nothing in here is true

  1. Tuesday, July 21, 2015

    my feature with John August is up on Oscars.org 

    big fish

    when im not instagramming, tumbling and snapchatting, im writing on our site.

    it’s a fun job but sometimes it can be Super fun.

    the funnest thing i’ve gotten to do in a while is interview the prolific John August who has written lots of cool movies like Go, both Charlies Angels, and grip of Tim Burton films including Frankenweenie.

    i work with an incredible team that made the feature ridiculously interactive and beautiful.

    Click here to see it and click all the things that you can because it’s great and i couldnt be prouder.

  2. Tuesday, March 24, 2015

    13 years ago tonight Halle Berry made history 

    as you probably know in 2002 she became the first black actress to win an Oscar for Actress in a Leading Role

    she beat out, among others, Nicole Kidman who was nominated for her role in Moulin Rouge, where she sang, danced, and wowed people.

    but Halle really dug down deep in Monster’s Ball and almost everyone agreed she deserved to go home with the statuette.

    her speech was so good. all off the cuff. the way it should be.

    it was cute she thanked her lawyer.

    every day some deceitful little so-and-so threatens me with legal proceedings over god knows what,

    i am thankful for my lawyer.

    i guess i should thank her more often as well.

  3. Monday, February 23, 2015

    this is probably my favorite picture of all times 

    me and mom at the Oscars

    mom wasnt thrilled that it was raining on her as she and the truest and i walked one city block from the hotel to the red carpet, and i dont blame her.

    glamour and luxury and fairytales are interwoven in the myths and pretty tales we hear about when talking about hollywood’s biggest night,

    but one of the things ive tried to point out in the busblog is for every dash of beauty and magic that you find in LA, theres just as much dirt and weirdness and excrement.

    and sometimes it really does rain on you on your way to the carpet.

    heavy, sidewise, cold rain not in the morning when no one was here, not at night when everyone was inside, but right at the worst possible time.

    JK Simmons won the Oscar later that night, but he won Most Prepared, if you ask me because he had the biggest blackest hat I saw and his head never felt a touch of the wet stuff.

    the truest

    when we were finally on the carpet everything changed. there was protective plastic above us and stars alllll around us. the fans in the bleachers were loud and cheered mightilly for future Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne and fan favorite Michael Keaton.

    mom got to see how short Kevin Hart really is, and Chris, rightfully advised us to walk a little slower and soak it all in.


    my mom said hi to Jennifer Hudson right before we got on the red carpet and told her she looked beautiful: the Oscar winner smiled and said thank you right back.

    The night before the big show my mom was at the bar and complimented John Legend’s wife, Sports Illustrated cover model, Christie Tiegan by saying “your makeup is so good!” mom didn’t recognize her at all and said, “do you do other people’s makeup too? can you do ours tomorrow?”

    just because i could get them into the Oscars didn’t mean i could score the best seats. they were way up in the rafters and mom asked if i should have gotten her binoculars. i panicked because she was right. i wondered how well theyd be able to see. but after the show she told me not only could she see perfectly but there were four tv screens above her all showing different camera angles.

    one of the moments she loved the most, as did the world, was the performance of “Glory” by John Legend and Common. she said that from her seats she could see the singers marching towards the bridge and then across it in a better way than was broadcast on TV. she also said the sound was fantastic in the theater.

    she loved Lady Gaga.

    she didnt eat or drink during the show because she didnt want to have to get up to go to the bathroom.

    chris, however, sampled many glasses of the complimentary champagne, just like i had a few years back.

    afterwards the ladies went down to the hotel bar to party with the stars and guests of the stars who had also chosen to stay at the Loews while i continued to work, but this time at the Governors Ball.

    i took some pictures for our Instagram account but was quickly told by my boss to relax and enjoy the good music of Will.I.Am, Sergio Mendes, and Solange Knowles, like Beyonce and Jay-Z were doing mere feet away. Heres a photo gallery of Getty Images on PopSugar from the Govs Ball.

    got done around 1:30am, 15 hour day? mostly in a tux?

    by oscars

    drove past this guy on the way home and was extremely grateful to have spent some of the day with two of my favorite ladies

    and was happy that they seemed to have had a good time.

    now in the morning, thanks to murphys law, the sun is shining bright, as theres not a cloud in the sky.


  4. Thursday, February 19, 2015
  5. Wednesday, February 11, 2015

    let me count the ways i love this letter 


    1. The Zip Code is simply “Hollywood 69” (Now it would be 90069)

    2. The phone number is Crestview 5-1146

    3. They list their “Cable address” (for telegrams?)

    4. Gregory Peck is the President of the Academy

    5. Elmer Bernstein, Frank Capra, and Arthur Miller are on the Board, among other heavyweights

    6. Edith Head doesn’t believe in Area Codes

    7. But she does give out her home number!?!?!


  6. Wednesday, February 4, 2015

    Alyson asks: Tony, you lead the coolest life. Can I be your Oscar date? 



    you are beautiful and wonderful and Canadian and sassy and all the things I love in an Oscar date

    but this is the first time that I am eligible to not only bring one guest, but because i am working it i can bring two.

    so this year I am bringing two of the most important women in my life.

    the first is my mom, of course, duh, just like what Leo has done

    and the other is the longest girlfriend i ever had, who has been saving the world for the last decade, Chris

    who hasn’t had a good excuse to dress up all fancy and enjoy the thing she loves the most in a while: movies.

    Chris is so ga ga over the Oscars that she used to have Oscar parties with her bff and catch up on all the nominees

    and in many ways she is one of the few people who i think could do a better job at my job than me.

    so they will be my “dates” this year, even though i wont be able to sit with them as i will be running all around the Dolby snapping photos and live blogging and tweeting and etc., for you and you and you.

    next year, however, Alyson, is a different story, so keep blogging, because, as you know,

    that’s a great shortcut to my heart.

