dont worry, i know im the luckiest man alive


i may not say it a lot, but i know. and dont think im not grateful. i give thanks every night.

last night i got paid money to tweet about possibly the coolest awards presentation in all of hollywood

the governors awards are when the academy gov board honors three people who have meant a Lot to film

and one person whose humanitarian efforts over a lifetime has meant an awful lot to humankind.

because it’s star-studded, but not televised, and mostly press-free, many consider it the soul of the Oscar season.

filmmakers are free to mingle and socialize with other legends, theres good food, good music,

and the absolute best of the best go home with the most iconic trophy in the world


Last night we honored Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award recipient Harry Belafonte, Honorary Award recipient Hayao Miyazaki, Honorary Award recipient Jean-Claude Carrière and Honorary Award recipient Maureen O’Hara.

i admit i didn’t know all that much about any of them but after some short videos (starring Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, John Lasseter, and Luke Skywalker’s mom, among others), I was all wow.

For example who knew that We Are The World was the brainchild of Belafonte?


i had a great seat except for this guy


JK actually we were sitting on a riser in the back of the Ray Dolby Ballroom adjacent to the Dolby Theater at Hollywood and Highland

My boss Josh sat between my co-worker Danielle and I. She ran the liveblog and he and I worked Twitter. So fun!


there was free booze everywhere but i resisted until the night was over

Tilda Swinton, CBI, and Edward Norton

i didnt wanna get too tipsy and say omg Tilda omg Edward, loved you in Birdman


super inspiring night because it taught me that there is a bigger gear we could be motoring in

and there’s a lot of cool people working in that world.


im very lucky to work with and around people who know what the hell they’re doing.


it’s also nice to have so many beverage options when it’s time to call it a night


for a full rundown of what went down last night, check out the summary by my coworker nate over on

sometimes you need to find a man riding an ostrichcycle


share some slices of pizza with a dude named Bloopy


check out an Americana kids band fronted by your former roommate


then watch some semi nude youngins balance in a magical park


and then hang out with your good friend amy jo


but i will warn you, you might want to obey Douglas Adams’s rule of always having a towel


because you might end up near a pool filled with your friends and their kids on a triple digit day

pool scene

i will miss you, first October weekend!

aaron asks, “How does the MLB HOF go about fixing the BBWAA?”


the only curses i believe exist in this world are in baseball.

i think that because the red sox traded babe ruth for the rights to a play,

they were jinxed from the world series for decades


i believe that when the cubs wouldnt let that dude bring his goat inside wrigley field,

that they’ve been cursed ever since


and i believe that when two and a half baseball commissioners refused to let pete rose

baseballs finest hitter, enter the hall of fame,

the hall became will cursed and will remain so until this is corrected.

sorry,  mike piazza.


therefore it’s not the major league baseball hall of fame that has to fix the baseball writers of america

its that the mlb hof needs to stop being hypocritical about who they let in and who they dont.

it is their terrible lead that is inspiring silly acts by the writers.


i have a suggestion: if the feats that took place counted on the field, then they should count off the field.

so if a guy miraculously racks up over 4,000 hits, and then retires and does dumb things while he’s no longer a player

and if all of those hits still count in the record book, then thats what should be rewarded and celebrated

and he, the man who did it, should also be rewarded and celebrated.


likewise if someone, even someone you dont like, hits more home runs than anyone.

regardless of if he worked out deals with the league office or didnt work out deals with the league office.

if those home runs counted in the games then it should count in the hall.


or else get used to the curse and the foulness and the incomplete feeling that your so called special thing has

and know this is your fault, hall of fame, and you who dont deserve them

and not the other way around.

looks like another perfect day, i love LA


was 82 degrees today in your favorite SoCal town so I drove down Hollywood Blvd to see what was happening


Found Nick’s house key, so that was nice


Saw some sweet street art, which is normal.


Anyone who was off today, and had a pool on their roof was totally enjoying the sunshine


And thanks to last night’s winds, the sky was clear and beautiful, so I went for a little hike


If I was ever to film The Burning Bush scene from the 10 Commandments, I’d use this fella here


Because I had only ate one bagel all day it was hard to get up the hard hill, but I made it and saw this panicked note


It said that this mansion built that staircase to the right so that people would stop hiking right next to his crib


As you approach you can see that there is a fence that just got built that soon will stop we hikers


We will have to go down into the canyon to then walk up all those stairs, which is fine. People love stairs in LA. In the woods.


That dog up there found a long stick and would carry it to his owner and whine but the owner was all whatevs. It was funny.


Dumb LA looked dumb all day so I took pictures cuz what else you gonna do while you listen to Eminem’s new music?


Pose with your BFF as a stranger takes a pic maybe? Fine.


All their poses were uninspired. I was tempted to give them some ideas but I didnt like her Nike shirt.


But I did love this Houses of the Holy style street art. A lot!


Hope your Wednesday was beautiful too!

theres a very hairy cat living under my house


i know this to be true because i saw it crawling under the house when i opened my door to get the paper

elmo balloons pinata

also i know because im allergic to cats and my gnose has been saying wtf tony seriously w t royal f


this cat has big sad eyes like those paintings of cats and clowns and kids dancing from the 70s


so i put water in a tuperware bowl and i caught it drinking it and then laying in the dirt like it was the best water ever


decided if i ever saw it again id name it Dirrty because its the only long haired cat i knew who liked the dirt so


was in the grocery store and the saran wrap was next to the cat food and i considered buying some but


i figured i have two new neighbors. one on one side, one on the other, maybe they wanna adopt a cat


or maybe this is their cat already they just like to let it be free like abe lincoln so i didnt buy none


then this morning i heard an odd noise. seems the cat durn scared the squirrel up the durn evergreen


the squirrel was making hey scram cat sounds but that cat dont know the language of squirrels


and just stared up there with those big dumb eyes. laying in the cool morning dirt.

fine wine

not even knowing this is hollywood.

E.T.’s got no time for that


took the bus to a party the other night and its interesting how the kids get their messages across these days


seems like its easier to just make a poster or sticker and slap it on something than to worry about paint and canvas


these nice people were waiting for the tiny tiki bar to let them in


these adorable kids were waiting to see the next big thing take the stage at the Echo


snookie looks cray suddenly


i wash my hands manically, but for some reason i dont mind open condiments handled by lunatics


also, im learning spanish. gratzi.


these people mean no harm. i may give them all my cds.


this tree has always freaked me out, but i try to deal


remember when you would just walk past a drunken corner and see mostly full jarritos bottles waiting for you to sip from?


remember when you could get sandwiches, donuts and smoothies at all hours of the day OR night?


y does everthing chynge




every time this wall gets cleaned up elliot smith gets to make out with whitney houston


love,  your loyal reporter in little armenia

she was all, why dont you fly choppers in the navy


i was all nah


then she said, why dont you visit me in north korea


i was all, why dont you visit me in maui?


she said, no offense but im not so sure i trust any place or any person


i said, lemme tell you what this old man told me about taking life so seriously


she said we have to take life seriously, we’re superheroes tryin to save the world


i was all, saving the world’s for hippies


lets instead help companies figure out safe, clean ways for people to drink water and, you know, feed the hungry


she was all, great idea, i was filling out a job application but got stuck when they wanted me to write a poem