nothing in here is true

  1. Wednesday, May 17, 2017

    today we had our company meeting 

    afterwards they had a nice spread for us.

    wolfgang puck.

    our company is spread out among three buildings, so it’s always great to break bread with people you don’t normally work with.

    the other good thing is everyones pretty smart.

    surround yourself with smart folk.

    i havent been driving much.

    i get about one good ride a night and head toward in n out.

    sometimes i get there and the lines too long

    sometimes i get there and something takes me away.

    my problem is i think its the chocolate shake calling my name.

    my given name.

    U2 is playing this weekend.

    the Cubs are in town next weekend.

    the president is going to resign the weekend after that.

    if not sooner.

    if Putin lets him.