nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, January 23, 2017
  2. Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    thanksgiving in march 

    canon girlevery now and then its good to count one’s blessings.

    i’ll start.

    i’m healthy as a horse. a not-sick horse. i dont think ive been sick in over a year.

    my back is better after my trip to arizona and the hot tub aerobics i did there that one day.

    the cubs are gonna win the world series. im gonna see bruuuuuuuce with my buddy greg on saturday.

    im going hiking with a pretty girl this weekend. i have a cool car. i have a messy room but no one cares.

    i have a fun job where i learn every day. i get to listen to great music and talk to the smartest people.

    i have a balanced budget. my college girlfriend makes great food for me almost every day.

    it’s 80 degrees here today and for lunch we’re gonna have tacos and booze and then dessert.

    my side job is fun, i meet the coolest people and drive around the greatest town south of isla vista.

    i have three tvs, actual high speed internet, so much candy it’s like it’s halloween.

    and i have the greatest friends in the world who try to make my life even better

    and i super totally appreciate that. a lot!

    wanna see something funny? today is Jerry Lewis’ 90th birthday

    there was a time when the Oscars didn’t run over, in fact in 1959 it went short

    so the producers asked Jerry to stretch for like 5 minutes,

    the results, as you could imagine, were very funny


  3. Tuesday, March 1, 2016

    do you know i love you? i do. 

    red carpetfor all the glamour and elegance, flashing lights and cleavage, working the oscars is for many many many people hard work and we all go through emotions.

    at first i was excited, then i got nervous, the night before my stomach felt like it had a softball in it.

    at first i thought it was bad crew food but it hung in there so i went to, not my favorite thai restaurant,

    but a known lessor.

    i needed a Tom Kah Kha soup that was, perhaps, a little neglected.

    i wanted to fight fire with fire, basically.

    so i ate it and i drank a lot of a water and i prayed. in the morning it felt a little better but i was nervous.

    any time i would even nibble on anything it upset the diminishing beast in my belly so i didnt eat until well after lunch. meanwhile i was eating tums. shoutout to whoever invented tums. #fanluv

    about an hour before showtime the spread they lay out outside the press rooms had arrived and i took a big plate of shrimp and that didn’t destroy me so after a little work i ran back down there and got another plate.

    all clear everywhere and i was so relieved i started eating everything and it was delicious.

    i even had one designer mixed drink around midnight at the ball

    and i spilled a little out for tha brothers

    and the readers of the busblog

  4. Sunday, February 28, 2016
  5. Saturday, February 27, 2016

    lets say youre a famous star 

    green room

    and you’re presenting at the Oscars and you just need a little tiny bit of peace to go over your lines or chill before you take the stage

    and get on tv in front of a billion people

    well then the Oscars Rolex Green Room is for you!

    conveniently located backstage (stage right) of the curtain, the greenroom is actually two beautiful rooms.

    the first, as you see above has couches, a bar, and a sitting room where you can be with your manager, your acting coach, your wife, whoever as you wait to be called onto the stage

    the other room is in the back, it has a tv a couch, an a picture of Beyonce to inspire you.

    it even has a working fireplace (that part might not be true, but it sure looks like it’s working).

    the whole thing is heavily protected, locked down, and quiet despite all the noises and bluster happening all around the backstage area.

    speaking of, gotta go.

    more pics on our Tumblr

  6. Friday, February 26, 2016

    who’s that dude on the far right all the way behind everyone? 

    88th Oscars Wednesday Set Ups

    thats the dude youre gonna be following if you follow the Academy on Snapchat, that’s who

    that dude with the Cubs hat on the red carpet?

    yes, that dude!

    why would you want to watch the red carpet on Snapchat?

    because the dude in the Cubs hat will be able to have access on the red carpet that no one else will have.

    that dude can roam everywhere and be anywhere, above, behind, underneath, on top and embedded.

    why would you want to have your Snapchat as your second screen during the telecast instead of your ipad?

    because that very same dude will be backstage, in the lobby, in the hallways, on the roof, in the stratosphere and right in the nooks and crannies that noone else will have access to.

    and he will be bringing that access to you


    because he loves you.

  7. Wednesday, February 24, 2016

    this morning we rolled out the red carpet for you 


    of course i had to document it.

    little did i know one of my coworkers was documenting me.

    three years ago today I was recently dumped from a job I had been working hard at and I was demoralized.

    One Mr. Mark Johnson said hey I have an extra ticket to the Oscars, wanna come?

    It was a surreal day and night because for years I’d get as close as I could to it and take pics for this very blog and there I was in it, drinking the free bubbly, munching on the Wolfgang Puck food,

    saying hi to Spielberg.

    Never thinking in a million years that my next job would be working there with an All Access pass.

    Life is weird. Hang in there.

    And always be grateful for your beautiful friends.

  8. Tuesday, February 23, 2016
  9. Monday, February 22, 2016

    welcome to Oscar Week 

    chef wolfgang puck food

    well here it is, the home stretch.

    every day this week i’m gonna be working. of course murphys law everyone wants to do things with me this week and i pretty much have to say no to everyone because me and about 500 of my closest co-workers are doing our best to put on the finest show on earth.

    last week chef wolfgang puck had his annual preview of the food and drinks that will be served at the show and governors ball. the week before that was the nominations luncheon. and on sunday will be the granddaddy of them all.

    last night i saw a few movies including Ex Machina which i liked more than i expected. but mostly i just rested and paced myself because who knows what will happen this week at work, so it’s best if one is healthy and prepared.

    i bought a bag of oranges for that vitamin c.


  10. Monday, February 8, 2016

    everythings ok 

    leo weeknd

    i didnt bet the house on the Panthers

    i didnt buy a house and then bet it on the Panthers either.

    i was thinking about it, but the Lord loves me and told me to have brunch with two lesbians  instead of watching the first quarter

    when i got home i just tweeted it and enjoyed it  and realized oh yeah thats why i never bet on sports: im terrible at it.

    funny thing happend though. after i was done tweeting, sorta like at the end of the Blues Brothers,

    my computer just fell apart in a dozen pieces and died right there on my bed.

    so blogging will be limited.

    my fantasy hoops teams will be half staffed.

    and i’ll probably get some sleep tonight.

    today was our Oscars Noms Luncheon. it was cool. lots of your favorite filmmakers were there.

    it was warm outside by the pool. like 80+ degrees.

    theres a lot of great pictures from todays event over on our Facebook and Instagram.

    I Snapchatted a bunch of it.

    but now im super tired, my feet hurt, and i just want some Thai food and fall asleep.