nothing in here is true

  1. Saturday, April 27, 2013

    so the Rolling Stones played the Echoplex tonight 

    which is a small club about 15 minute from my house.

    here are the bands ive seen at the Echoplex

    The Go! Team
    The Black Lips

    i’m not crazy about the joint. it’s set up super weird.

    i prefer the smaller club upstairs, The Echo

    but apparently the Echoplex seems to be the quaint venue arena bands go when they wanna warmup in a club

    last year Green Day was there
    before that Nine Inch Nails, MIA, Beck, Jane’s Addiction and Thom Yorke
    have all slummed it in the 700-seater below Sunset

    stones at the echoplex

    where would i have gone if i wanted to play a club in LA and i was the rolling stones?

    the roxy

    it sounds great, everyone can see, theres a vip section for the reese witherspoons

    and after everyone can drink at either on the rox or at the rainbow

    but whatevs, stones, people seemed to have loved it, so good for you.