california love

i couldnt be more happy with the podcast 

and blog post for todays episide of Hear in LA

it’s with a guy i used to work with at E! 20 years ago who is a photographer and curator who helps shine a light on other photographers

it’s crazy to think i would not have ever seen any of these pictures if it hadn’t been for Michael, and yet here they are and they’re beautiful and im so happy to help him help others

michael also happened to tell me about his neighbor who is a character and you will be hearing about him very shortly too

make the greatest black leader a white sculpture

do you know how many things i wanna do

i see a picture like this and i wanna be a photographer

i go to a church and i wanna be a preacher

i go to the horse track and i wanna talk to every person there and tell em im not leaving until you tell me something killer

but lets face it, i probably only have 75 years left on this warranty

and the planet probs only has 50.

which is why ozzy keeps making singles.

amber and i had a fight today and i was yelling in the car.

this man was crossing the street walking his dad and he looked at me.

like he was trying to see if he knew me. maybe he did.

it made me wonder if famous people get that look all the time.

but not from strangers of fans but someone they are in the same circles

and theyre all, wait is that fritz coleman yelling at his bae

i was so angry i wanted to get out of my car and say

take a picture it lasts longer.

but nothing lasts.

i interviewed a great photographer yesterday for work

just be coolnext week we will publish it.

he’s lived, in many ways, a blessed life, and i told him that

he didnt deny it.

he got to hang and work with warhol, mae west, groucho

i asked him about new technology and did he adapt to it.

he said he had to, but he also leaned on his assistants to do that sort of thing.

he said he loves the dark room and thinks all young photographers should spend some time in there

i asked if he still spends time in there.

he said no.

i asked if there was ever a picture that he didn’t take?

he said i dont know what you mean.

i said at the oscars this year i was running around trying to find leo dicaprio so i could snapchat him real quick for the kids, and as i was looking i saw sly stallone at the bar

and he looked totally dejected because he didnt win in his category

it had been 40 years since he was last nominated. and there he was with a beer on the bar. not drinking it. and he was looking right at me with his sad eyes

and he was all alone. and i could have taken the picture and it would have been great

the ultimate agony of defeat pic, but i felt so badly for him that i didnt take it.

i said have you ever been in that situation?

he said, yes, i was once having dinner with audrey hepburn…

if theres one thing i love love love love love about my job and hollywood and beverly hills and LA

it’s that people can always top my stories.


hello moon

hello moon

this old man was guarding the corner of hollywood and vista
he was looking at the moon and sitting on a portable chair.
the kind youd probably bring to a golf tournament or a parade.
just two legs that fold and a nice little round circle for yr booty.
he had a fishing hat on, a members only jacket, and a walkman.
he had his earbuds in and he was looking east.
all these young people in yoga pants and shorts
were powerwalking all around him
dogs in tow, weights on their ankles,
iphones every one of them.
they were coming from or heading to the crazy hiking trail
that spiraled up to the stars
so you could look down at them.
at one point the moon just had to get up into the sky
above the good year blimp, above the x games,
above the sky scrapers and summer heat
and was all ladies and gents
moon’s in the house.
all of us on the hill
and the old man below it
were all nice.

one of the worlds greatest photo blogs turns 1 today

lindsey and leah 7 years ago with tony pierce

a little more than 7 years ago i was working at buzznet

buzznet was holding a sxsw party in austin and i invited young leah whose blogging skillz i had totally admired.

she said can i bring a friend? i was all sure. she was all, ive never met her before. i said hahaha ok fine crazy person.

that new friend of leah’s turned out to be a young lady named lindsey. we all met that night.

because life is strange and wonderful, leah and lindsey became friends and years later they would become excellent excellent photographers and bffs

and business partners as wedding photographers.

their photo site The Life You Love is so beautiful its ridic. its also a great glimpse of Austin. its also a nice look at people at their happiest.

anyways i had always appreciated their work but not until today when i saw the photo above did i realize that Leah’s Lindsey was THAT Lindsey who i believe she met first on Myspace

omg life is so strange. and beautiful.

happy first birthday Leah and Lindsey!

dear klout, (you can change anything)

i went to this park yesterday. relatively new park that promised one could walk in it barefoot because dogs there were illegal.

thus so was the doggie poopie.

but when i got there a water pipe had burst and seemed to have been flowing for at least a day.

since it was Sunday, i guess no one was going to fix it.

as they say, shit happens. which is fine when its water or, shit, but when its private stuff, just flowing out there, thats… a problem.

it was nice of you to write me about my outrage that you’d want access to the photos and videos that i have marked private.

sass in silver lake

Hey Tony,

I’m the Marketing Manager here at Klout and want to let you know that your private photos will definitely stay private. We are asking for the lowest level of permissions flickr allows which is read-only access and does include private photos (we can’t change that). However, we NEVER use your auth to display photos, or look at them or share them. Instead, our algorithm looks at the response your photos are getting — i.e. are people commenting, favoriting them etc. We will never access or use your private information. Hope that helps.

but here’s the problem i have (you can change anything and if you cant yr a follower, not a leader, thus zero “klout”).

i dont trust that a ginormous tech company like Yahoo and a start up tech company like Klout can’t figure out a technical way to capture those ancillary aspects of my public photos and videos without exposing anything about my private content.

private means private. and if you don’t truly fathom that concept or value that goal, then you don’t deserve access to any thing i am giving you permission to have.

secondly, the internet has not been around for very long and it appears that the main goal for most start ups is to sell itself to huge companies.

like how Flickr sold itself to Yahoo.

if even in idealistic startup mode you cannot work with Flickr and others in such a way that you receive zero information about my private materials then what’s going to happen a few years down the road when you sell out to AT&T or AOL or TMZ or Murdoch or whoever is suddenly interested in a company with millions of people’s truly private data

who has just ranked, in order, who that corporation should feel giddy about gaining access to, literally, their back end.

or how about the hacker group who would be crazy not to attempt to break into the puny start up instead of the megacorp? what a better way into my private data than going through you than thru facebook twitter and yahoo?

one of the best things about technology is that Anything is possible if you want it to be possible.

(we can’t change that) is the battle hymn of the lost, not the victorious.

when you seriously want to seriously take the matter of privacy totally seriously and stop falling for the “omg thats the best we can do, LOL whoops”

and worse, passing that mediocrity over to your customer,

then you will be on the right path to establishing trust with me and others who are way more (justly) paranoid than i.

meanwhile i’m going to revoke your access to the accounts i foolishly trusted you with, because i dont think you’re ready for it right now.

feel free to figure out how to judge my public online heft by, i dont know, things that i do publicly. which is plenty.

we expect you to be better than this, No Cal.

dear klout, lemme get this straight

you are a social media company that gives scores to people based on their online presense

you track their activity and influence through various ways including having access to people’s accounts

so you can better track what they are doing and how their network responds to them.

therefore why on earth would you ask a savvy person for access to their

private photographs and video

that they have marked private on Flickr?

seems to me that if that is a dealbreaker, the people who would be most likely to say screw you klout

are those who should have the highest klout score

since only fools would give a new start-up access to anything someone would dare mark private.

why do you want peoples private materials anyways?

and why should that affect a number you attribute to someone’s public activity?

those are the questions i would ask if i was a professional question asker dude.

instead im just a middle finger holder upper.