it’s not even midnight and im tired

am i getting old? IMPOSSIBLE

day started out fine. i had a lunch scheduled in Pasadena near where i used to work.

got there in plenty of time and it was delicious and the conversation was FANTASTIC

and i learned a lot of things about podcasting and what podcasts to listen to

and about half way in i leaned forward and asked

can we gossip for a quick minute

and it was allowed.

and it was delightful because it wasnt mean spirited at all.

but boy did i learn some things.

then we met the owner of the joint and she was so happy to hear from us. wonderful.

got home around 420pm and i was pooped. but i had another engagement.

this was a podcast interview with one William Campbell who i have known for years through blogging but we had never had a nice long chat before.

FOUR HOURS LATER we still could have gabbed more.

got home and ate my leftovers from lunch and thought about all the things he and i had talked about. holy guacamole am i happy that he asked to be on this podcast.

he taught me things i did not know AND he syched up with things that others had talked about independently about hollywood.

this thing is really becoming a thing.

and now i know why im tired

We Drank A Beer In His Back Yard

and i hardly ever drink.

omg im not old thank God.


drove a very rich man from west LA to pasadena

he knew everyone, everything, and was super cool about it.

freaked me out at first because as soon as he got in he said, turn off the music, then he made a phone call.

i knew it was gonna be a long ride but the thought of no music terrified me if he wasn’t gonna talk but nope he loves music, he just wanted my uninterrupted attention.

i never asked him how he made his millions but if i can find out tons of details about you in 10 minutes, imagine what can be gleaned in an hour and 10.

what i learned is he donates to arts causes, homeless shelters, womens shelters, and public radio. he is tough but fair. and not only does he give but he knows exactly where the money is going to, where the shelters are – and who are the people running it.

he told me about the time when he was 40 and his wife won an auction where a famous celebrity chef spent the day shopping and cooking with him for a dinner party for his friends.

he told me about classical music, Elton John, and jazz at the Hollywood Bowl.

he complimented me on my driving and told me that he has a regular driver because so many uber guys “speed up, change lanes, honk, and have foul mouths.”

fuck them, i joked.

his fare was $94, I got $64 and when i picked up amber i surprised her with a bowl of her favorite soup and she literally cried.

back to the old guy. when i asked him why he was going from west LA to pasadena in the middle of rush hour, he said, “my wife and I have been married 47 years. since i am interested in making it 48 years, when she says, we are going to this thing in pasadena at 8pm, i make sure i am there, and on time.”

you see two things in Pasadena

raymond ave pasadena float

1. super dooper really sweet people with seemingly nothing to do
2. Rose Bowl floats driving down the road

you forget that those floats arent made overnight.

you just think that Santa Claus comes and goes, a few nice moms volunteer somewhere

and poof out comes all these kickass totally complicated floats that look perfect on tv.

but no, people work on these puppies all year long

and they have to move them across town.

the cops dont care.

they just stop traffic and say take it easy theres float xing going on here.

and people say oh yeah look at that, a float.

thats what i said this morning. for like 10 minutes as i was able to be late for work.

got stuck behind a float, boss, i said

which is something you dont get to say very often, so i was happy.

more wind damage around hollywood, silver lake, and pasadena

hipster pontiac surrounded with palm fronds

hipsters rejoice, your classic pontiac is protected by palm fronds

fallen tree in pasadena's Central Park is a photo opp

a fallen tree in Pasadena’s Central Park provides a nice photo opp for these two

4100 club

the fake wall next to the 4100 Club was blown down pretty easily

car crash

trees knocked out power, which meant no stop lights in some areas = car crashes

tree down on glendower

the wind also attacked the homes and trees of the 1% which blocked roads (quite elegantly)

palm fronds in los feliz

in Los Feliz the palm fronds littered the roads near my favorite mushrooms

know what rhymes with a sushi place with cute little boats of sushi floating by?

fly in my sushi

hey bro does that look like a super dooper happy and now sleeping fly?

ok so that isnt the best rhyme but whatevs, it was decent fish and i’ll be back.

it was 100 degrees today in LA just like what Jackie Johnson promised.

98 degrees

i love LA when its hot but heres what i dont like

i dont like strip malls that have a mini Post Office

and a mini Postal Store 200 feet away from each other.

heres why: dudes like me will type in “post office” in google maps and murphys law

will walk into the Postal Store instead of the Post Office

thus when i waltz in attempting to buy a stamp to send a letter across town

i will get charged 75 cents from the store owner trying to make a profit on stamps.

“yes but i only want a normal stamp,” says i.

“yep, normal stamp 75,” says he as he unpeels the forever stamp, places it on my envelope

and pats it down professionally,

in a manner that says “this pat alone is worth the extra 31 cents.”

fly in my boat in sushi

100 degree temps

overpriced stamps.

i clearly need some organic beer at a neux veux vegan brewery that has valet.

mohawk blend, here i come!

who doesnt love a parade?

do dah even hitler who hated everything loved a parade.

here in LA the weather has been specatular. almost as if it was a great weather convention.

meaning there is no where better to be this sunday than on colorado blvd a street known for a great parade

thats right the Doo Dah Parade

a parody of all the parades that will be shoved down our throats over the next few months.

here are some of the highlights who marched last year:

the Men of Leisure Synchronized Nap Team,
Dead Rose Queens,
The Spawn of Captain James T. Kirk,
the Grand Old Hags,
Amnesty International,
Wizard Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners,
Bastard Sons of Lee Marvin,
BBQ Hibachi & Grill Team,
Satan Santa,
Tequila Mockingbird & the Royal Doo Dah Orchestra,
Macho Dog & Bones,
The Howdy Krishna’s,
Hairy Krishnas,
The Dead Robert Palmer Girls,
and Claude Rains & the 20-Man Memorial Invisible Man Marching Drill Team

maybe Pajamas Media will show up?

it starts at 11:30am and doesnt last all that long so dont blink or be late

and if you really wanna represent, bring your camera, take pics, and upload them to Buzznet using your buzznet account – its free, its easy, its freeasy.

admission is free to the parade and it should be another beautiful LA weekend but if you really wanna be punk rock take the subway — the Gold Line stop that you want is
Memorial Park Station, which will drop you off right near the beginning of the parade.

doo dah directions + superjux + amera + buzzmachine + ventura county star

people of Los Angeles, i’m expecting you to help out these nice ladies

breakfast club

Dear Tony,

I’m headed out to LA (well Pasadena) this weekend for a wedding. Am wondering (if it’s not too much trouble) if you can suggest a fabulous place for two crazysexy east coast girls to go on Friday night.


I say they should check out J.Lo’s new restaurant, Madre’s, or just cruise Old Town, but I’m sure my readers have much more creative suggestions…