keira interviews raymi the minx

tony pierce and raymi the minx

is there any debate that the queen of canadian blogging is, has been

and probably will forever be Raymi the Minx?

as you know i am a gigantic fan of canadian blogs, canadian blogging

so i say that with all much due respect to all the others up there

shining a light on the great white north.

but raymi has seriously put it out there.

and whats fascinating, she hasnt even put it all out there.

love her or hate her raymi has led by example for the last 16 years

which has arguably been the best 16 years of blogging.

today east coast west coast united in love as

bc’s keira-anne interviews to’s raymi for 20 questions

ask tony answers to your dreams

in las vegas

adriel asks: i am confused by the comment thing…wondering if i can use this on my blog? oh wellsies. anyway, i was just thinking the other day that i wished for an ask tony and now i can’t remember what it was!!!! aaah!!! so…um…I’ll be in Haiti on my birthday in april. not the usual birthday hijinks. what should i do?

do whatever you want just dont hait it.

Matt Welch asks: Hey Tony, are you gonna meet me at Margarita Tuesday at Malo next week?

i will go cuz youre there and ive not seen you in many moons. but malo is played out in my mind. $4 tacos are fine if youre in an airport but in the midst of LA i just dont see what their added value is. what are they offering. plenty of taco huts around los feliz silverlake. is it the beautiful people? is it the stiff drinks? is it the outside part. the outside part i can live with. in fact the outside part is usually my favorite part of restaurants that serve booze. somewhere we protected our rights for anyone to be able to have a gun but we flinch when people wanna drink while being outside. but malo has the proper paperwork i suppose so people are allowed to eat their tacos and have beers and marguritas and alls good in the hood i suppose. but id rather be at midnite tacos. where prtty much the whole thing is an outside part. but yes tues it is, and bring your bundle of joy, aint seen her!

timmmmay wonders: cubs at fenway in may … want me to get you tix?

ive only been to fenway park once. it was near the end of the season. the sox were out of it. they were playing a team that was second to last. any other park that place would be empty. only reason any one would be there is cuz their company bought a block of tickets before the season. but that night people were cheering on every pitch as if it was the world series. it made me appreciate the red sox fans that much more. so yes i will gladly take any tickets to see my cubs break the hearts of so many massholes who live and die with each pitch as if it means something.

Kingesq007 asks: Are you and Raymi still friends?


exclusive interview with raymi the minxi

as she makes supper for her man who is going to arrive home any second.

raymi: tony how come i am not a millionaire yet is it because i am not lindsay lohan

me: its because life isnt fair
but money is the root of evil, stay away from it
just keep having sex with fil and karaoking and blogging
thats way more fun
so im told

raymi: ok but i could be singing int oa golden microphone and having siberian tigers at my parties in cages

me: i’ll give you a golden grandchild on christmas

raymi: ew

me: and you dont want tigers, they bite
i mean microphone

raymi: also it’s cruel

me: get hippies and cheerleaders

raymi: but you know what i mean diddy is biting my styles i gots ta get paid yo!

me: pure respect dont pay dem ends?
i have a great book for you, but you have to promise to read it

raymi: it better not be gay
ok interview me now 5 minute interview
or call me podcast now!

me: your gf bunny has my podcaster

raymi: she is not my gf

me: 1. what are you wearing?

raymi: jeans sandals red and black striped sweater that i cut down the middle into a cardigan and a long tight blue american apparel tank with liter blue seams

me: 2. what was the last song you danced to?

raymi: i dont know i was insanely wasted and it was saturday nite something dancey
like madonna or maybe rock

me: 3. what song do you want to karaoke to right THIS SECOND?

raymi: oh darling

me: f the beetles 4. if fil was a black man – a famous one – who would he be?

raymi: denzel

me: 5. if you could demand one girl to fall in love with you who would it be>?

raymi: angelina jolie
scarlett j

me: 6. if you were a tiger would you eat people or just scare the shit out of them?

raymi: i’d be nice and play with them so then someone would buy me and have me live illegally in their home

me: 7. what salad dressing on your salad ma’am?

raymi: vinegarette
i spelled it wrong

me: 8. pink or white drawers?

raymi: pink
white shows stians – stains

me: 9. name two newish bloggers that dont suck

raymi: uh… i forget… how new
i dunno all the girls who are nice to me and want to be my friends and talk to me on msn
i like rilah and gusgreeper cos they are retarded like me
and have my back!

me: 10. two men appear in your house, both approved by fil. one has a verry long hands but bad breath. the other has a wooden leg but looks exactly like justin timberlake – who you got?

raymi: jt!

me: 11. what was the best song matt sang during his last few shows?

raymi: i would say hurt
but hm
load me up is my fave
absolutely and fils too we listen to it in the car and then fil drives faster

me: 12. lets pretend that you pleased yrself – would you watch porn or think about people?

raymi: i think about nothing and everything i dont need porn, it slows me down

me: 13. what tv show are you obsessed by right now?
raymi: afv

me: with that new host?
that dude blows!?!?

raymi: we love him
hes awesome he says crazy shit
thats like awkward but it works

me: 14. if you were going to coachella who would you want to see the most?
name 5

raymi: ladytron

me: predictable

raymi: im looking
yeah yeah yeahs

me: of course

raymi: sigur ros

me: !!!

raymi: daft punk

me: which is funny since theyre not punk

raymi: clap yer hands say yeah

me: have you seen them?

raymi: music to get fucked up to

me: not metric?

raymi: i am boooooooooored of metric
i am prractically in that band
i have seen them so many times

me: not wolf parade?

raymi: feh
i dont know anything about them other than everyone is into them and i have never heard them

me: not wolfmother?

raymi: them too, no idea
do they know me?

me: everyone knows you baby
not matisyahu?

raymi: again why am i not a millionaire
dunno that either but something tells me it has something to do with hot asian bitches?

speaking of

raymi: tony more questions not about music

me: 20 if fil was murdered would you avenge his death or move on with your life as a lesbian?

raymi: avenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then kill myself
id go on a bender until i was 400 lbs

me: k
stay canadian

raymi: xo

raymi + coachella blog

i like to savor things.

i dont know why.

i do everything slow. i eat slow. i kiss slow. i walk fast but that doesnt count. i age slow. i hope to die slow.

one of the best things about lick that i forgot about was how great it is to have a mailbox where great stories end up.

two days ago ms. bunny mcintosh told me that she had an interview with raymi the minx and she had just emailed it to me because she loved lick and thought the conversation was perfect for the new web zine of love.

for some reason i didnt read the chat until today.

people, its amazing.

the new update to lick magazine will be sunday during the grammys.

there will be several new stories

wonderful design,

and an exclusive interview between two of my favorite writers on the internet.

heres an excerpt from the begining of their conversation:

bunny mcintosh: i should interview you

raymi: do it yes

raymi: interview my ass

bunny mcintosh: yes?

bunny mcintosh: ok

bunny mcintosh: are you ready

raymi: yes

bunny mcintosh: or wait. i have to think of questions

raymi: ok

bunny mcintosh: ok, what are you wearing?

bunny mcintosh: lets start this off right.

raymi: white old lady slipper. a blue and white cheerleader style sweater-thing. jeans. smith and wesson right to bear arms belt. black sox. blue underpants

bunny mcintosh: do you like canada?

bunny mcintosh: and also, have you ever seen a black person in canada?

raymi: yes there are many people of that color in my country. and yes i like canada. we have poutine here.

bunny mcintosh: poutine?

find out what poutine is and many other mysteries this sunday at

bunny + raymi + lick