nothing in here is true

  1. Monday, February 15, 2016

    a pretty girl once said the busblog is unbelievable bc i never write about sadness 

    my love

    i was all, you werent reading when the cubs lost in the playoffs during Bartman

    but heres some sadness for you bb

    my computer stopped working last week

    my hot water tank blew up on friday

    my landlady asked me to write a letter last month to request a washer dryer and she has yet to respond

    she did tell me that the hot water heater would be replaced today, but it wont.

    my favorite paper printed a total frickin lie about my workplace today in its front page column

    and now i have to take a cold shower, which wont be my last one, apparently.

    so there you have it hot babe, some reality in a blog where nothing inside is true.

    ps my computer was fixed this weekend faster than normal, for free.

    one hot babe called me salvidor dali and another called me suave on vday

    and the cubs will win the world series this year.