the very next day i riffed off that and pretended for 40 days that i was dead and was writing from another dimension

the results were the best parts of How to Blog, and the entirety of Stiff.

so i always have much love from our OK friends.

today is kristin’s twenty-fourth birthday,

i wonder what she wants.

i hope she knows she can have anything.

i hope all of you know that.

i knew kristin when she was just nineteen she reminds me. i knew her when she was just starting up madpony with her sister.

now shes (still) a big star in the dirty south, and i still get hits from people searching for her long defunc blog.

shes better than me in so many ways and i dont blame the world.

her life is a real one and its interesting and madpony is just the tip of the iceberg of her accomplishments and im glad ive gotten to know her a little more than than just from her blog.

our oklahoman is super sweet, shes smart, she works hard, shes a great friend, shes a good sister, shes a great daughter, she does pretty much everything right, and she does it in that hot southern accent.

just like the ramones was mostly johnny, madpony was mostly kristin so we probably shouldnt ask for more from her, but it wouldnt suck to get a comeback.

i still dont know enough about sorority girl life, or what its like to go to a game in norman while their team is top rated and their fans are insane.

or what things are like in her town now that they have to take on Connecticut in Zona on new years day where they will probably win.

im glad to learn about shopping and shoes and things like that, but i want even more.

we’re lucky to have what we have, and you must admit, there arent many kristins.

happy birthday baby.

your biggest fan,

the intertubes