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  1. Wednesday, March 5, 2014
  2. Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Ask Tony: What was the Oscars like? 


    You asked so I will answer.

     David DiNucci Are you doing an AMA on Reddit? People would love it.

    Nope I’m doing it on the world famous busblog. Which got me here. And as they say, dance with who brung ya. So lets dance!

    Barbara Doduk “Did you get to take a pee next to anyone super famous?”

    One of the coolest things the Academy did for some of us who were working the Oscars was they gave us hotel rooms at the Loews which is the hotel right next to the Dolby. We had conference rooms where we worked from Friday through yesterday. So we were able to get out of our hotel rooms and walk maybe 200 feet to our temporary work area. One of the best parts about that was we got to pee in the privacy of our rooms. I even took a quick bath in the middle of a particularly stressful day.  I have peed next to famous people before, but not recently.

    spike lees shoesMark Johnson  What was it like hanging with Spike Lee?

    Spike was amazing. Very hyped up. Wildly dressed. He had amazing shoes on. So I was all Spike is it the shoes! Is it the shoes! And he let me take a picture of his shoes. And after I did he wanted to see how the picture turned out. When I showed him he pointed and laughed and laughed and laughed.

    Brian Hardison How spun out was John Travolta?

    To be honest it was loud in the room where we were watching and I was transfixed on his hair.

    James Dornan What item did you take that you might not have been allowed to take?

    At the Governors Ball a server offered me lobster while I was taking pictures.  I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to eat it. But then she said, “it aint gonna eat itself.” So, for science, I sampled it.

    Bob Downing Did you wear the Cubs hat at any point?

    I liveblogged in it.

    Yosi Sergant What does Karen O smell like?

    kylaI didn’t run into her Oscar night, but I did at the Nominees Luncheon. She was very sweet, almost shy and nervous which is weird if youve ever seen her rock out live. She smelled like flowers. Actually every Oscar event has so many flowers it’s hard to smell anything other than the freshness of those roses.

    Bob Downing Who were you wearing?

    Friar Tux.

    Hayley Fox Reyna Who dropped the most f-bombs when they were off camera? How late did you stay up? did they save you any awards show pizza?

    1. Tony Pierce. 2. Very. 3. There was sooooo much food for the press and the staff before during and after the Oscars. Also at the Governors Ball, there was Wolfgang Puck pizza being served. But alas, Chicagoans usually shy away from any pies that weren’t produced in the 312.

    Andrew R. Rice Tony Pierce turned loose at Oscars with “all access” one day. Scarlett Johanson pregnant the next. Connected?

    I may have to go over the birds and bees with you Mr. Rice.

    Maria Niles Did Kerry Washington ever get some pizza?

    I believe the pregnant ladies were afforded every luxury. Which, yes, would include pizza.

    Sara Leonard Is Tom Cruise programming John Travolta back stage… cause well – yeah you know why.

    I didn’t see Mr. Cruise anywhere near the big event.

    1947581_10152240670543057_155014019_nMichael Snadden Must’ve been fun :))

    OMG the funnest. Especially about halfway through the Oscars when I realized everything was going to be ok.

    Brian Banks There’s only one question that needs answering — at what point did Travolta realize he’d become a meme?

    The meme I don’t believe happened until yesterday when Slate made that great name generator.

    Kathy Rehn can I be your date next time?

    If I can have a date next year I promised my mom that she has the first shot at it.

    Karen Lujan Was the pizza order planned in advance or was that a spur of the moment thing?

    I didn’t see it at the two rehearsals I went to. And even though Hollywood Blvd was shut down on Oscar night, I’m sure if security was alerted, they would cooperate with Ellen. Everyone loves Ellen.

    lupitaMaria Isabel Delaossa Is Jeremy renner short? Lol lol

    I did not see him in person, but I was a little surprised about Bono.

    Avatar westondeboer Did you actually watch the oscars?

    Yes, parts of two rehearsals and the live show on tv next to my boss as I live-blogged.


    Avatar5chw4r7z   Was Lupita Nyong’o as beautiful in real life as she was on TV? 

    I’ve never seen a black woman prettier than my mom until I met Lupita backstage after she won her Oscar.

    Avatar Shelley Han were you able to score one of those $50,000 gift bags?

    They were allegedly $80,000 but because the Academy had nothing to do with them I didn’t even see them.

    Avatar Grace  Was anyone embarrassingly drunk/disorderly?

    No but a few of us tried.

  3. Monday, March 3, 2014
  4. still beaming 



    one of my coworkers said, there’s a lot of people hanging out by GMA, my feet are sore can you take some pics for the instagram account?

    After 4 hours of live blogging I was more than ready to get out of our position in the hotel conference room.

    First thing I saw was Brad Angelina and Matthew.

    When I saw that two of them were holding Oscars, I was all whoa.

