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in las vegas

adriel asks: i am confused by the comment thing…wondering if i can use this on my blog? oh wellsies. anyway, i was just thinking the other day that i wished for an ask tony and now i can’t remember what it was!!!! aaah!!! so…um…I’ll be in Haiti on my birthday in april. not the usual birthday hijinks. what should i do?

do whatever you want just dont hait it.

Matt Welch asks: Hey Tony, are you gonna meet me at Margarita Tuesday at Malo next week?

i will go cuz youre there and ive not seen you in many moons. but malo is played out in my mind. $4 tacos are fine if youre in an airport but in the midst of LA i just dont see what their added value is. what are they offering. plenty of taco huts around los feliz silverlake. is it the beautiful people? is it the stiff drinks? is it the outside part. the outside part i can live with. in fact the outside part is usually my favorite part of restaurants that serve booze. somewhere we protected our rights for anyone to be able to have a gun but we flinch when people wanna drink while being outside. but malo has the proper paperwork i suppose so people are allowed to eat their tacos and have beers and marguritas and alls good in the hood i suppose. but id rather be at midnite tacos. where prtty much the whole thing is an outside part. but yes tues it is, and bring your bundle of joy, aint seen her!

timmmmay wonders: cubs at fenway in may … want me to get you tix?

ive only been to fenway park once. it was near the end of the season. the sox were out of it. they were playing a team that was second to last. any other park that place would be empty. only reason any one would be there is cuz their company bought a block of tickets before the season. but that night people were cheering on every pitch as if it was the world series. it made me appreciate the red sox fans that much more. so yes i will gladly take any tickets to see my cubs break the hearts of so many massholes who live and die with each pitch as if it means something.

Kingesq007 asks: Are you and Raymi still friends?