nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, July 13, 2019

    im gonna start a podcast this weekend 

    im not gonna release it until i have 25 episodes in the can

    it’s gonna be good.

    for a long time i avoided podcasts because everyone has one and who needs another one

    and who wants to rush into an oversaturated situation

    but thats a silly way to look at anything.

    i wouldnt tell people not to get a twitter account or a facebook, merely because everyones on it.

    and when it came to blogs, i have always encouraged people to have multiple blogs – even during the blogosphere era when literally everyone *did* have blogs.

    i also wanna do this podcast because i am competitive and it would be interesting to see if i could make something that adds to whatever is out there.

    one of the voices that goes through your head when youre getting rejected by places you would love to work at is, “you are no longer of value. find a hole to crawl into. despite the economy booming and unemployment at its lowest in years, you should sell oranges in a parking lot out of a baby carriage. go sleep in your fancy car!”

    so it would be nice to see if i could do something most bloggers haven’t done all that successfully en mass.

    except my friends of course.


    i was thinking about calling the podcast All My Friends, Ranked

    but i love them, and ranking is passe

    then i was thinking about calling it 25 lies and a Truth

    but dont we have enough bullshit right now

    i know what i want but its twitter handle is taken


  2. Monday, October 29, 2018

    busy philipps’s book is good, you guys 

    a long time ago i dated a wonderful young woman whos bff was busy philipps’ bff and in 2005 i interviewed her on my short lived podcast and she was a delight.

    so needless to say, i have been rooting for her.

    her book is really good you guys. she tells it all. perfectly. and if you get the audio book she reads it and it just flows.

    i listen to a lot of “books on tape” because im a busy gentleman and im in my car a lot and even with all the channels that Sirius delivers, often i just want to hear someone reading a book to me.

    i prefer the ones where the author reads it themselves but sometimes those are bad too because the author isn’t great at reading.

    busy being a longtime actress is fantastic at reading and it’s her life and so it should be great. but on top of that she has weirdly interesting tales to tell about her rise to fame and the struggles she had getting there.

    for example did you know that she wrote the concept for Blades of Glory, the comedy starring Will Ferrel and Jon Hader? i didnt either. and the reason we dont know about it is a very sad story that she describes perfectly right down to someone telling her that no one cares who the writer is… and how that plays out at the hollywood premiere.

    sorry, writers.

    there were some tragic moments, some happy moments, and even if you watch her Instagram story every day like i do, there was one surprise about her relationship with her husband that i for sure didnt see coming. mama mia.

    but best of all are her impersonations. when she reads the quotes of her mom, michelle williams, and her other bff Emily BB, they are hilarious and perfect. especially how softly she delivers michelle and Emily’s words.

    the release of her book came at the perfect time because she just taped her new talk show for E! yesterday and maybe im not her demographic but i wasnt crazy about the first episode, but i am for sure crazy about the book because it is a very good look at the inside of hollywood from a person who is super honest and has done big things on tv and film and was right there for some really interesting moments.

    i wish busy all the luck on the tv show. i will continue to watch it and im sure it will get better. first shows rarely tell you what it will look like in the future. i clearly remember not being gaga over the first shows of Trevor Noah or Colbert’s Late Show and now i cant get enough of them. so maybe it’s me.

    anyway, if i ever do a podcast again i would love to interview her because the book had me asking lots of questions that didn’t really seem resolved.

  3. Friday, December 29, 2017

    it’s 80 degrees outside. it’s not even noon. 

    im probably gonna go for a little hike because the rest of the country is freezing and

    i have just so many podcasts to get through.


    the one thing that friends and coworkers have asked me about in 2017 is

    when will i have a podcast.

    while it’s true that i am an incredible conversationalist

    and i love LA deeply, all of it, and i know some interesting los angelenos

    and we are missing a huge chunk of LA stories now that we are in a post-LAist, post LA Weekly world

    i have always been slow to jump on a bandwagon.

    and doesnt it seem like everyone has a damn podcast?

    and doesnt it seem like theres maybe one or two worth a damn in the whole wide world?

    sure those are some of the things that people said about blogging during the blog boom of ’03

    but i think there is something magical about the hyperlink

    that a cast will never achieve.

    also in the next coming years i wanna do something big.

    is a second rate radio show something big?



  4. Tuesday, May 14, 2013
  5. Thursday, March 14, 2013

    bicycle mark podcasted with me the other day 


    and now it’s up on his lovely site, Citizen Reporter.

    mark is a gentleman, he is worldly, polite, intelligent, and generous.

    he also took one of my favorite pics of me ever on a cold night in amsterdam

    photo by bicyclemark

    what did we talk about the other day? who knows. blogging, my so called lyfe

    love and the art of houseboat maintenance.

    i listened to about 10 minutes of it today on my way to westwood but the sound of my own voice was too much.

    hope you fare with it better than i was able to:

    thanks Mark!!