nothing in here is true

  1. Thursday, March 23, 2017

    what do you do if you want to see a festival 

    but it’s in san diego

    and fucking LIVE is gonna be there to ruin everything

    but Kesha and Weezer and Janes and Ice Cube and Tom Petty are gonna be there

    and Fishbone and Led Zeppelin 2 (?) and Machine Gun Kelly and Pepper

    AND SHAQ and T-Pain and Garbage are gonna be there

    and it’s just $100 a night

    but screw San Diego.

    in a perfect world id have a girlfriend

    and we’d chill in TJ and cross the border every day

    and drive back down and sip on Mexicokes and fish tacos

    skinny dip in the pacific

    and laugh about Smashmouth

    and fall asleep saying




  2. Thursday, February 9, 2017

    this pretty girl was all omg i would love you so hard if you let me 

    and i was all listen

    if you knew me even a little youd know that the only reason anyone is even slightly interested in busblog is because this entire thing is an illusion

    palm trees in winter

    warm winds before the oscars

    fantasy island baby da plane da plane

    im here for one reason and one reason only and its not to be married five kids ranch home in the valley mini van key party

    panic room

    i am here to take you to the rock show once in a blue moon and

    watch shooting stars in the back seat maybe



    the first fifty years was about saving the world

    the next fifty is about writing books.

    this was always the plan.

    bukowski didnt hit till after 50 and even then he wasn’t super happy. he was pretty happy but not super happy and unlike him i wanna be super happy. i know im not as handsome as he was or as tough or even as talented but im not a drunk im not wild

    and best of all im black so i dont crack.

    she was not happy with this response.

    i could tell because this morning she returned the cheerleader outfit, hot pants, and headdress.

    strangely she kept the shoes.


  3. Monday, January 2, 2017

    why didn’t anyone tell me Tapestry is fantastic 

    cnn was showing their giant deal called “The 70s”

    we’ve seen it all before.

    VH1 used to do it better (RIP VH1)

    but there was old CNN plugging away and they were bouncing around from this one to that one, curiously never showing clips of the subject at hand talking about their success or making the work or anything, but whatevs

    and they get to Tapestry and Tom Hanks pops in and says that when that record came out, if you went somewhere with friends in two groups of cars… and if one was the boys car and the other was the girls car… if you got in the girls car this is what theyd be playing out of the cassette deck.

    i guess i was never in the girls car because even though i had seen this record name-checked over the years, i never bought it.

    for some reason i never knew that this was the record that had “You’ve Got A Friend”, “So Far Away” and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”. and for damn sure i didn’t know it had “I Feel The Earth Move”.

    so here i was on a lazy Monday, not really wanting to do much more than order Chinese and listen to some music and I said oh we live in 2017, I can just go to Apple Music and play all of Tapestry if I want. lets see what this is all about.

    and not only are the hits great, but the album as a whole is a real thing on its own. and who knew she wrote that Shirelles tune “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”. i even like her version.

    so maybe once a week i’ll listen to classic records that i shoulda probably have heard by now but i wasnt in the girls car enough.

  4. Monday, November 21, 2016

    full weekend. too full to write 

    coulter reading

    friday i MCed the SW Lauden Replacements-inspired mystery novel short story collection

    did i know what i was doing? do i ever?

    most of life is being on time.

    the rest is being black and proud.

    i was incredible. the writers/readers were too.

    we even had a guy who skyped in from Scotland to read.

    turned out it was his idea, he got the book deal, and it wouldnta happened without him.

    also his story was great.

    afterwards some of our friends played replacements songs and it was beautiful

    weird thing about my friends: we all love the Replacements soooooo much, but for some reason it’s like an unspoken rule that you dont cover them you dont sing them at hootenannys and you dont really even talk about them very much

    but when this book came out i guess a few of them were all, lets learn some tunes and rock that shit

    it was dylan, greg and marko

    marko was a local santa barbara teen who stumbled across our friends and befriended them

    he placed bass in Popsicko which was fronted by Keith Brown (RIP) who went to high school with coulter, greg, and dan

    he said something really nice at the beginning, he said, a lot of these guys have known each other since freshman year of college

    and a few have known each other since high school so it’s really great to be around them

    because these songs mean so much to all of them.

    so true. so very true.

    afterwards i got a few tacos at a taco stand, then ubered for a while.

    it was a good weekend.

  5. Wednesday, November 16, 2016

    The Frogtown Serenaders debuted last night at the Mint in Hollywood 

    Os and Greg

    and they were fantastic.

