nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, May 27, 2017

    went to the cubs game last night with todd 

    i dont know what it is with that guy but every time im with him i want to get back into journalism

    the ideas just come flowing out.

    he hates all of them, naturally, but whatever, here they come.

    he bought incredible seats.

    we were near the most incredibly annoying dude in the park: loud, stupid, obvious

    i got to the game early because i didnt drive much after work. hadnt eaten well all week and i didnt really want to abuse my body with the typical two dogs nachos and a giant coke. so as i was walking around i saw this lady with a Poke Bowl. i was all, where did you get that?

    and i pointed right at her bowl which had an enormous mound of edamame twinking in the sunshine.

    she said its called Base Bowls, all the way by the left field pole.

    cruised over and saw they also had a chicken teriyaki bowl with tons of broccoli.  my love.

    $12 seemed a tad less rapey than the other prices at the park

    but they also got me for $7 for a Coke.

    later i bought three $14 beers.

    afterwards we took the shuttle to the train station. i took the purple line to the red line

    which only took about four hours.

    and i inhaled the most foul stenches of all

    and was invited to a duel by a mild mannered homeless dude

    who quickly became ill tempered.

    im starting to see why ridesharing has become so popular.

  2. Saturday, May 25, 2013

    its amazing to me how many people in LA stay in their safe little neighborhoods 

    beautiful house

    and rarely take advantage of the never-ending breadth of diversity and discovery

    that this amazing metropolis has to offer

    not a through street

    sure they may convince themselves that they get out but seriously

    do we have to make an LA bingo game to show you how few squares you can scratch off

    beyond the 5 mile radius of your boring little comfort zone?

    metro building

    got invited to drink in Highland Park with ben and ken and brendan and shelley

    so i got on the metro and omg got out of the hollywood bubble. care to join me? great!

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