omg is that Lauren Rocket in the Dirty Girls doc?

lauren rocket

something that went mini viral this week was a 17 year old documentary called “Dirty Girls”

about some 13 year old, relatively affluent westside 8th graders who were acting out by being


smelly and stinky and unfeminine.

in the DIY low-budget doc, made by a high school senior, we meet two sisters who are no dummies.

they align themselves with the riot grrls of the 90s

and are influenced by kurt cobain’s post punk self loathing/self empowerment.

but stealing the show is their friend, a doe eyed blonde, who the world now knows as Lauren Rocket.


while still in high school lauren clark, lauren rocket, and their friend lauren, formed the all girl band Rocket


they got on an american idol tv show on Fox for bands,

and despite that toured the country

rocket at sxsw

played at sxsw’s most prestigious party of 2006,


and rocked for years

Rocket at the 3 Clubs

but then tragically broke up right as it seemed like their new lineup was poised to take it all to the next level


Lauren has been in a few other bands since Rocket, most recently an oufit called Lavinia Slaughter

she also found a bunch of old Rolling Stones pics at a flea market last year and turned it into an art show

and now, this week, shes back in the public discussion.

her 8th grade self is, at least.

as BFF of the dirty girls.

which, if anything, gave us my new favorite word:


hey happy ash wednesday

to celebrate Fat Tuesday i drove to new orleans and caught some crawfish

then i drank a beer and fell asleep with my pants still on.

at the la brea tar pits

so this morning i met up with lauren clark of rocket at the la brea tar pits

and she showed your favorite cuban girl and myself around the most recent excavation going down on the miracle mile

yes that cuban girl

funny story: first the cuban she said i looked thinner which was nice SINCE I AM

then she said man youre getting old, any closer to having kids?

then before i could answer she said, oh sorry maybe youre infertile.

to which i said, in my most sultry barry white voice

lets find out.

which inspired her typical ewwwwwwwwwwwwww

which ive missed so

R.I.P. Spaceland

One of LA’s premiere places to experience live music, especially up n coming new alternative bands, is changing its name and moving away.

Spaceland, the Silver Lake mainstay that helped launched the likes of Beck, Silversun Pickups, Arcade Fire, Eliot Smith, and Tsar, is ending its longrunning partnership with the owner of the former strip club, changing its name and moving – possibly to Downtown LA.

“It just reached a point where it was time for us to move on,” Promoter Mitchell Frank said in a written statement. “We’ve had some incredible musical moments here; people met, fell in love, started life-long friendships, but it’s just time for a change.”

The nondescript club on Silver Lake Blvd. was so cool and cozy and perfect that big named groups would often play there for special events. Bands like Weezer and The Foo Fighters had the hipsters lined up around to jam into the 250 capacity club.

But the best shows were seeing a band new band hit the stage and break through to the next level, and often Spaceland was the stage where the magic would happen.

The new club will play electronica.

I weep for those who never had the chance to see Spaceland the way I did. But maybe they will be better off for it will be damn near impossible to replicate that very special LA landmark.