of course, baby, come on


im procrastinating christmas. i always do.


today im going through old pictures and solidifying memories.


remember that time obama spoke at the park


then later that night we saw arcade fire at the greek


everyone loves famous hoops stars, i get it


but hasnt obama taught us that the most mild mannered brother can bust some major moves


remember when my apartment was a visual amusement park of endless imagery?


remember when i used to never take no for an answer?


remember your first poutine (vancouver)


remember when all the best blogs were blogspot blogs?


remember when fun. was the format and we loved them for who they were?


remember when amy winehouse played sxsw and we were all yawn.


remember when the dude from silversun pickups barfed out a puppy that one time?


remember sunset junction?


remember the first time we kissed and everyone spilled their coffee


remember laughter?


remember when karisa used windows


remember when rocket ruled the world


remember when amy winehouse was the dangerous new queen of soul


remember what this building was before it sold weed?


remember when LAist had a party in Austin?


remember the night we met miss teen usa south carolina

and she was speechless?

of course i read your tweets.

i dont do anything right

thats what the xbi taught me.

lord waldamart

i dont read the right books, i dont eat the proper foods, i dont excercise enough.

i dont pay attention to grammar or spelling, i dont forgive and forget, i drink

oldest union marcher

i dont try to reach my highest potential, i dont keep a clean home, i shop at the wrong places


im not tough enough or handy enough or mean enough to the right people

ben harper

i dont love the people i should, i dont hang out with my friends enough,


i dont put myself out there enough, im a christian and a cub fan


i talk trash about the future of our galaxy and ive refused (so far) to reproduce


and whats worse, i hide my millions in the wrong swiss banks.

good thing theres always tomorrow.

lazy sunday in hollywood

lazy cat on vespa

to honor, sorry, HONOUR canada on canadian thanksgiving, America turned up the heat for north america

gonna be hot

dont box up yr bikinis cuz around humpday its gonna get even hotter

palm trees livin large

so i took a walk to the burrito stand to join in on the festivities

umbrella weather

walked past this lady and realized id forgotten my sumbrella ella ella

water pressure

so hot i was thinking about Do The Right Thing when i saw this shower ad on the side of a van

hearts of palm

have i mentioned that i love you Canada. i do. sorry.

scary see manager sign

i think you should all move here and see the manager about renting some rooms.

irmas unisex hair cuts

maybe get a haircut like the homies. you like unisex beauty shops right?

and not the nfl

you’ll feel at home cuz even on Sundays the burrito hut doesnt show football, only soccer

not raider fans

dont worry aboot all the scary people you see on tv at Raiders games, this is really what they look like


move here and i will show you where to get redbreast wiskey for under $50 (canadian)

bass harp

move here and Os will play you the Sanford & Son theme song on the bass harmonica

city of los angeles

move here but dont step on a crack as we dont have free healthcare to fix your mommas back

trust me i wanna write

canadas white house

but what am i gonna say that hasnt already been said?

the citadel

that Quebec is a hidden gem thats been around for 403 years yet no one ever talks about it and someone stole their hockey team away?


that wine and champagne are so common place that they call the small bottles of bubbly Pop and give it to their kids but the kids rock the pinot grig when noones lookin?


that the beef is so delicious that the cows fall right over in the streets and the sunshine braises it as a form of pre-heating?


that if you dont have money for your parking metres its totally d’accord to put a sticker on it as an IOU?


that the salmon is so amazing that you barely notice the cous cous, or the melt in yr mouth goat cheese hidden inside?


that to honor AC/DC the city of Quebec emblazoned lil lightning bolts on the manhole covers?


when the waiter checked my ID he noticed my birthday was approaching so he went to the Sunglasses Hut and bought me Raybans because he overheard me say that the Blues Brothers was my favorite film?


i know, i know, this is all boring for you, so if you want, take a nap, but if you wanna see more pics of yesterday, continue along… (ps theres toplessness)

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these kids are ten years older, i hope theyre ok

9/11 was a horrible, freaky, sad, terrible day. easily the strangest day of my life.

in many ways it helped launch blogging, bloggers, and the concept of decentralizing how news is spread.

what i remember about 10 years ago is how insatiable we were to find any new information

i was locked into tv, radio, and the few million blogs that were out there.

my blog posts on 9/11 were scattered and angry and bitter and vengeful,

but a few days later i put together a photo essay that was less hysterical and reactionary

focused on the kids i was afraid we’d kill if we went to war.

Dear Kids of Afghanistan spread like crazy and catapulted the busblog and put this url on the map.

not at all the way id ever want popularity.

9/11 helped launch countless war blogs, political blogs, and personal blogs. strangely, it unified people online.

it would take months to divide us into left and right, red and blue.

but for a little while we were all americans.

and with this photo essay i wanted to remind us that we are all humans

and  we’re all kids at heart.

i hope you like it.

just click the pictures.

this carpal is ridiculous

all i wanted to do this weekend was draw up a little proposal and throw down a sweet little photo essay about greg’s art opening.

but my home computer set up is killing me so right now im gonna get driven to best buy where i can find a proper chair and maybe that will solve all my problems. lets hope so.

i sorta deserve this pain that im in right now, at greg’s art opening i feel like i made a faux pas with my bro dan, i feel like i embarrased the best drummer of all, and i feel horrible that my camera has a really hard time taking good pictures of beautiful people.

so at best buy we’re gonna see if theyre gonna make good on their satisfaction guarantee for the cameras. if they do then you’ll see a much higher quality photo essay for your ass.

since the month of august is over, i am happy to say that we have raised $695 from the thermometer.

my mom’s blahblahblah birthday is this month in aruba, her birthplace, and airfare there is $675, so basically you good people flowed me airfare and a few round of drinks, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. i really wouldnt have been able to go without you.

my sister scored us a few rooms at a local resort that is a no-name place but swears to have an Internet conference room where i can upload pics and update my blog, so thats what i plan on doing.

also, my brother in law who flies all around the world has a ton of frequent flier miles and can bump me up to first class, so in a way you guys got me round trip first class tickets for my summer vacation/early birthday/mom’s birthday/new neice celebration fiesta.

and for that i will be eternally grateful.

for those of you who wanted to give but tuned in too late, or were holding out to give to a better, more deserving person, you might want to direct your attentions to kat, who could use some flowage.

now i’m off to hide in an airconditioned movie palace as its starting to get hot in hollywood.