    Then I realized they were all either about to talk with Daily Nexus alum Josh Elliot or they had just finished, so I took some more pics and then told my old cohort (who I hadn’t seen since college) hi


    UC Santa Barbara Gauchos forevs

  5. Sunday, March 2, 2014

    today was long and stressful and amazing and… wet 

    red 2

    but the best part was i just said, i need to get some pictures of the progress of the red carpet.

    so i got out of my chair and just walked through the hotel and got down there

    and i was surprised how many people were there

    people everywhere. everyone was lining up their shots, getting the light right

    figuring out where they were gonna be and what they were gonna do

    find out if their internet had arrived, everything.

    ran into tom mac the long time stage manager at e!

    best known for his off-camera laughing


    a few hours after this the rain stopped and it hasnt come back since. all of this will prob dry up and it’ll be sunny tomorrow.

    after work i figured i might as well watch them practice stuff in the theatre

    and im really glad i did. i sat pretty close to the stage and got a great view of some elements that will be amazing

    im a very lucky person. thats always been the case. but this is pretty magical.

    even for me.

  6. Saturday, March 1, 2014

    miraculously i have a credential that says all access 


    to an event thats pretty impossible to get into,

    for an event thats so important each one is basically historical,

    and things are so intense that several of us were given hotel rooms on the premises

    so we can do our work all the way through the big show and be able to crawl to our rooms that night

    and they feed and pay us, which is super classy on top of it all.


    saw some things in rehearsals that are totally forbidden for me to even remember

    let alone talk about, especially on al gores internet but the fuzzy glow that i recall makes me think

    that whatever you do you need to tune in sunday on abc for the show because


    its 2:12am, and i think my day is done.

    love you mean it

  7. Sunday, February 23, 2014

    today i woke up feeling crappy, which is impossible 

    loews pool

    i seriously cannot get sick this week because next sunday is the Oscars

    and i have a seriously important job to do that day and so i did what any idiot would do

    i took an expired benedryl before i went to get my credentials this morning.

    we had a huge meeting where they gave us a tour of the grounds, the red carpet, where the winners will walk after they get their award, and where all the press will be.

    i even got to stand on the oscar stage. it was incredible.

    but the whole time i felt miserable. sometimes bendryl can knock me out, sometimes it can make me feel normal.

    and sometimes like today it made me feel like death and sick and worse than when i took it.

    one of my lovely coworkers suggested i go to a pharmacy and take Sudafed.

    my unofficial doctor, Shelley, suggested i drink lots of juices and water and sleep all day.

    i took both of those recommendations and right now i feel so much better.

    the unwritten rule in my department at the oscars is unless youre bleeding in the hospital, youre working on the big day, so handle yo business. and because it’s my first one i want to be a plus, not a minus.

    so glad im feeling better. sooooo glad. thank you thank you thank you.

    now lets rock this thing and have great stories to tell 8 days from now.

  8. Friday, January 17, 2014

    Long day yesterday omg 


    one of the interesting things about the Oscars is Nominations Day which is really Nominations Morning

    all through the night the nice people of Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Academy work together

    in an amazingly secure building where telephones are confiscated, the Internet is turned off

    no tweeting

    and communication with the outside world is forbidden.

    PWC make sure the votes are accurately counted and the Academy feverishly puts together materials for the press


    this happens all night long because at 5am all of the entertainment press are fed breakfast at the Academy HQ

    and then ushered into the Samuel Goldwyn Theatre to get set up for the announcement


    then at exactly 5:38am Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs and ridiculously dashing Chris Hemsworth reveal the noms

    for some reason i didnt know Thor was so tall or had such an interesting Aussie accent


    afterwards all the reporters broadcast right there from the theatre to all over the world


    then we rush back to our offices to put together graphics that end up on our site and social media streams


    big shout out to my cohort Vanessa who knocked these out beautifully while the clock ticked in the early AM


    meanwhile another group of staffers, with white gloves, gently stuff the envelopes for the fortunate nominees

    so they can be invited to the Nominees luncheon, the Academy Awards, and the Governors Ball.

    it is a week of tough preparations followed by a day or two of hurry up and dont wait.

    thus at 2pm when i finally left the office i was exhausted and just wanted a taco with a nice girl from canada


    luckily there was one in town who bought me a variety of nosegays and took me on a tour of DTLA


    which concluded with a rooftop reunion with another canadian which is the way every day should end


    truly exhausted i couldnt even make it to my hollywood bachelor pad so i drove to my secret DTLA lair

    and saw a Deadhead spare tire cover on a Land Rover and sang

    dont look back you can never go back.

    got 10 hours sleep, woke up, and blogged to you


  9. Thursday, January 16, 2014
  10. Friday, November 15, 2013

    any college filmmakers want to enter a contest that could land them on the Oscar stage?