nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, January 19, 2016

    do you know i love you? i do. 


    i also love movies. and music. and sitting all weekend in my bed doing jack.

    but starting next week imma catch up on all the Oscar nominated films that i havent seen yet.

    heres my gameplan

    tuesday – Room

    wednesday – The Martian

    thursday – The Revenant

    friday – Trumbo

    saturday – The Big Short (in the day)
    saturday – nominated Animated Shorts (at night)

    wish me luck

  2. Thursday, January 14, 2016

    i made it 

    goldwyn theater

    this morning was noms. i got to sleep around 10:30pm last night. woke up at 3:13am!!!! took a quick shower and hit the road.

    very proud of myself because i do NOT get to sleep early on command.

    but one thing led to another and boom i was asleep.

    once i was on the streets of Hollywood, it was a dream.

    not a car in sight!

    so i cranked the Metallica and shot this little snapchat for yr ass

    there was so little traffic that i just took Sunset all the way down to Doheny which is usually a suckers move cuz you’ll get stuck at La Brea and then Crescent Heights  and then for surely along the Strip.

    but when no ones there you can pass the Rainbow, see that all of the sweet flowers are still out for Lemmy

    realize that one can still turn around, and take a picture and be on time for work

    lemmy tribute

    so there you go Motörheads.

    got to the garage there was a security guard in front of it, which is odd.

    i rolled down my window and said, xbi

    and he stepped aside.

    parked in the best spot in the whole place

    that i took a picture because that never happens

    best parking space

    got to the office and totally forgot that we give all the press delicious breakfast

    (in my mind the breakfast is for me)

    and took a picture of them because every other day that i arrive that room is empty

    the press

    got my breakfast, did my job, high fived ppl after we didnt screw anything up

    and as i was driving home a huge wave of fatigue hit me

    even though i had slept well the night before i was pooped.

    so i got home and took a nice nap with the kittens

    and was very happy that JJL, the screenwriters of Straight Outta Compton, and Mad Max got nominated.

    one thing ive learned from being around and studying the history of the Oscars: theres always surprises.

  3. Wednesday, January 13, 2016

    tonight is the hardest night of the year 

    mercedes cup holders

    i like where i work. im surrounded by very nice, smart people. we get to get dolled up a few times a year and celebrate excellence, creativity, and fun.

    but once a year we have these nominations at 5 o’clock in the morning.

    which means i should go to sleep right about now.

    but im a grown ass man, unless im reading a book or on a plane, aint no way im falling asleep at 8:31pm

    i lucked out, i dont have to be in there till 4am.

    not everyone has it like this. in fact the guy i sit next to gets in there in a few hours.

    the good news is it’s electric to be in the building when all those names are being called out.

    and also, the breakfast thats provided, is delicious.

  4. Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    my feature with John August is up on Oscars.org 

    big fish

    when im not instagramming, tumbling and snapchatting, im writing on our site.

    it’s a fun job but sometimes it can be Super fun.

    the funnest thing i’ve gotten to do in a while is interview the prolific John August who has written lots of cool movies like Go, both Charlies Angels, and grip of Tim Burton films including Frankenweenie.

    i work with an incredible team that made the feature ridiculously interactive and beautiful.

    Click here to see it and click all the things that you can because it’s great and i couldnt be prouder.

  5. Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    13 years ago tonight Halle Berry made history 

    as you probably know in 2002 she became the first black actress to win an Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role

    she beat out, among others, Nicole Kidman who was nominated for her role in Moulin Rouge, where she sang, danced, and wowed people.

    but Halle really dug down deep in Monster’s Ball and almost everyone agreed she deserved to go home with the statuette.

    her speech was so good. all off the cuff. the way it should be.

    it was cute she thanked her lawyer.

    every day some deceitful little so-and-so threatens me with legal proceedings over god knows what,

    i am thankful for my lawyer.

    i guess i should thank her more often as well.

  6. Monday, February 23, 2015

    this is probably my favorite picture of all times 

    me and mom at the Oscars

    mom wasnt thrilled that it was raining on her as she and the truest and i walked one city block from the hotel to the red carpet, and i dont blame her.

    glamour and luxury and fairytales are interwoven in the myths and pretty tales we hear about when talking about hollywood’s biggest night,

    but one of the things ive tried to point out in the busblog is for every dash of beauty and magic that you find in LA, theres just as much dirt and weirdness and excrement.

    and sometimes it really does rain on you on your way to the carpet.

    heavy, sidewise, cold rain not in the morning when no one was here, not at night when everyone was inside, but right at the worst possible time.