  7. Tuesday, February 3, 2015
  8. Thursday, January 15, 2015

    everything is (now) awesome 

    lego movieyesterday i had to go to bed at 10pm because i had to be up at 2:30am to be at work at 4am for the Oscar nominations.

    i have a hard time falling asleep before midnight because im a grown ass single man.

    unless, ironically, if i am in a movie theatre, because im a grown ass old man.

    i tried to watch something serious but became aware that Bring It On was on and i watched the whole damn thing for the hundredth time.

    somehow got to sleep around 11:30p woke up at 2, left the house around 3:50am, got into the office at 4am because the roads at that hour are like butter and all the green lights are omg hi.

    drove straight down sunset and at the body shop a tall stripper danced across the crosswalk and i wasnt sure if it was a man or a woman but she was feeling it and me and the camera crew next to me laughed in our cars.

    got to the office, got a plate of the food they had for the hundreds of reporters, also a bowl of fruit loops which were divine and set up our gameplan with my boss.

    we were privy to the noms about an hour before the announcement, we decided to switch off writing tweets along the lines of these. we switched off because we wanted to fire them off when the presenters said them and they were rifling them off fast.

    then immediately there was reaction from the world, which is normal, but i gotta say around 11am i was exhausted. we all were. i got home at 3 with two tacos from Best Fish Taco of Ensenada, turned on a movie and passed out till 8pm.

    then the kittens found an unwanted tresspasser in my bathroom! and in a few hours they had their first kill and now they’re jacked up with adrenaline and i love them now, maybe for the first time ever.

    back to the noms. a few interesting things happened, but maybe the cutest/saddest came from the director of the lego movie, like many, were sad that their film didnt either get nominated or didnt get enough nominations. lego movie did get a nom for best song, but not for best animated feature so he tweeted the image above and i was all awwwww

  9. Thursday, November 13, 2014

    today is my one year anniversary at the academy 


    you never know how life is gonna work out, but it usually does.

    me and jobs. man. on the scoreboard things go well. i try to be nice and lovely to everyone. jokes, stories.

    i try to live by the example that we can kick all our competitors’ butts, etc.

    but after a while i end up on the street. it’s so weird. who did i piss off?

    maybe no one. maybe it was all the stars above saying oh crap, tony needs to be at the academy, dont let him get too comfortable over at the radio station, or newspaper, or tv station.

    or maybe all of those experiences were perfect for what i get to do now, which is communicate digitally through various avenues.

    all i know is im so happy, so stoked, so grateful.

    mostly im grateful to work with the brilliant team i get to be with every day.


    whats it like at the oscars? you think you know everything about an event youve seen every year,

    but until you’re right there, backstage, or in front of these moviemakers, you realize… i realized, theres a lot more to it.

    emotions, absolute joy, coolnessness.

    the pretty dresses and tuxes all blur, but you can see the auras pretty plainly and often they are glorious.

    it’s also fascinating to watch a telecast that really has no peers.

    there’s nothing in the world like the Oscars.


    but what i never realized was how many events the academy hosts outside of the big  show.

    fascinating discussions based around movies that changed everything.

    movies that still hold up 20, 30, 50 years later.

    movies i’ve never seen before. people ive never heard of. stories i didnt know existed.

    techniques for telling those stories. costumes, cinematography, sounds

    and one great thing about being at many of these events is you learn so much.

    you hear how all these creative and determined people dealt with politics and technology, and egos and limitations.

    everyone has limitations. everyone has pressures. even the rich and beautiful and successful. everyone.

    say what?



    this year i even had an incredibly bittersweet stroke of success

    which was  a total team effort, as most successes are.

    but heartbreaking all at the same time.

    and as emotional as that was,

    i can’t wait to see what this year brings.

  10. Sunday, November 9, 2014

    dont worry, i know im the luckiest man alive 


    i may not say it a lot, but i know. and dont think im not grateful. i give thanks every night.

    last night i got paid money to tweet about possibly the coolest awards presentation in all of hollywood

    the governors awards are when the academy gov board honors three people who have meant a Lot to film

    and one person whose humanitarian efforts over a lifetime has meant an awful lot to humankind.

    because it’s star-studded, but not televised, and mostly press-free, many consider it the soul of the Oscar season.

    filmmakers are free to mingle and socialize with other legends, theres good food, good music,

    and the absolute best of the best go home with the most iconic trophy in the world


    Last night we honored Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award recipient Harry Belafonte, Honorary Award recipient Hayao Miyazaki, Honorary Award recipient Jean-Claude Carrière and Honorary Award recipient Maureen O’Hara.

    i admit i didn’t know all that much about any of them but after some short videos (starring Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, John Lasseter, and Luke Skywalker’s mom, among others), I was all wow.

    For example who knew that We Are The World was the brainchild of Belafonte?


    i had a great seat except for this guy


    JK actually we were sitting on a riser in the back of the Ray Dolby Ballroom adjacent to the Dolby Theater at Hollywood and Highland

    My boss Josh sat between my co-worker Danielle and I. She ran the liveblog and he and I worked Twitter. So fun!


    there was free booze everywhere but i resisted until the night was over

    Tilda Swinton, CBI, and Edward Norton

    i didnt wanna get too tipsy and say omg Tilda omg Edward, loved you in Birdman


    super inspiring night because it taught me that there is a bigger gear we could be motoring in

    and there’s a lot of cool people working in that world.


    im very lucky to work with and around people who know what the hell they’re doing.


    it’s also nice to have so many beverage options when it’s time to call it a night


    for a full rundown of what went down last night, check out the summary by my coworker nate over on Oscars.org