nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, March 5, 2020

    heres the plan 

    we start small.

    off the radar.

    under the clouds.

    in through the out door.

    wish you were here.

    then, as things do, it’ll grow.

    the question is, can you wait

    do you have patience

    do you have means

    and worst of all

    do you have time.

    i once had this little

    99 cents store plant

    stuck it in a pot

    and ive lived here 19 years


    and it’s climbed up my wall,

    up my neighbors above me

    and should hit the roof

    any day now.

    i never did anything special

    to it




    things are meant to grow

    my mom told me

    pointing out a plant

    she had that grew out of

    the cowboy hat it arrived in.

    it was enormous.

    when i was interviewing for jobs last year

    ppl would say how did you do it

    how did you make those things grow

    i said

    sometimes the best thing you can do


    is just make sure the sunshine gets to it

    since, as im sure you know

    we live in a land of shade.