    JK Simmons won the Oscar later that night, but he won Most Prepared, if you ask me because he had the biggest blackest hat I saw and his head never felt a touch of the wet stuff.

    the truest

    when we were finally on the carpet everything changed. there was protective plastic above us and stars alllll around us. the fans in the bleachers were loud and cheered mightilly for future Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and fan favorite Michael Keaton.

    mom got to see how short Kevin Hart really is, and Chris, rightfully advised us to walk a little slower and soak it all in.


    my mom said hi to Jennifer Hudson right before we got on the red carpet and told her she looked beautiful: the Oscar winner smiled and said thank you right back.

    The night before the big show my mom was at the bar and complimented John Legend’s wife, Sports Illustrated cover model, Christie Tiegan by saying “your makeup is so good!” mom didn’t recognize her at all and said, “do you do other people’s makeup too? can you do ours tomorrow?”

    just because i could get them into the Oscars didn’t mean i could score the best seats. they were way up in the rafters and mom asked if i should have gotten her binoculars. i panicked because she was right. i wondered how well theyd be able to see. but after the show she told me not only could she see perfectly but there were four tv screens above her all showing different camera angles.

    one of the moments she loved the most, as did the world, was the performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common. she said that from her seats she could see the singers marching towards the bridge and then across it in a better way than was broadcast on TV. she also said the sound was fantastic in the theater.

    she loved Lady Gaga.

    she didnt eat or drink during the show because she didnt want to have to get up to go to the bathroom.

    chris, however, sampled many glasses of the complimentary champagne, just like i had a few years back.

    afterwards the ladies went down to the hotel bar to party with the stars and guests of the stars who had also chosen to stay at the Loews while i continued to work, but this time at the Governors Ball.

    i took some pictures for our Instagram account but was quickly told by my boss to relax and enjoy the good music of Will.I.Am, Sergio Mendes, and Solange Knowles, like Beyonce and Jay-Z were doing mere feet away. Heres a photo gallery of Getty Images on PopSugar from the Govs Ball.

    got done around 1:30am, 15 hour day? mostly in a tux?

    by oscars

    drove past this guy on the way home and was extremely grateful to have spent some of the day with two of my favorite ladies

    and was happy that they seemed to have had a good time.

    now in the morning, thanks to murphys law, the sun is shining bright, as theres not a cloud in the sky.


  7. Thursday, February 19, 2015
  8. Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    let me count the ways i love this letter 


    1. The Zip Code is simply “Hollywood 69” (Now it would be 90069)

    2. The phone number is Crestview 5-1146

    3. They list their “Cable address” (for telegrams?)

    4. Gregory Peck is the President of the Academy

    5. Elmer Bernstein, Frank Capra, and Arthur Miller are on the Board, among other heavyweights

    6. Edith Head doesn’t believe in Area Codes

    7. But she does give out her home number!?!?!


  9. Wednesday, February 4, 2015

    Alyson asks: Tony, you lead the coolest life. Can I be your Oscar date? 



    you are beautiful and wonderful and Canadian and sassy and all the things I love in an Oscar date

    but this is the first time that I am eligible to not only bring one guest, but because i am working it i can bring two.

    so this year I am bringing two of the most important women in my life.

    the first is my mom, of course, duh, just like what Leo has done

    and the other is the longest girlfriend i ever had, who has been saving the world for the last decade, Chris

    who hasn’t had a good excuse to dress up all fancy and enjoy the thing she loves the most in a while: movies.

    Chris is so ga ga over the Oscars that she used to have Oscar parties with her bff and catch up on all the nominees

    and in many ways she is one of the few people who i think could do a better job at my job than me.

    so they will be my “dates” this year, even though i wont be able to sit with them as i will be running all around the Dolby snapping photos and live blogging and tweeting and etc., for you and you and you.

    next year, however, Alyson, is a different story, so keep blogging, because, as you know,

    that’s a great shortcut to my heart.

  10. Tuesday, February 3, 2015