only thing Ron Paul won’t blow up is his love of unwanted fetuses

but that’s ok, voters, because he wants to get rid of so many things that he will save the USA $1 trillion right off the bat

thats trillion with an ugh

i mean trillion with a t

joking aside, i like Ron Paul, but not because he runs around pretending that he’s this roided-up frat boy trying to show the world how muy macho he is.

i like him because hes an old man who has seen a LOT and has learned a few things here and there.

clearly he’s anti-abortion because he’s an OBGYN and conservative but that doesnt stop him from wanting to legalize weed and many other illegal drugs.

whatevs, i still think this commercial is cool and i cant wait for the video game to come out.

the one where Herman Cain’s cigarette smoking campaign manager blows some stuff up real good with Dick Cheney in the bonus round.

Video of Ronald Reagan in 1980 dismissing a fence between the US and Mexico

your boy Matt Welch over at Reason brings to light an interesting portion of the Reagan / Bush Sr debate in 1980

In it we see two conservatives actually speak conservatively

George Bush Sr. is asked if he’s ok with illegal immigrants utilizing the public schools. Like some sort of hippie freak he says he’d feel bad if an 8-year-old was denied an education.

Then Ronald Reagan, looking mighty frisky i must say, poo-poos the age old idea of a Border Fence. wait what???

i wonder if all those people Wednesday night (cough Rick Perry) at the Ronald Reagan library who were in favor of the fence knew that St. Reagan would have disagreed with them regarding said fence, moat, and gators, etc?

Speaking of Reagan and Rick Perry. Look at ole Ron Paul throwing off the gloves and getting down and dirty in his latest glossy tv ad dissing Perry for being Al Gore’s former so-and-so:

No wonder Sarah Palin is sitting this one out.

who knew conservatives loved corn dogs that much

this is texas governor rick perry at the iowa state fair this weekend.

there are two texans attempting to win the GOP nomination for president this year: congressman ron paul and gov. perry.

ron paul you may have seen in the Brüno movie where he was hit on by the Borat guy but ron paul was all get away yo.

people say ron paul is crazy, but four years ago he said a lot of this stuff was gonna happen if we keep fighting wars and being the world’s police.

some say ron paul is the godfather of the Tea Party movement b/c he’s been talking about limited and smaller government for ever.

for that some think hes crazy too.

i think hes a little crazy, but arent we all?

the answer is no. most of us, if we were running for president, probably wouldnt try to deep throat a corn dog in front of photographers.

that, to me, is super dooper crazy.

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