    Mr. Hepburn and I had front row seats in part because Mr. Oswald J. Tyler had not sang in front of a live audience since Heather’s wedding

    and it’s always great to hear Greg play any sort of guitar, even the acoustical.

    this band is a super group of sorts which only is happening because Greg has parted ways with Vaude and the Villians, which was and is a great group, but as a fan, when theres 20 people on stage its hard to hear the rhythm guitarist.

    so i was very grateful to see this new combo which contains the trumpet (or is it a coronet) and banjo dual attack of soloists.

    this picture also doesnt show off their 24-year-old singer lady whose name escapes me but she was as talented as she is beautiful

    even her parents were in the audience last night — awwwww – because they heard about Os


    they play again in a couple of weeks at a Cubs bar in DTLA so i will have better video and pictures from that gig.

    last night i just wanted to get wasted because of sads from politics.


  6. Tuesday, November 15, 2016

    and when the planet hit the sun, i saw the face of allison 

     mose allison
    The Pixies‘ album “Bossanova” came out when I was at UCSB. At the time I was the entertainment editor of the world famous Daily Nexus so I assigned myself an interview with Pixies bassist Kim Deal. She was the sweetest, funniest, most open person I ever interviewed (next to Mojo Nixon – but he was kind of a cartoon). Kim was right there with me. AKA hyper and down for whatever.
    Among many many things, I asked her about the barely one-minute long song “Allison” from the new record.
    I told her I loved the music but I had zero idea what the lyrics meant. Who was this Allison? And what maniac writes a pop song about a girl named Allison after Elvis Costello pretty much wrote the greatest tune ever about a girl named Allison.
    And Kim was all, “yes he did. But ah-ha! Ours is not about a girl. Ours is sorta about this jazz pianist Mose Allison.” I was like Kim Deal you’re blowing my damn mind. She said, you’re welcome.
    Today Mose Allison died.

    Here’s the Pixies song that’s sorta about him:

  7. Saturday, October 8, 2016
  8. Saturday, July 23, 2016

    big in japan 

    french wikipedia tony pierce

    long before their super sweet 80s hit “Forever Young” appeared (beautifully) in “Napoleon Dynamite“,

    the german group Alphaville in 1984 released their debut single

    “Big in Japan”

    a melancholy synth driven curiosity reportedly about two lovers trying to kick heroin.

    I will wait here for my man tonight
    It’s easy when you’re big in Japan

    waiting for the man, a nod for what lou reed was doing on the velvet underground’s debut track two decades previously

    Hey, white boy, what you doin’ uptown?
    Hey, white boy, you chasin’ our women around?
    Oh pardon me sir, it’s the furthest from my mind
    I’m just lookin’ for a dear, dear friend of mine
    I’m waiting for my man

    but really it was about being a loser in your hometown, but it’s ok

    because somewhere

    in a beautifully magical place

    across the sea

    there are people who understand you perfectly and love you

    and there you are godhead.

    the people of france think i was the editor of the daily nexus.

    if only.

    but whatevs, merci.

  9. Monday, July 18, 2016

    dear tony, are you sure you’re not a rock star? 

    tom morello

    let’s see…
    cubs hat: check
    cubs shirt: check
    beautiful cherry wood gibson SG: check
    but i let my axe hang a lot lower than that
    also, the only time i wear a cubs hat and cubs shirt at the same time is at Wrigley Field

    but i do love Tom Morello and Rage and what he wrote in yesterdays LA Times

    is better than anything i ever wrote there times 100

  10. Tuesday, July 12, 2016

    this is the second summer in a row i cant see weird al 


    last summer something happened and i couldnt go so i sold my tickets to ross french, known cubs fan

    this summer everything was great when mr matt welch wrote me and said

    pick me up at the airport, bring some sushi, we are going to a great party

    there will be famous people, free drinks, and probably cheerleaders.

    then he said, respond to this email asap and say yes.

    so i did and i did totally forgetting that i had tix to weird al at my favorite venue

    the hollywood bowl

    i dont have any weird al records

    but do you need any? for a while his music was on the radio constantly.

    then when i lived with whalen, he held him in great honor.

    if only i knew whalen’s number id offer them to him, gratis.

    so i put them on ebay and did you know you can send a portion of the winnings to charity?

    i looked for some non profits in isla vista or my old town in illinois but i didnt see anything good

    then i checked out hollywood and there was a non profit for runaway teens.

    so they will probably get $25-$50 of my winnings.